Fort Carson Newcomers

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Gate entry and post rules

Entering Fort Carson

Fort Carson is not an open post. If you are entering in your privately-owned vehicle which has not been registered, you must enter through the Main Gate (Gate 1). All incoming soldiers and civilian personnel are required to permanently register their vehicles, including motorcycles. To enter Fort Carson, you must have a valid driver´┐Żs license, vehicle registration, proof of insurance and valid photographic identification. To permanently register your vehicle, you will also have to have to pass a Colorado emissions inspection, For more information on vehicle registration, during normal duty hours (0830 -1630 M-F) please call 524-1896. After duty hours, please call the MP desk at 526-2333. Please contact your unit or vehicle registration prior to arrival as policies are subject to change.

Rules of the road

All Colorado state statutes apply to driving on Fort Carson. Additional federal regulations apply, such as mandatory helmets and reflective vests for personnel operating motorcycles on and off post. Military traffic violators are subject to the Uniform Code of Military Justice, or the Magistrates Court depending on the offense. All civilian traffic violators are subject to the U.S. Magistrates Court.