Logistical Processing

In an effort to provide better assistance to mobilizing units we need to obtain the following information prior to units arriving at Fort Carson.

1. Commander’s Critical MEEL or MTOE Shortages - Please identify all commanders’ critical MEEL/MTOE shortages, regardless of ERC, that can not be filled within the JFHQ or RRC. We will use this information to begin working on getting these items filled. Provide the information to DOL Supply at (719) 524-1757.

2. CTA Shortages - Please identify all CTA shortages, such as tents, cots, field desks, etc, that can not be filled within the JFHQ or RRC. We will use this information to begin working on getting these items for the units. Please identify all shortages to DOL-Supply at the phone number above. Please ensure that units deploy with their required CTA items.

3. Automation Equipment - ensure units deploy with required automation equipment. Units require automation equipment both at the mobilization station and once deployed. Units are required to deploy with authorized STAMIS systems (ULLS-G, ULLS-S4, SARRS, SAMS). Units should do a mission analysis to determine the need for classified hard drives for laptops. If such a requirement exists, it is recommended that the unit arrive at the Mobilization Station with the extra hard drives for their laptops. Remember to take into consideration the storage requirements for classified items.

4. Unit Basic Loads -

  • Class II - please ensure units deploy to the mobilization station with a 15 DOS of office supplies, chem. Lights, padlocks, etc.

  • Class III (p) - please ensure units with MTOE rolling stock deploy to the mobilization station with a 15 DOS of package products. Also provide Maintenance at (719) 526-9104 with the units Class III (p) list.

  • Class IX - identify vehicle density to Maintenance, phone number is above, so that we may assist the unit with any Class IX issues. Units should contact Maintenance for guidance on Combat PLLS.

5. Containers - Please identify the number of deployable 20 foot containers the unit will need to deploy OCONUS to (719) 524-0316 or (719) 524-3887.

6. JSLIST and IPE requirements - Alerted units can order JSLIST and IPE items from the AEPS site at http://aeps.ria.army.mil. They should get an AEPS password established and then follow the instructions provided for sizing of JSLIST.. It is imperative that units follow the instructions on the AEPS site regarding sizing for the JSLIST. Failure to do so will result in Soldiers receiving the wrong size JSLIST and the item needing to be re-ordered.

7. ACUs – Soldiers deploying OCONUS will receive four sets of OCIE issued ACU.  It is imperative that units identify the following information: ACU shirt and trouser sizes, boot size, field jacket size and hat size. Provide the information to Supply and Services Division, DOL. Copy furnish the information to the Logistics Management Division, DOL.

8. OCIE - All Soldiers need to arrive at Fort Carson with the OCIE identified in the DA Personnel Policy Guidance (PPG) as the minimum required for RC soldiers arriving at the MOB station. The RRC and JFHQ should cross level within their command. If the shortages are still not available, submit at shortage list to the Supply & Services Division, with a copy furnished to the Logistics Management Division. 

Contact the following for more information:

Logistics Management Division – 719-526-9041
Supply & Services Division – 719-526-9086

9.  Clothing Bag Items.  It is the commander’s responsibility to ensure all Soldiers deploy with clothing bag items.  These items will not be issued at the mob station.  Clothing bag items can be sustained through Army Direct Ordering (ADO) during deployment only.  Once the unit is set-up, Soldiers (Enlisted and Officers) place order by size via AKO link thru DLA E-Commerce to Kentucky Logistics Operations Center (KYLOC) web site https://army.kyloc.com.

DownloadButtonClothing Size Checklist

DownloadButtonOCIE List

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Equipment can be shipped to the following address:
Fort Carson Transportation Office
Central Receiving Point
4885 Chiles Ave, Bldg 330 (Mark for unit)
Fort Carson, CO 80913-4093