4th Infantry Division

52nd Brigade Engineer battalion

The 52nd Engineer Combat Battalion began as a railway construction battalion at Camp Upon, New York on 18 February 1918. It saw service in France in World War I where it had the difficult mission of constructing and repairing the railroads that were the logistics life for the American Expeditionary Forces. The unit was demobilized after World War I.

During World War II the battalion participated in the North African, Sicilian, and Italian Campaigns. In November 1942, the battalion was part of the assault echelon in landings in North Africa. The battalion was again in the assault echelon during the invasion of Sicily where the engineers hastily cleared sections of beaches, reconnoitered for exit routes, provided dozer support and knocked out pillboxes.

In February 1968, after several re-designations, the 52nd Engineer Battalion was activated at Fort Carson, where it has remained providing construction and combat engineer support. In October 1990 through April 1991, the 52nd Engineer Battalion deployed to Saudi Arabia, where the battalion performed many missions during the defensive and offensive phases of Operation Desert Shield/Storm.

In September 1994 through December 1994, the 52d Engineer Battalion deployed to Haiti in support of the US and international forces that reestablished democracy in that country. The 52nd Engineers operated a rock quarry where over 200,000 tons of rock were removed; making this was the largest military quarry operation in a tactical environment since the Korean Conflict. In October of 1999 the 52d Engineer Battalion was established as one of the first multi-component engineer battalions in the Army, consisting of Active Duty, Army Reserve, and National Guard companies.

In 2003 the 52nd Engineer Combat Battalion (Heavy), based at Fort Carson, deployed to Iraq in support of the 101st Airborne Division and operated out of Mosul, Iraq where it conducted multiple construction projects for the Screaming Eagles. After the battalion returned to Ft. Carson, the 52nd Engineer Battalion split from its multi-component companies and inactivated in February 2005.

The 52nd Engineer Battalion (Construction) was activated 16 April 2010 at Fort Carson, Colorado where once again the battalion provides construction engineer support to units at Ft. Carson and prepares to support Full Spectrum operations throughout the world.

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