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Fort Carson was established in 1942, following Japan's attack on Pearl Harbor. The city of Colorado Springs purchased land south of the city and donated it to the War Department. Construction began immediately and the first building, the camp headquarters, was completed January 31, 1942. Camp Carson was named in honor of the legendary Army scout, Gen. Christopher "Kit" Carson, who explored much of the West in the 1800's.

Camp Carson became "Fort Carson" in 1954. In the 1960s, mechanized units were assigned to the Mountain Post. At this time additional training land was purchased, bringing the post to its current size of 140,000 acres. Throughout its history Fort Carson has been home to nine divisions. An additional training area, comprising 237,000 acres, was purchased in September 1983. Named the Pinon Canyon Maneuver Site (PCMS), this training area is located approximately 100 miles to the southeast, and is used for large force-on-force maneuver training. Comprehensive maneuver and live fire training also occurs down range at Fort Carson.

Currently, Fort Carson has experienced the greatest growth in its entire history as a result of the 2005 Base Realignment and Closures (BRAC) realigning the 4th Infantry Division from Fort Hood, TX to Fort Carson. And in 2011, with the creation of a new combat aviation brigade (CAB), now known as the 4th CAB. The past seven years have presented the installation with a growth in infrastructure of over one billion dollars. The current status on the number of Soldiers assigned to the community is around 26,000 with a daytime populous hovering around 80,000, given family members, civilian workforce, contractors, and retirees.