Directorate of Public Works

Fort Carson Environmental Management System (EMS)

The Fort Carson Environmental Management System (EMS) is an organizational approach to environmental management that is specifically designed to achieve continual environmental improvement.

Whats does EMS do?

  • It supports both current and future mission requirements.
  • Incorporates sustainability initiatives.
  • Executes the Installation’s environmental program to exceed compliance with regulatory requirements.
  • Promotes efficiency and reduces costs.

Fort Carson’s Significant Environmental Aspects:

  • Air Emissions
  • Noise Generation
  • Hazardous Waste Generation
  • Solid Waste Generation
  • Spill Generation

What is Your Role?

  • Know how your activities could adversely impact the environment.
  • Use proper procedures to prevent or minimize those impacts.
  • Know the basic contents of the environmental management policy

Why is it important? Failure to Comply can result in:

  • Diminished public image.
  • Fines and penalties.
  • Loss of training lands.
  • Safety concerns.

What Drives the EMS?