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Mission Statement

On order, the 440th Civil Affairs Battalion mobilizes and deploys by air and sea. The battalion plans, coordinates, and executes Civil Affairs operations in support of a Division, Brigade Combat Team or other units as directed for training and operational missions. The battalion also maintains regional orientation on the USAPACOM AOR.

Vision Statement

Is to establish the 440th Civil Affairs Battalion through Army Regulations and policies that are nested within your discipline, duties, and commitment to the principles of the Army Values that are essential in order for the battalion to accomplish its assigned wartime and peacetime missions.

Damone A. Garner
Lieutenant Colonel, United States Army

History of the 440th CA BN: Organized 1 October 1950 in the Organized Reserve Corps as the 440th Military Government Company and concurrently activated in Wenatchee, Washington. The 440th was reorganized and re-designated 13 August 1956 as the 440th Civil Affairs and Military Government Company. The unit was shortly thereafter reorganized and re-designated 10 December 1959 as the 440th Civil Affairs Company. The unit inactivated 29 February 1968 at Wenatchee, Washington. The unit was re-designated 12 January 2009 as Headquarters and Headquarters Company, 440th Civil Affairs Battalion.

Activated on 16 September 2012, at Fort Carson, Colorado, the 440th Civil Affairs Battalion is the newest battalion within the United States Civil Affairs and Psychological Operations Command (Airborne), Fort Bragg, NC. The Civil Affairs community has a long and storied history with the United States Special Operations Command and now the United States Army Reserve.

The motto of the 440th Civil Affairs Battalion, "Aut Viam Inveniam Aut Faciam", translates, "I will either find a way, or make one" a Latin proverb attributed to Hannibal Barca in response to his generals who had declared it impossible to cross the Alps with elephants. Hannibal Barca represents the true nature of Civil Affairs. He was a Warrior Citizen, Statesman, Logistician, and arguably the father of strategy. The 440th Civil Affairs Battalion is forging this same attitude/motto as they are establishing the "premier" Civil Affairs Battalion in the Army.

The 440th Civil Affairs Battalion (War Elephants) is assigned to the 351st Civil Affairs Command in Mountain View, California. The battalion consists of a Battalion Headquarters and four tactical Civil Affairs Companies all located at Fort Carson, Colorado. The 440th Civil Affairs Battalion is designed to support at the Division level with Civil Affairs Companies to support Brigade Combat Teams in providing commanders with ready capability to plan, enable, shape, and manage Civil Affairs Operations during combat and stability phases. Civil Affairs, in addition to being Cultural Experts, are a force multiplier and provides the Combatant Commander with Subject Matter Experts in civil-military operations, civil information management, foreign humanitarian assistance, nation assistance, population resource control, and support to civil administration in support of USPACOM and other missions around the world as directed.

Civil-military operations have been conducted in the United States military since Colonial times and became major activities for the Continental Army during the American Revolution. Today's Civil Affairs units are the field commander's link to the civil authorities in the commander's area of operations. The Civil Affairs community is predominantly composed of Army Reserve Soldiers which allows them to use their civilian experiences and expertise in many occupations such as law enforcement, engineering, medicine, law, banking, and public administration. The 440th Civil Affairs Battalion is poised and ready to carry on the proud tradition of excllence in the Civil Affairs community.