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Electronic DA Form 4283, Facilities Engineering Work Request

Electronic Facilities Engineering Work Request (DA FORM 4283)


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The Department of Army (DA) Form 4283, governed by Army Regulation AR 420-17, and the Department of Army Pamphlet (PAM) 420-6, is the prescribed form for obtaining services from the Directorate of Public Works (DPW). The electronic DA Form 4283, Facilities Engineering Work Request (FEWR), is used for the control and management of Real Property Facilities placed under the responsibility of the DPW. Work requirements for the Directorate of Public Works (DPW) are created from multiple sources, but are most commonly generated from the following:

        a.     The DPW managers and employees based on their knowledge of requirements.

        b.     Users (occupants) of the Real Property assigned, based on the special requirements for facilities occupied.

        c.     COMMAND Decisions.

        d.     Facility Component (condition) inspections performed by the DPW Component Code Inspection Personnel.

All requests for work, other than maintenance and repair items, are to be requested on the electronic DA Form 4283, to include Self Help work, and work to be contracted for by others.



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