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Operations & Fundraising for Family Readiness Groups

Government Travel Card Usage

Use of Army Non-Tactical Vehicles (NTVs) & Sport Utility Vehicles (SUVs)

General Guidance on the Lautenberg Amendment & NBSP

Commanders Guide to Implement the Lautenberg Amendment

Final Implementation of the Lautenberg Amendment

Responding to Subpoenas

15-6 Investigation Procedures Informal

2011 Admin Law topic ref index

Adlaw Info Paper PCS Gifts

Administrative Separations - Procedures and Mandates

Administrative Use of Military Aircraft

Article 32 Guide

Coin Policy FORSCOM

Commercial Sponsorship

Conscientious Objector

Disposition of Improper Gifts From Outside Sources

Ethics Guide for Senior Officials 2005

Ethics Rules Applicable to Annual PCS Gifts from Subordinates

FRG Info Paper

Gambling and Bingo on Post

Gift Processing Info Paper

Gifts to Wounded Warriors

Giving and receiving gifts in Army units

HIPAA Info Paper-Rel of PHI to Law Enf

MHE Referral Emergency

MHE Referral Routine

Military Balls

Military Unit Fundraising

NonTactical Vehicle Use

Official Representation Funds ORF 0012

Official v. Unofficial functions Info Paper

Organ Donation in the Military - Info Paper

PCS gifts-Spouses

Political Activities Info Paper

Private Organizations Checklist

Relief for Cause

Religious Activities, Command Involvement Info Paper

Religious Practice on Duty Info Paper

Sole Provider Program-Management of Drug–Seeking Patients

Travel Gifts 1353

War Trophies 2010 Info Paper

Widely Attended Gatherings Info Paper

Soliciting AAFES and NAFI

Forscom 15-6 policy

Line of Duty investigating officers

Financial Liability Officer Guide (FLIPL)

Investigation Guide for Informal Investigations (AR 15-6)

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