Installation Management Command - Fort Carson, CO The Mountain Post

Special emphasis programs

Monthly observances
Date Observance Authority/Comment
January: 3rd Monday Martin Luther King Jr. Public Law 98-144, Nov. 83' (Federal Holiday)
February: 1-28/29 African-American / Black History Month First Presidential Proclamation, Feb. 76'
March: 1-31 Women's History Month Public Law 100-9, Mar. 87'
April/May: Sunday to Sunday for week incorporating Yom HaShoah "Days of Remembrance" for victims of the Holocaust Public Law 96-388, Oct. 80'
May: 1-31 Asian Pacific Heritage Month First Presidential Proclamation, May 91'
August: 26th Women's Equality Day First Presidential Proclamation, Aug. 73'
September/October: 15 Sep. - 15 Oct. National Hispanic Heritage Month Public Law 100-402, Aug. 88'
October: 1-31 National Disability Employment Awareness Month  
November: 1-30 National Native American Indian Heritage Month Public Law 102-188, Mar. 92'