Fire and Emergency Services



The Emergency Communications Center (ECC) is the nerve center for all emergencies occurring at Fort Carson and Pinon Canyon Maneuver Site (PCMS), as well as some calls from El Paso County and those who need help beyond our boundaries. The E-911 center deploys state of the art technology, capable of interfacing with all local, state, and federal agencies. The staff of the ECC process well over 20,000 calls per week. The center is affiliated with National Academy of Emergency Dispatchers (NAED) and all personnel are certified as EMDs. On October 21st, 2003, Fort Carson’s Emergency Communications Center was accredited by the National Academy as the 85th Accredited Center of Excellence (ACE) worldwide, and earning the prestigious title of 1st center in all of the Department of Defense to be named as an ACE.

Fire Suppression

With the changing times and evolution of the fire service, we have taken on many new tasks and responsibilities. However, fire suppression is still our primary mission. Fire loss has been kept to a minimum through the fast and competent actions of our firefighters. Our firefighters are equipped with the finest apparatus and the state of the art equipment. Through continual practical fire training and extensive educational opportunities, our firefighters we insure that our personnel can “protect those who protect our country”.

Emergency Medical Services

Modern day emergency medical services (EMS) continue to evolve through advanced equipment, training, and technology. FCF&ES responds to all EMS calls along with transporting ambulances. This helps with quicker response times due to locations of fire stations. All operations personnel are trained to the EMT-Basic level and frontline engines respond with Advanced Life Support (ALS) Paramedics. Progressive EMS protocols along with standing orders and directives from our Physician advisor help to greatly improve our standard of care.

Technical Rescue

FCF&ES provides a variety of technical rescue services such as confined space, rope, vehicle/machinery extrication, swift water, trench, and structural collapse. Currently, the technical rescue team operates Heavy Rescue 31 (HR-31). Our department is one of 14 departments in Colorado which make up the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Colorado Urban Search and Rescue Task Force (COTF-1). Our training area with extensive props has made us an inaugural part of the training and certification for FEMA COTF-1. Our heavy rescue team works very close with the Colorado Springs Fire Department Heavy Rescue team, training and working together on a regular basis. Personnel from our department were deployed to New York City in 2001 for the World Trade Center terrorist attacks for urban search and rescue as part of COTF-1.

Aircraft Rescue and Firefighting

Butt’s Army Airfield is home to the 4th CAB with its OH-58 Kiowas, CH-47 Chinooks, AH-64 Apaches, UH-1 Hueys, and UH-60 Blackhawks. Our mission is to support aircraft training, maintenance, and operations to ensure availability for deployment worldwide. The airfield is home to over 90 aircraft, worth over $700 million dollars. The United States Air Force and USAF Academy regularly use the runways for fixed wing trainer aircraft and C-130 Hercules missions. On occasion civilian aircraft are authorized use of the airfield. During peacetime, the airfield averages 160 flights per day. We provide fire suppression and rescue services to Butt’s Airfield as well as to two remote airstrips located at Red Devil and PCMS. Additionally, personnel have the rescue training and ability to respond to high altitude crash rescue incidents that occur in the surrounding mountainous terrain.

Hazardous Materials Response

FCF&ES is tasked with providing Operations and Technician Level response to all hazardous materials incidents on Fort Carson, as well as providing Incident Commanders (IC) to manage the incidents. All firefighters are required to be certified to the Hazardous Materials Operations level with more than 90% at the Technician level. A specialized team of DoD certified Hazardous Materials Technician level responders is assigned at Sstation 32 for immediate dispatch to all hazardous materials spills, releases, and terrorist events. All fire department officers are certified at the Hazardous Materials Incident Commander level.

Wildland Fire

We have the responsibility of wildland fire protection and suppression to Fort Carson’s 138,000 acres and PCMS’s 250,000 acre located 150 miles south of the main installation. Well trained and dedicated personnel are essential in ensuring safe and effective results. FCF&ES personnel are trained to the National Wildfire Coordinating Group’s (NWCG) standards that meet the new DOD Wildland Fire Policy. The installation also has entered into agreements with Local, State, and Federal agencies to assist in combating wildfires in the now decade long drought of the West. Our Prescribed Fire Program has benefited the installation by reducing the threat of unwanted wildfires in the small and large arms range areas by reducing the amount of accumulated vegetation. This ensures that military training can continue without the loss of valuable training time and the shut down of units waiting for fires to be suppressed. This also reduces the possibility of a large wildfire escaping the boundary of the installation. Over the years this program has saved the installation millions of dollars in lost time and resources.


The FCF&ES Training Center is equipped with state of the art equipment including a three-story class B fire tower, a two-story class A fire building, a four-story confined space trainer, and a 40-person classroom that is outfitted with video teleconferencing equipment to communicate with and train outlying stations. The Training Branch also has several mobile trainers such as an ARFF simulator (CH-47), HazMat trailer, roof ventilation trailer, and a class B simulator. Training is the cornerstone of our service delivery. We take great pride in our Training Branch. We facilitate thousands of hours of training annually. Additionally, we a State of Colorado Paramedic CEU Group as well as an EMT-IV training center.