627th Hospital Center

10th Field Hospital "Mountain Medics"

10FH Emblem
10th FH Commander
LTC Sabrina Thweatt
10th FH CSM
MSG Billy Coble


On order, 10th Field Hospital (FH) prepares for expeditionary deployment in order to provide Role III hospitalization, outpatient services, enhanced medical, surgical, laboratory and x-ray capabilities while providing mission command and sustainment support to all FH elements in support of Unified Land Operations.


First activated on July 6, 1942 at Camp Bowie, Texas, the 10th Field Hospital provided medical support in Tunisia, Italy, France and Germany during WWII. The unit was inactivated on November 4, 1945 and redesignated as the 10th Evacuation Hospital and later as the 10th Combat Support Hospital (CSH) in 1967. On August 16, 1983 the unit became 10th Mobile Army Surgical Hospital (MASH) and realigned under the 4th Infantry Division on August 5, 1987. The 10th MASH deployed ISO Operation Desert Storm in 1991 and was re-designated as 10th Combat Support Hospital on December 16, 1992. 10th CSH has deployed ISO numerous operations: Operation Joint Forge, Operation Iraqi Freedom (3), Operation Enduring Freedom and most recently, Operation Spartan Shield.

The U.S. Army developed a new Field Hospital (FH) design to increase flexibility for Combatant Commanders while providing maximum responsiveness for those injured on the battlefield. Scalable, modular and flexible hospitalization units will enable COCOMs to tailor capability to best fit mission requirements. The new FH modular design is based on lessons learned from more than a decade of combat and will support dual-based operations. Execution of the FH design began in FY15, and the FH design was approved by Vice Chief of Staff of the U.S. Army on July 17, 2014. The FH design also increases selective surgical and emergency medicine specialties and capabilities; improves essential clinical capabilities without growing personnel requirements; expands early entry trauma capabilities; increases intensive care; and adds Computed Tomography (CT) scanners and Microbiology Lab capabilities.

The 10th Combat Support Hospital is the first unit to convert under the Force Design Update; in a reflagging ceremony on June 16, 2017, 10th Field Hospital was reactivated on Fort Carson Colorado.


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