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The Criminal Law Division supervises installation-wide criminal law matters by offering appropriate advice to commanders in determining the disposition of pending or possible disciplinary actions (letters of reprimand to courts-martial) to include administrative separations under AR 635-200 and AR 600-8-24.  Additionally, this division conducts educational classes on military justice related topics to include, but not limited to, training of new commanders & unit briefings

Further questions concerning criminal law may be answered by calling our office at: 719.526.0611
Fax: 719.526.0602

Helpful Links:

United States Parole Commission - website
United States Sentencing Commission - website
Court of Appeals for the Armed Forces - website
Army Court of Criminal Appeals - website
Federal Rules of Evidence - website

Victim Witness Assistance Program:

The Victim Witness Assistance Program (VWAP) provides information to victims & potential witnesses in a criminal matter, which may be resolved in the military justice system. The Victim Witness Assistance Program will be here to explain court procedures to you & answer any questions that you may have regarding your case. Contact 719. 526.1383 for more information on the Victim Witness Assistance Program.

Definition of a Witness:

A person who has information or evidence about a crime & provides that knowledge to a DoD component about an offense within the component's investigative jurisdiction. When the witness is a minor, this term includes a family member or legal guardian. The term "witness" does not include a defense witness or any individual involved in the crime as a perpetrator of accomplice.

Definition of a Victim:

A person who has suffered direct physical, emotional, or pecuniary harm as a result of the commission of a crime committed in violation of the UCMJ, or in violation of the law of another jurisdiction if any portion of the investigation is conducted primarily by the DoD components.

As a victim or a witness of a crime, you automatically become involved in a system that can sometimes be intimidating & confusing.

Use the following links for more information:

United States Department of Justice - website
National Institutes of Health - Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Office website
National Organization for Victim Assistance (NOVA)
- website
Office for Victims of Crime
-Office of Justice Programs website
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