4th Infantry Division

214th Fires Brigade

Mission Statement

"On order, 214th Fires Brigade provides lethal and non-lethal fires in support of 4th Infantry Division Unified Land Operations. We are able to serve as a Force Field Artillery Headquarters, a Counterfire Headquarters, or perform any mission assigned by our Higher Headquarters. The Brigade is postured to provide timely and accurate cannon, rocket, and missile fires and serves as the proponent for the 4th Infantry Division Fires Warfighting Function."

Vision Statement

"214th Fires Brigade is a professional, disciplined unit that is ready to provide fires or accomplish and other mission assigned in support of the 4th Infantry Division. We take care of ourselves, each other, and our families by building mental, physical, and spiritual strength. We are a contributing member of the Lawton ? Fort Sill community, and the Army Values are our bedrock. From these values we derive our standards and expectations for discipline."


The 214th Artillery Group was constituted Feb. 3, 1944 and assigned to the XXI Corps, Fourth Army at Fort Polk, La. The group was activated Apr. 17, 1944. After activation at Camp Van Dorn, Miss., the unit moved to Camp Twenty Grand, France on Apr. 21, 1945. European assignments included Simmern, Neidormendig, Bassenheim, and Trier, Germany as well as assignment in France at Camp Atlanta and Camp Lucky Strike.

The unit returned to Camp Shelby, Miss. and was inactivated Nov. 12, 1945. It remained inactive until Oct. 15, 1958, when it was allotted to the Regular Army. The unit was assigned to the Army Artillery and Missile Center, Fort Sill, Okla. On Mar. 15, 1972, the unit was redesignated as the 214th Field Artillery Group. On July 5, 1979, the three missile battalions of the Field Artillery Missile Group 9 were reassigned to the 214th. On Sept. 15, 1979, the group was redesignated as the 214th FA Brigade.

In January 2003, the 214th FA Brigade answered our nation's call and deployed HHB, 2nd Battalion 4th Field Artillery Regiment and 1-14th Field Artillery in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. In June 2006, the 6-52th Air Defense Artillery joined the brigade. In Sept. 2006, the brigade was redesignated as the 214th Fires Brigade. In Oct. 2006, the 2-5th FA and the168th Brigade Support Battalion became a part of the brigade. In April 2007, HHB, 214th Fires Brigade deployed for 15 months in support of OIF. Elements of 2-4th FA Regiment and 2-5th FA deployed to Iraq in July 2010 as the brigade continued deploying units to provide rocket fires in support of OIF until Dec. 2012, and counter-fire radar missions there until July 2011. In May 2012, the brigade deployed a security forces advisory team (SFAT) to Afghanistan for 9 months.

Following the return of the SFAT teams in March 2013, the 1-14th FA Regiment deployed to the United Arab Emirates in April 2013 to conduct security operations, deliver timely and accurate fires, and build a trusting relationship with international allies and subsequently redeployed in January 2014. Following the redeployment of 1-14th FA Regiment, the Brigade deployed a Task Force from 2-5th FA Regiment to Bahrain in order to conduct security force operations in January, 2014.