Finance Processing

In an effort to facilitate the processing of mobilized USAR/ARNG soldiers through Fort Carson, Colorado, the USAR/ARNG Pay Office is providing the following information to be forwarded to units as soon as the unit is alerted for mobilization. When a unit receives its mobilization orders, submit unit POC information using the DownloadButton

and a completed unit roster using the

Unit Roster spreadsheet
The spreadsheet mirrors our database and has special features, therefore a copy of this spreadsheet will not work. Please use the spreadsheet provided in this message, or contact DMPO to send a valid copy to the unit.

Reserve/National Guard Finance
1853 O'Connel, Bldg 1042
Fort Carson, CO 80913-4137

Phone Numbers

Lead Military Pay Technician


Military Pay Technician


FAX / Voice Mail / Phone


Units must also provide a finance POC for home station and a finance representative that will be traveling with the unit. Units should appoint someone who knows how to complete finance documents and who will be responsible for managing the leave control log for the unit. All documents or pay inquiries will be turned into finance at 1st MOB or through the POC using a transmittal letter.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact the Lead Military Pay Technician.

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