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With the changing times and evolution of the fire service, we have taken on many new tasks and responsibilities.  However, fire suppression is still our primary mission.  Fire loss has been kept to a minimum through the fast and competent actions of our firefighters.  Our firefighters are equipped with the finest apparatus and the state of the art equipment.

 Several examples of this;

A total replacement of every nozzle on the department with high tech nozzles which require less pressure for higher volume of water. This increases the firefighter’s ability to rapidly maneuver a hose line and put need amounts of water on the seat of the fire.

Next, Every firefighter’s breathing apparatus face piece was equipped with radio communications interface and every firefighter carries a radio. This insures that every firefighter is accounted for at all times. 

A totally self-contained incident management vehicle was built by the fire fighters out of a salvaged motor home.  This vehicle is totally equipped with cameras, weather station, GPS, large command and control work area, multiple radio systems with an interoperability device which ties any agencies radio systems together. 


With continual practical fire training and extensive educational opportunities for our firefighters we insure that our personnel can “protect those who protect our country”  . 

Firefighters size up structure fire Truck 32 raises the "stick" Old Hospital Training Fire Engine 31 engineer checks out burning hospital
Old Hospital Training Fire Meeting between various local departments Old Hospital Training Fire Old Hospital Training Fire
A firefighter mans the aerial on T-32 Firefighters extinguish old hospital fire Firefighters cut a hole in a roof Hospital Burn
Tire fire in security Prescribed structure burn down range Incident commander on the fireground Truck 32 and a Colorado Springs truck team up
Firefighter extinguishing car fire Prescribed structure burn down range Fireground activity during a night structure fire South end of the hospital goes up in smoke


Army Fire Department of the Year 2003

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