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Electronoc DA Form 4283 FAcilities Engineering Work Request
Electronic DA Form 4283
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The Department of Army (DA) Form 4283, governed by Army Regulation AR 420-17 is the prescribed form for obtaining services from the Directorate of Public Works (DPW). 

The Electronic DA Form 4283, Facilities Engineering Work Request (FEWR), is used for the control and management of Real Property Facilities placed under the responsibility of the DPW. 

Work requirements for the DPW are created from multiple sources, but are most commonly generated from the following:

        a.     The DPW managers and employees based on their knowledge of requirements.

        b.     Users (occupants) of the Real Property assigned, based on the special requirements for facilities occupied.

        c.     COMMAND Decisions.

        d.     Facility Component (condition) inspections performed by the DPW Component Code Inspection Personnel.

All requests for work, other than maintenance and repair items, are to be requested on the Electronic DA Form 4283, to include Self Help work, and work to be contracted for by others.

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1.  The DA Form 4283 initiated by a requestor is an electronic form found in Form Flow/Jet Form under the Fort Carson Forms and DA Forms.  Please type in all the information in Part A and include an
e-mail address in the "Remarks" line.

NOTE:   Should the requester require help with this item, they may call the DPW, Customer Service Office, Phone #, (719) 526-2867, for assistance.

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2.    The following information MUST be supplied by the requestor:

        a. Document Number:

          (1)     The Customer ID is a two/three digit alpha/numeric code assigned to the requester, by the DPW, identifying the requester.

         (2)     The Document Serial Number is a five digit numeric code for the sequential numbering (Example-00001) of the work request, (DA Form 4283),  submitted by the requester. A log of these numbers should be kept by the requester's S-4 or R&U person.

         (3)     The FY is a one digit number representing Fiscal Year work request is submitted. Example:  FY2006 = "6".

         (4)     The TYPE is a one digit alpha code representing work request type being submitted. (Normal = "P")

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       b. Short Job Description - A short description of the Scope of Work to be accomplished.

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       c. Date - The day, month and year form is filled out.

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       d.  Installation Abbreviation of Facilities - "Carson" and to the right of that block, enter Facility Number where work is to be performed.

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      e.    Remarks : Enter the e-mail address of the Point of Contact of someone that needs to know when changes in the status of the work requested is entered into our database.             

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      f.     Installation Name - Fort Carson or Pinon Canyon

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     g.     Customer Name - The name of the Unit or Directorate requesting the work.

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     h.     Point of Contact Name - Same as the person who's e-mail address is entered in the "Remarks" line, or someone who can answers question regarding work requested.

     I. Point of Contact Phone Number- Self Explanatory

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Work Description (Description and Justification of work request) - as follows:

             (1)     Describe the work in sufficient detail (in layman's language), so that the scope and nature of work requested can be fully understood and recognized.  

              (2)     Requester should briefly mention any possible environmental, safety, or security considerations.

              (3)     A floor plan, drawing, or area map should be attached to work request identifying where this work is to be performed.

               (4)     If work is to be accomplished by self-help, a Bill of Materials (BOM) must be included with the work request and drawing.

               NOTE:  Requests for work which are based upon Life Safety Issues, ( i.e., Preventive Medicine, Safety, Fire Department), can be staffed through the appropriate organizations prior to submission to the DPW. The appropriate organizations should annotate their concurrence on a separate sheet of paper with the authorizing signature.

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        i.    Authorized Requester Information.

           Provide name/rank of official personnel (person who signed the DA From 1687 submitted to the DPW), requesting organization's name, phone number of requester, and signature.

                  NOTE: Individuals authorized by the DPW to request work for military organizations are 06/05 Commanders, their Deputy Commanders, and Executive Officers.   Authorized individuals for civilian organizations are Directors and Deputy Directors.       

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3.    Upon completion of the filling out of the DA Form 4283,  submit same, FAX to (719) 526-5245 or  E-Mail to:  Jeanne.Cline@carson.army.mil along with a floor plan showing where work is to be accomplished in the building, and/or an area map showing where, in the vicinity of the building, where work is to be accomplished, and/or a Bill of Materials (BOM) (for a Self Help Projects) to the DPW, Customer Service Office, Building 305, room 124.

4.    Once the DPW, Customer Service Office receives the work request, they will check to make sure all information is properly annotated, that it is signed properly, and that the document number is NOT a duplication, and that the proper enclosures are attached.

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5. Approval Process:

1. The DPW approval process consists of the following:

        a.     Ensures that the request complies with all statutory and regulatory requirement for the management of real property facilities. 

        b.     Staffing of the work request through the Fire Department, Directorate of Environmental Compliance and Management (DECAM), DPW, Master Planning Division, Safety Office, etc.  This give these organization an opportunity to make recommendations, express concerns, approve/disapprove the requested work.   This process will normally be accomplished with 30 calendar days (21 working days) from the date of reception of the work request. (In some instances the process could take longer due to the complexity of the work requested).

        c.   The work request will be cost estimated during the timeframe of the approval phase.

        d.     Once the work request has been approved/estimated the requester who have the proper funding will be notified, with a funding memorandum, of the approval, and will be requested to furnish funding to continue with the processing of the work requested. All other requests will be funded through the DPW.

                NOTE:  Work requests will not be scheduled, or physical work begun, until funding is committed/received.

        e.     If the work request has been disapproved, the requester will be furnished a memo stating reasons why.

            NOTE:  Approval of a work request by the DPW relates only to the work request meeting statutory and regulatory requirements for the management of Real Property Facilities.  Funding is not guaranteed with project approval.

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6. Execution of Work Request:

   a.   Upon receipt of funding approval, the DPW will schedule and begin physical execution of the work request, and will establish one of the following priorities:

            (1)     Priority/Class 1:  Project work, if not performed expeditiously, may result in injury or loss of life, damage to or loss of real property, or serious danger to health, morale or welfare of installation personnel.  Class 1 work may also include mission support projects which have Command emphasis. Work generally begins in 30 days.

            (2)     Priority/Class 2:  Project work, which does not meet Class 1 definition, but has an impact on safety, facilities, health, morale or welfare requiring more expedient handling than Class 3 work.

            (3)     Priority/Class 3:  Project work that can be handled/processed through normal channels, without special procedures.

                NOTE:   All submitted work requests are initially handled, estimated, and processed as Priority/Class 3's unless upgraded by the Command, Safety, or DPW. Upgrading may result in additional costs.   

            (4)    The timeframe for completion of Priority/Class 3 work requests is generally 4 to 6 months after receipt of initial DA Form 4283 (see Appendix B). This timeline makes no allowances for historical or environmental issues, which would increase times. 

7.  Should questions arise or clarifications be necessary, the requester may call the DPW, Customer Service Branch, phone (719) 526-2867, or the requester's Customer Service Representative, phone (719) 526-9248/9246/6674/4550.

8. Upon completion of the work request, the requester will be contacted to ensure satisfactory accomplishment.

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