Unit Reporting

  • Unit Commanders should be familiar with Annex E of FORSCOM Regulation 500-3-3 (RCUCH). In addition, the items identified on the DownloadButton
    Fort Carson Mob Checklist
    should be provided to this installation as soon as possible (prior to the MUIC).

  • The Fort Carson DPTM Mobilization Branch will coordinate with the appropriate JFHQ/RRC to arrange a DownloadButton
    for each unit’s advance party.

  • Advance Parties should arrive with documentation outlined in theDownloadButton
    MUIC Checklist

  • The MUIC is usually held at the Fort Carson Library conference room (Bldg 1528). Verify location and time with your JFHQ/RRC or contact the Fort Carson Mobilization Branch at 719-526-6040 or DSN 691-6040. The MUIC is for the advance party only and not the entire unit.

  • Unit Main Bodies are required to arrive at Fort Carson on the Mobilization Station Arrival Date (MBSAD) listed on their mobilization orders.

  • Units must coordinate arrival with  1st Mob (719-524-2300)
    usarmy.carson.imcom-central.mbx.gsd@mail.mil  1st Mob will assume ADCON of the unit upon its arrival and will coordinate all mob activities with installation agencies.

  • Units/personnel arriving by air should arrange to fly into the Colorado Springs, Colorado airport.

  • Convoys, busses, and commercial traffic should use Gate 3 to Fort Carson.

  • Government vehicles with proper ID can use any gate.

  • All other vehicles should use Gate 1.

  • Fund cite on First Army mobilization orders can be used to arrange for transport of unit/ADVON to Fort Carson.

  • For additional funding assistance, or to arrange for a MIPR, contact the
    Fort Carson Resource Management office at
    719-526-5560 or

Status Reporting

  • USR will be due within 24-hours of Advance Party arrival (for "AA" units only, DUICs do not file a USR).

  • Please be prepared to complete a full USR  

  • USR must be current as of unit arrival date.

  • POC at Fort Carson can be reached at

Unit Mailing Address

While units are at Fort Carson, mail can be sent to them using the following address:

SOLDIER'S NAME (Rank, Last, First)
UNIT (i.e., BCT-RT, MNF-I, JSTO, ANA, etc.), (arrival date)
c/o 1st Mobilization Brigade
7335 Womack St., BLDG 3450
Fort Carson, CO 80913

Sample Schedule

Actual processing schedule will vary depending on the number of units processing through at the same time as well as unit training requirements.

DownloadButtonDownload a Sample Mobilization Processing Schedule