Battalion Crest

759 crest

The origin

Colors: emerald green and golden yellow represent the Military Police Corps. Silver (the color of the two columns of the airlift monument) represents inspiration.

Upper Triangle with Fleurs-de-Lis: represents Battalion combat participation in Naples- Foggia (January to May 1944), Rome-Arno (June to August 1944), Southern France amphibious landing at San Raphael, August 1944.

Lower Triangle with Fleurs-de-Lis: represent the campaign in Rhineland(August to September 1944), Central Europe (October to November 1944), The Ardennes- Alsace region (the Bastogne) (December 1944 to January 1945).

Palm Tree: represents service in North Africa. Its branches symbolize victory, superiority, and triumph.

Airlift Bearing: copied from the airlift memorial built at Tempelhof Plaza. The bearing was awarded to the Battalion for their "over and beyond" service during the Soviet blockade of Berlin in 1948-1949. The two columns in the three pronged concrete monument symbolize the two major runways, used by C-47s and C-54s flying cargo into Tempelhof Airbase. The three projecting ends point to the three major airports: Frankfurt, Munich, and Hamburg from where West Berlin was supplied.

Background: The distinctive unit insignia was approved on 2 Oct 1952.