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Education and Technical Assistance

Preventing employment discrimination from occurring in the workplace is preferable to remedying the consequences of discrimination. The Equal Employment Office is committed to providing training and technical assistance to employers and employees to help understand and prevent discrimination. We believe that discrimination can be averted if employees and employers know their legal rights and responsibilities. We provide no-cost outreach, education programs and training to all employees and managers.

Our Equal Employment Office will provide general information about its mission, employment discrimination laws and the complaint process, including mediation. EEO Specialists are available to provide training and participate in meetings with employees and employers.

Equal Employment Opportunity Training

Who needs EEO Training? You do. Bring the training directly to your managers and employees. They need to know about the EEO laws that govern the workplace. The more they know the less time you will spend addressing complaints. Educate your staff and everybody wins. Described below are the three courses that civilian employees and supervisors to include military supervisors who supervise civilian employees need to take:

  • Anti-Harassment Training — DA requires that all civilian employees and all managers of civilian employees receive EEO training annually to address anti-harassment/prevention of sexual harassment in the workplace. This training has been expanded to address all forms of illegal harassment. At the end of this training employees will recognize appropriate and professional workplace behavior; know how to address issues in the workplace; and where to turn for assistance.
  • EEO Overview EEO for Supervisors — This training is critical for the agency to ensure that managers and supervisors know how to maintain a workplace free from harassment and discrimination. Leaders set the tone and enforce the agency's zero tolerance policy. This course provides detailed instruction on how to meet this requirement. At the end of this training supervisors will gain an understanding of their role regarding supervisory authority and how it pertains to EEO matters.
  • Reasonable Accommodation Training — This training will cover the policies and laws on the reasonable accommodation request procedures. The course provides detailed instruction on how to process an employee's RA request. This class is open to supervisors and interested employees. The desired outcome of this training is to educate the workforce on the RA process; leave with the understanding of what is a disability, legal requirements, and employee's and supervisor's responsibilities in the interactive accommodation process.

What Other Equal Employment Opportunity Training is offered:

  • EEO Counselors Training
  • Respect in the Workplace
  • Team Building

To obtain a schedule of EEO training classes please call: (719) 526-4413