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    Emergency Medical Services (EMS) has been part of our services offered for many years.  Prior to the early 1970’s this was known as a “resuscitator call”, basically firefighters would use a positive pressure oxygen ventilator and CPR on persons in cardiac arrest. Most other patients waited for the ambulance or took themselves to the hospital. At that time there was no real certification other than first aid and CPR.  Firefighters were feeling helpless with (ambulance calls) accident victims and patients needing care other than CPR. With the need for better service, in the early 1970’s we started providing EMS with Certified EMTs (emergency medical technicians) equipped at that time with the state of the art equipment. Firefighter/EMTs responded in a rescue unit to all calls for medical assistance. Patients suffering from sudden illness or injury were attended to by trained and certified EMT’s, under the direction of a physician advisor, then transported by the hospital based ambulance service.



         Modern day EMS has evolved, with advanced equipment, training and technology.  Now the closest company, usually an Engine, handles EMS calls. This helps with quicker response times due to locations of fire stations. All personnel are trained in EMS and some engines respond with Advanced Life Support (ALS) capability, which increases the number of patient care providers on a scene.  Better EMS protocols with standing orders and directives from our Physician advisor help to greatly improve our standard of care. Advances in equipment have made a big difference.  An example is the introduction of AEDs (Automated External Defibrillators); All Companies started carrying AEDs in the early 1990’s.  Less than six months after AED’s were put in place a young soldier was saved from a cardiac arrest.  Years before, his chances of survival would have been almost zero. Emergency Medical Dispatching (EMD) is another advancement, which is credited with saving numerous lives. Now our dispatchers start medical care over the phone, even before units have left the station. Dispatchers follow a line of questions and give pre-arrival instructions, which can include coaching CPR over the phone. We provide consistent first response EMS to the public, and patients are then transported to the Emergency Department by either the Evans Hospital Ambulance Service or private ambulance service.

Firefighters continue care after extricating a patient

Firefighters continue care after extricating a patient



Flight for Life prepares to land at the scene of an accident

Flight for Life prepares to land at the scene of an accident


All frontline FCFES apparatus are equipped with the following:

  • Basic Life Support Kit (includes IV Equipment, Bandaging, Bag-Valve Mask, Diagnostics)
  • Automated External Defibrillator (AED)
  • Splinting and Immobilization devices
  • Electric and/or manual suction units
  • Obstetrical Kit
  • Oxygen
  • Biohazard Kit (for protection and disposal)
  • Some frontline apparatus have full Advanced Life Support Capabilities

firefighters care for a patient     An SUV is hit by a semi


Army Fire Department of the Year 2003

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