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Contact Information (719)
Director  526-3415
NCOIC  526-9246
Operations  526-9239
Customer Service  526-2900  FAX:  526-5245
Command Group  526-3415 FAX:  526-9830
Business Operations and Integration  526-2900 FAX:  526-5245
Engineering  526-9214/2867 FAX:  526-4040
Master Planning 526-4265 FAX:  526-1856
Operations & Maintenance  526-2215 FAX:  526-4072
Environmental  526-2752 FAX:  526-1705
24/7 Service Orders  526-5345
Facility Management / Self-help Program  526-5844
Housing Services Office  526-2323
Welcome to the Directorate of Public Works

Mission Statement: Public works programs and activities maintain the installation's infrastructure and environment. The DPW includes infrastructure maintenance and improvement, to include installation property, buildings and facilities; Net Zero energy, water and waste programs; oversight of environmental assets to ensure compliance with environmental policies, programs and legislation; management of installation housing programs and facilities; and planning for new construction and improvement to facilities and grounds.

  The directorate's six divisions are responsible for an umbrella of services available to Installation customers
graphical representation of an arrow Business Operations & Integration:  Annual work planning, work reception and scheduling, General Fund Enterprise Business System (GFEBS), Installation Status Report (ISR) & processing work orders
graphical representation of an arrow Engineering:  Military Construction, Minor Construction, Engineering Design, Traffic Engineering & Contract Quality Assurance
graphical representation of an arrow Environmental:  Environmental training programs, pollution prevention, pest control oversight, conservation, compliance programs, environmental restoration & natural and cultural resources programs
graphical representation of an arrow Housing:  Family housing/residential communities initiative (RCI), housing referral, unaccompanied personnel housing & First Sergeant Barracks Program
graphical representation of an arrow Master Planning:  Installation master planning, real property management, space and furnishings management, Installation design guide & real estate services and leases
graphical representation of an arrow Operations & Maintenance:  Building maintenance, facility repairs, snow and sand removal, refuse removal and recycling operations, facility manager operations, utility program, pest control, improved/unimproved grounds maintenance & Net Zero energy, water and waste efforts

Alphabetical Listing Of Programs and Services

To place a service order for maintenance or repair, call 526-5345

News and Links

Fort Carson is Net Zero Installation: Fort Carson is one of two installations designated by the Army to achieve "Net Zero" energy, water and waste by 2020. As part of a Net Zero installation, community, Soldiers, Family members and staff all play a part in conserving water and energy and reducing, reusing and recycling waste to achieve these goals. For information about Fort Carson's Net Zero energy and water initiatives, call 526-1739, and for details about Net Zero waste initiatives, call 526-5898.

Recycle information: The Fort Carson community has an active recycling program through the DPW. Currently, there are four main recycle drop-off locations available on Post: the Recycle Center, building 155; the PX drop-off location; the Specker Avenue and Long Street parking lot collection point; and the Wolf Dining Facility parking lot collection point. For more information, call the Recycle Center at 526-5898.

Fort Carson authorized shut down of computers at the end of the duty day: As an energy conservation measure, the senior mission commander approved personal computers being turned off at the end of the duty day. When the computers are turned on again, they are patched with updates from the Network Enterprise Center and rebooted automatically, with minimal if any impact to users. If everyone one on Fort Carson turned their computers off at night, the initiative could save as much as $250,000 per year. For more information, call the Fort Carson Energy Manager at 526-1739 or the Net Zero Program outreach contractor at 526-4320.

Safeguard against winter plumbing woes: Freezing temperatures can wreak havoc on indoor plumbing during Colorado winters. A few simple measures can prevent freezing pipes from causing catastrophic damage to homes and barracks. Open cabinet doors if there are water pipes behind the cabinets to allow warmer, room temperature air to circulate, which helps prevent pipes from freezing. Do not lower the thermostat temperature below 55 degrees even when not at home. Insulate water pipes when possible. During extreme cold conditions, allow a small water drip from a faucet to ensure water flow in pipes. Ensure windows are closed when away from home.

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