10.2 Landscape Objectives

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The overall goal of landscaping on Fort Carson is to improve the physical and psychological well being of soldiers, family members, civilians, contractors, and those that visit Fort Carson while preserving resources.  The following are Fort Carson landscaping objectives:

  • Reduce the amount of water used for landscaping throughout the post and look for opportunities to use non-potable water whenever possible in line with Fort Carson's 25-year sustainability goal of reducing the total water purchased from outside sources by 75%.

  • Use LID principles and creative runoff/downspout positioning to provide supplemental watering to landscaped areas.

  • Improve the aesthetics of Fort Carson in a sustainable way by focusing on Xeriscaping.

  • Provide consistent landscaping standards for all to follow.

  • Provide inspiring landscaping that will create pride and ownership of their assigned areas by units and activities on Fort Carson.

  • Create a unified approach to landscaping throughout the Installation.

  • Protect/Conserve mature, desirable tree/shrub species to the maximum extent possible.

  • Incorporate native grasses and other native plants into the landscape design.

Sustainable Energy and Water Use Goal:
Sustain all facility and mobility systems from renewable sources by 2027 and reduce the total water purchased from outside sources by 75% from the 2001 baseline.  The desired end states are; secure sustainable energy sources; alleviation of dependence on fossil fuels and adverse air emissions; funding for life cycle costs; reduction of reliance on petroleum imports and vulnerability; reduction of wastewater discharges; efficient water consumption; increase in the quality of re-use and; development of sustainable water source solutions.


Landscape Design Standards