Medical Holdover / Warrior Transition Unit (WTU)

Complete guidance can be found in the “Warrior Transition Unit Consolidated Guidance (Administrative)” at HQDA G1 website

What is a medical holdover (MHO)?

  • Mobilized RC soldiers who were unable to deploy with their units due to a medical condition, and were not REFRAD within 30 days of mobilization.  These soldiers remain on active duty awaiting medical/ administrative disposition.

  • Soldiers that are MEDEVAC from theater.

  • Redeployed/Demobilizing RC soldiers who sustained injury, disease or aggravated pre-existing conditions that require medical/administrative resolution before REFRAD/ demobilization.

A Warrior in Transition (WT) is a medical hold-over, active-duty medical extension, medical hold, and any other active-duty Soldier who requires a Medical Evaluation Board or has complex medical needs requiring six months or more of treatment or rehabilitation.

Warrior Transition Units (WTUs) were established in mid-2007 to replace the active duty Medical Hold and reserve Medical Holdover companies.  While assigned to a WTU, Soldiers receive medical care and leadership support from a team of specialist consisting of a physician, nurse case manager, and military squad leader personally assigned to them. 

  • Medical Retention Processing (MRP) – RC Soldiers mobilized under Title 10 USC 12302 ISO GWOT that have incurred an illness, injury, disease, or aggravated a pre-existing medical condition in the line of duty are eligible for MRP when they are not expected to Return to Duty (RTD) within 60 days from the time of injury/illness, or, if the Soldier could RTD within 60 days but will have fewer than 120 days left on their current mobilization order.

  • Medical Retention Processing 2 (MRP2) – The MRP2 program is designed to voluntarily return RC Soldiers back to temporary active duty to evaluate or treat a unresolved mobilization connected medical condition that either was not identified or did not reach optimal medical benefit prior to their REFRAD.  A Soldier is eligible for MRP2 with a documented LOD “yes”, documented unresolved medical issues, and a completed application submitted through the current chain of command.  The RC Soldier has six months from the date of REFRAD to submit application.  The Soldier must still be a member of the Selected Reserves or the IRR.

  • Active Duty Medical Extension (ADME) – Designed to voluntarily place RC Soldiers on temporary active duty, to evaluate or treat in-the-line-of-duty service connected medical conditions or injuries.  The medical condition incurred or aggravated must have occurred while in an Individual Duty for Training (IDT) or non-mobilized active duty status and the medical care must be expected to extend beyond 30 days.  A Medical Review Board (MRB) must determine that the Soldier is eligible for ADME.

  • Medical Retention Processing-Evaluation (MRP-E) – a short term order of not more than 30 days that extends a demobilizing Soldier on active duty to complete medical evaluation processing.  The purpose of the MRP-E order is to extend a Soldier on active duty when there is not enough time remaining on their mobilization order to obtain proper medical evaluation prior to the end date of their mobilization order. Once the MRP-E order is generated by HRC, the Soldier will be transferred to the WTU closest to the demobilization site.

  • Once a Soldier enters the WTU on MRP orders, they remain on 10 USC 12301(h) orders until medical care is complete and Soldier is RTD, or processed through PDES.

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Community Based Warrior Transition Unit (CBWTU)

CBWTU is a program that allows RC WT to live at home and perform duty at a location near their home while receiving medical care from TRICARE network, VA or MTF providers in or near their community.

  • MTF and WTU determines candidates for program

  • Soldiers convert from 12302 mob status to 12301(h) medical retention processing (MRP) status

  • Soldiers must request to remain or extend on active duty (Title 10 status); WTU determines location of soldier in MRP status (where they will receive treatment)

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