Individual Reporting

Individuals reporting to Fort Carson for mobilization should:

  • Arrive at Fort Carson NLT the reporting date listed on their mobilization orders.  Contact the 1st Mob LNO (719-524-2300) or email to confirm reporting dates.

  • Provide a copy of individual orders to the 1st Mob at NLT 5 days prior to arrival.

  • Ensure RRC/State Headquarters submit DARTS data using the MPDV module of RCAS NLT 3 days prior to arrival.

  • Provide a copy of flight itinerary to the 1st Mob at NLT 5 days prior to arrival.  Flights should be scheduled into the Colorado Springs Airport. An LNO from the 1st Mob Bde will arrange transport from the airport to Fort Carson (POVs & Rental cars are not authorized; POVs are only authorized for CONUS Support Base missions)

  • Soldiers arriving at Fort Carson other than by air travel are required to report to 1st Mob, Bldg 3450, room 225.  Report during duty hours unless prior arrangements have been made.

  • All personnel, medical, and dental records must be FEDEX to:

  • USAR/ARNG Records
    7335 Womack Street
    Bldg 3450, 2nd Floor
    Fort Carson, CO  80913
    (phone number is 719-526-5104)

  • Records must arrive NLT 5 days prior to Soldier’s arrival.
  • Soldiers deploying to theater are authorized
    4 duffle bags (one personal duffel bag is included in this quantity - maximum size: 25x42 or Ruck/size maximum 15x10x22) &
    1 carry-on bag that meets commercial airline standards/size (24.5 length/16.5 width/11.5 depth) with a maximum weight of 50lbs. 

    Each duffel bag must not exceed 70 lbs. No footlockers or commercial suitcases will be accepted for movement. 

    Soldier’s deploying OCONUS should limit themselves to one set of conservative civilian attire & must bring a complete Army Physical Fitness uniform. 

    Those with excess baggage will be personally responsible for disposing of the excess baggage prior to deployment.

Unit Mailing Address

While units are at Fort Carson, mail can be sent to them using the following address:

SOLDIER'S NAME (Rank, Last, First)
UNIT (i.e., BCT-RT, MNF-I, JSTO, ANA, etc.), (arrival date)
c/o 1st Mobilization Brigade
7335 Womack St., BLDG 3450
Fort Carson, CO 80913

Sample Schedule

Actual processing schedule will vary depending on the number of units processing through at the same time as well as unit training requirements.

DownloadButtonDownload a Sample Mobilization Processing Schedule