Validation Processing

A final validation will be made on all mobilized units, NLT its Ready to Load Date (RLD). The assessment will be made based on input from the Validation Board members. The First Army BDE Commander chairs the Validation Board for LTC/O5 level commands and below (less SOF and ARSTRAT). Principle members include Mob Station Commander, DOL, AG, Medical, Mobilization Assistance Team (MAT), 1st Mob, and Unit Commander(s).
All areas of unit readiness are assess: Personnel (Strength, Medical/Dental, and SRP status), Logistics (EOH, ER), and Training (Individual/Collective).  The Validation Board checks that the unit meets requirements for its directed mission or that a Deploy By Exception (DBE) has been granted.

  • Personnel.   The AG evaluates personnel readiness IAW AR 220-1 and AR 600-8-101. This includes Soldier Readiness Processing, percent of unit available for deployment versus mission requirements, DMOSQ, and available senior grade percentage.

  • Logistics.   DOL evaluates equipment readiness based on AR 220-1, including equipment required for mission, filling supply requisitions (DA 2765-1), cross-leveling equipment, filling major end items and all other war-stoppers (DA 2406, ERC A and B items). Focus is on determining whether the unit meets the minimum equipment and supply readiness standards to begin deployment operations.

  • Training.   evaluates training readiness. Focus is on whether the unit is ready to perform its mission based on its ability to perform to standard its required Mission Essential Task List (METL). The following areas are also looked at in the overall evaluation:

    • Individual training and preparations aligned to MOS qualification for weapon systems and TOE/specialized equipment.

    • Survivability skills training status.

    • Theater Specific Tasks.

    • Will the training time required to reach deployable status impact on the schedule deployment date.

  • The Unit commander provides input to the Validation Committee for determination of unit readiness. He/She takes into consideration unit morale, new equipment training, unit cohesion, NCO leadership, and other factors in making a determination.