Battalion Crest

759 crest

The origin

Throughout Military history, unit colors have marked the position of the commander on the battlefield and served as a rallying point. In more recent times, colors have come to symbolize the authority of command.

The 759th Military Police Battalion Colors consists of a bald eagle grasping an olive branch in one talon and arrows in the other. The banner is clutched in the eagle's beak that bears the battalion motto: "Tenez La Porte". Above the eagle's head is a fortified gateway and the eagle on guard upon it refers to the unit motto, Tenez La Porte, meaning "Hold the Gate". The eagle symbolizes the United States, its interest and security. The gateway also refers to fortified Europe during World War II during which the unit participated with distinction in operations in Italy, France, the Rhineland and Central Europe. The fleur-de-lis recalls specifically action in Southern France, for which the unit gained particular note. The wreath signifies honor and achievement. Gold denotes excellence. Emblazoned on the eagle's front is the Unit Crest and underneath the eagle is a banner enscribed with "759th Military Police". The field of the flag is green with gold fringe referring to the Military Police Colors.

Streamers attached to the 759th Military Police Battalion Colors include:
  • Rome-Arno: Meritorious Unit Award- Southwest Asia
  • Naples-Foggia: Liberation and Defense of Kuwait
  • Central Europe: Defense of Saudi Arabia
  • Rhineland: Cease-Fire
  • Ardennes: Joint Meritorious Unit Award- Guantanamo Bay
  • Southern France: (With Arrowhead)
  • Army Superior Unit Award (1996-1997)
  • Meritorious Unit Award- Operation Iraqi Freedom