In order to provide mobilized Reserve Component (RC) units with the maximum Boots-on-ground (BOG) time in theater, many of the traditional post-mobilization training tasks and SRP readiness requirements will need to be completed during the pre-mobilization phases.

The RC chain of command will document and certify all pre-mobilization training and readiness requirements IAW the First Army Commanders Training Tool (CTT).  The CTT is located at (requires AKO login).

The following tasks should be completed prior to arrival at the mob station.

  • Soldier Readiness Processing (SRP)

  • Medical/Dental Screening and Treatment

  • DownloadButtonArmy Warrior Tasks (AWT)

  • Individual Weapons Qualification

  • Drivers Training

  • Individual Soldier Qualification (OBC, DMOSQ, ASI/SQI/SI and Professional Military Education)

  • Mission Critical Functional Training (all schools and training as required by the FORSCOM/CFLCC Training Guidance; EWO, HAZMAT, UMO, SAVA, AT Level 2, Foreign Disclosure, TSE Search, Personnel Recovery, EOR/EOA, 68W PDT, SARC, Mail Handler, Armorer, Contracting Officer Rep, STAMIS Operators)

  • Combat Life Saver Certification (CLS)

  • DownloadButtonMandatory Briefings

  • Crew Served Weapons Qualification

  • New Equipment Training (NET), Army Battle Command Systems (ABCS); logistics systems

  • Personnel manning as required by the URF, MTOE, or DMD

  • Equipment fills as required by the MTOE formula, MEEL, SRC, or approved Authorization Sourcing Document

  • Equipment PMCS and Technical Inspection (documented with DA 5988-e)

  • Rapid Fielding Initiative (RFI) and Army issue ACU(s) when PM can support

  • Issue of all OCIE and Protective Clothing and Individual Equipment (PCIE)

Upon arrival at the mobilization station, deploying units will process into active duty status, complete any personnel actions and training tasks not completed pre-mob, and begin Theater Immersion Collective Training.

Post-mobilization training is conducted and certified by DIV East/West and their subordinate BDE(s)
(except for SOF and ARSTRAT units).

CONUS Support Base (CSB) units will process into active duty status, complete any personnel actions and receive mobilization-specific briefings.