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The Fire Prevention section is located in the Fire and Emergency Services Administrative Facility, Building 1805. The Division is staffed with four personnel (one chief fire inspector and three fire inspectors)

Fire Prevention hosts many fun events to enhance
public awareness of fire safety

The primary services provided by the division:

  • Facility fire & life safety hazard
  • 1500 inspections annually
  • 12 million square feet of building to inspect.
  • All Facilities inspected annually or after occupancy change or construction change in structure
  • Target facilities quarterly inspections (example, healthcare and education occupancies, PX, commissary.)
  • Codes used by this division include AR 420-1, CFR 420-5, and National Fire Protection Agency

Codes and Standards Construction:

  • Plan review
  • All new construction
  • All construction projects
  • 500 plans/projects annually

Fire Investigation:

  • All fires in jurisdiction investigated for cause and origin
  • Investigation services to neighboring agencies

Sparky is a favorite with any crowd
Sparky is a favorite with any crowd

Public Education:

  • School age fire prevention activities
  • Building fire marshal training
  • Daycare providers fire education
  • Fire drills (education and daycare facilities)
  • Children’s Smoke house demonstration
  • Fire extinguisher training
  • Help for the juvenal fire setter

Prevention Pays Off

One of the Major highlights for the division are the annual Fire Prevention Week activities.  Each year the program grows in intensity.  Each school on post is visited by Sparky the Firedog and our inspectors with a message of fire and general safety.  Other prevention activities include a coloring contest with great prizes, a stove fire demonstration, and safety giveaways for the whole family.

Additional services provided by the division:

  • Provide back up support as firefighters during major incidents
  • Logistical support to operations division
  • Rehab supplies during major incidents and larger wildland fires
  • Maintain and provide setup of Incident Support Unit (ISU) and mobile Incident Command Post.

An extrication event at the main fire station

With over 7000 contacts annually, the message of fire and general safety is making a large impact on the public. Fire Prevention helps ensure that Injuries and fire loss are being held ata negligible level. High quality customer service is our goal, if we can help you identify potential life safety hazard,  set up a training session,  talk about children and fire or answer any questions please contact any inspector via phone or email.

Fort Carson Fire & Emergency Services Prevention
Building 1805, Ft Carson, Colorado 80913
Phone: 719.526.2679 Fax: 719.525.1320


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Army Fire Department of the Year 2003

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