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Develop your skills ... Network and create opportunities ... Make a difference

The Fort Carson Army Volunteer Corps offers you the opportunity to develop skills, explore a new career, network with other professionals and create opportunities for yourself. The Army Volunteer Corps Coordinator (AVCC) will assist you in documenting your volunteer time and enable you to use it on a job application and /or resume should you decide. If you are interested in helping others, sharing your talents or honing your job skills volunteerism is one of the most rewarding ways to accomplish your goal.

The Fort Carson Army Volunteer Corps office is the center for volunteer recruitment, referral, recognition, and professional development for volunteers and volunteer leaders. As a volunteer, you can be placed in a wide array of positions throughout the installation and within the Colorado Springs area. Many of our spouses have extraordinary talents and skills to share with our community. The Army Volunteer Corps provides you the opportunity to make a difference in your community. Through volunteer service, volunteers can learn, or hone skills, and gain work experience which leads to increased self-confidence and marketability for paid positions.

Each and every volunteer greatly contributes to the improvement of our community and quality of life. Every volunteer can make a difference in their little corner of the world. Join the movement to make Fort Carson, our city, and our nation a better place for all - Change the World, Volunteer TODAY!

The ACS Army Volunteer Corps AVC Program is the administrative umbrella for all on post volunteering and includes three fields for volunteers to fall under:

1. STATUTORY POSITIONS: Authorized by federal statue (10 USC 1588) to provide services in certain Department of Defense activities such as Morale Welfare and Recreation (MWR), Family Programs, museums, chaplain, child care, etc. When acting within the scope of their position description, statutory volunteers are provided certain benefits by law. Per AR 608-1 all Statutory Volunteers must register with VMIS or unit/organization, complete a volunteer agreement (DD FORM 2793), and have a position description prior to starting work.

2. PRIVATE ORGANIZATIONS: Volunteers are part of non-federal entities authorized to operate on the installation such as Hunter Thrift Shop, scouts, Red Cross, Community Marne Club, etc. These organizations contribute to the overall installation mission. Volunteers for private organizations are covered only by those benefits provided by the private organization and are not eligible for any benefits from the Army.

3. GRATUITOUS SERVICE: Volunteers provide services to organizations not covered under the federal statute, and do so with no expectation of compensation or benefit coverage. Volunteers must sign a gratuitous service agreement. Call 912-767-5058 for more information on Gratuitous Service volunteering.

4. STUDENT INTERNS: Volunteer labor accepted by Armed Forces but not covered by 10 U.S.C 1588.AR 608-1 address Student Intern volunteers and local SOPs

DD Form 2793- Volunteer Agreement Form
DA Form 5671- Parents Permission Slip

We Need Your Participation - Volunteer Today!

Many of our programs rely on the commitment and dedication of volunteers. Volunteers are the backbone of our community and are vital to our success.

How Do I Get Started?

Search for volunteer opportunities at Fort Carson by visiting:

Volunteer Request Form
Volunteer Agreement Form
Parental Permission (Youth only)

Every volunteer (to include youth volunteers) on Fort Carson must be registered with the Army Volunteer Corps (AVC) office located in ACS Bldg 6303 Wetzel Avenue, Building 1526. The printable forms available above can be filled out and returned to the AVC/ACS office to begin registration.

Where You Can Volunteer?

Every volunteer must attend a volunteer orientation class. The objective for the class is to provide information on opportunities, expectations and requirements of volunteering in the local Army Volunteer Corps. The mission of Army Volunteer Corps is to promote and strengthen volunteerism by uniting community volunteer efforts, supporting professional management, enhancing volunteer career mobility, and establishing volunteer partnerships to support individual personal growth and life-long volunteer commitment.

Fort Carson Organizations

Fort Carson Agency/Directorate:
Army Community Service (ACS)
Directorate of Family and Morale, Welfare and Recreation (DFMWR)
Directorate of Human Resources (DHR)
Directorate of Public Works (DPW)
Directorate of Information and Management (DOIM)
Family Readiness Center (FRC)
Fort Carson Museum
Fort Carson Sergeant Audie Murphy Club (SAMC)
Installation Command Chaplain
Staff Judge Advocate (SJA)

Family Readiness Group (FRG):
1-2 Aviation Regiment
1 BCT, 4ID
2 BCT, 4ID
3 BCT, 4ID
4 BCT, 4ID
4th EN
43rd SUS BDE
5th AR BDE/1st MOB
71st Ordnance Group
759th MP Battalion
10th SFG (A)
10th CSH
Peterson AFB, 1st Space Missile Defense Command (SMDC)

Private Organization/Non-Profit Organizations:
American Red Cross (ARC)
Fort Carson Boy Scouts Troop 164
Fort Carson Cub Scout Pack 264
Fort Carson Girl Scouts
Fort Carson Retiree Council
Fort Carson Schools
Fort Carson Thrift Shop
Fort Carson Layette Program
Fort Carson Knights of Columbus
NCOA-Mountain Post Chapter
Mountain Post Spouses Club
Mountain Post Layette Program
USO at Fort Carson

Youth Volunteer Opportunities (under 18 years of age):
Any of the above organizations

Every year citizens volunteer their time, talents and expertise in projects that make an important difference throughout the Pikes Peak Region. Volunteers make life better for others and at the same time, enrich their own lives. With cooperation and a shared vision of how things can be better, anything is possible. For more information on how you can participate, call (719) 526-4590.

Armed Services YMCA
United Way
Big Brothers Big Sisters
Habitat for Humanity
Make a Difference Day
Senior Corps
Special Olympics

What's Happening on Post?

Resources for You
Army Volunteer Corps Volunteer User Guide
Army OneSource
Corporation for National and Community Service

Are you tracking?

Are you logging your volunteer hours? Don't forget to log in your hours with the NEW Department of the Army Volunteer Management Information System (VMIS)

Volunteer Management Information System (VMIS)


Why Track Volunteer Hours?
It is important to track your hours because it shows the contribution that Fort Carson Volunteers make in our community. Hours reported are used in the Army Volunteer Report. Hours are used to recognize volunteers with special awards and as documentation for jobs and scholarships. Tracking hours is also a way to track community needs because hours show us where volunteers are putting in their time. Our volunteer hours show others that the Fort Carson Army Volunteer Corps is an asset to the community and tells a powerful story about you the individual.

The Volunteer Management Information System (VMIS) was developed to give the Army a real-time snapshot of volunteer activities at any given time, at any given installation. VMIS provides all of the tools needed to track AVC volunteer hours, manage and track volunteers, post open positions, print reports, and much more. All volunteer hours will be tracked through the VMIS System. You may visit for additional information on this new system.

Volunteer Management Information System Classes - An introduction to using the VMIS system. Search and sign up for volunteer positions, track your hours, awards, training, and more!! Call the AVC office to find out about our next class or to schedule a group class for your organization.

VMIS classes offered every third Wednesday of the month at ACS, buiding 1526, in the Pine Room.

My Army One Source -
Corporation for National and Community Service -
Volunteer Service Record
Volunteer Daily Time Record

Volunteer Advisory Council (VAC)

The mission of the Fort Carson VAC is to promote volunteer advocacy, share successful programs, address common problems, and encourage interaction and support among volunteer organizations on providing volunteer services to Fort Carson. The VAC also serves as a resources and networking system for organization, for recruitment, training, and retention of volunteers.

Fort Carson VAC membership is available to Fort Carson agencies that utilize the services of volunteers recognized by the U.S. Army. VAC members are appointed on orders by the Garrison Commander. Private organization may attend VAC meetings, however are not governed by Title 10 U.S. C. Section 1588.

The Fort Carson VAC is chaired by the Fort Carson Army Volunteer Corp Coordinator (AVCC). The AVCC is the link between individual volunteers and organization utilizing volunteer services. The AVCC is also the link between the command and volunteer organizations. The AVCC is an Army Community Service (ACS) program that is mandated by AR 608-1.

The Chairperson encourages and promotes volunteerism through assistance from the committee members with advertising, recruitment, placement, recognition, appreciation, and awards for contributions, and goals for each individual volunteer origination on Fort Carson.

The Fort Carson VAC meeting is typically held quarterly on the fourth Wednesday of the month, from 1000 to 1100 hours at ACS Aspen room, Building 1526.

Awards & Recognition

Volunteer Recognition

Volunteers play a huge role in improving the quality of life for Soldiers and family members within the Fort Carson community. Fort Carson has a number of recognition ceremonies by which we are able to express our appreciation to our volunteers for their service and commitment to our community. The above list is not exhaustive, there are numerous awards to recognize volunteer for their service. See the Fort Bliss Army Volunteer office for information on additional awards.

Fort Carson Installation Volunteer Awards

There are many different types of installation awards. The awards are given to volunteers at different phases of a volunteer career here at Fort Carson as well as different ceremonies.

Open Awards:
Certificate of Appreciation
Kit Carson Volunteer Service Award

The 'Make A Difference Day' Award Recognition
This is an annual event which recognizes individuals who have contributed of their time, talents and skills to make a difference throughout the Fort Carson community.

Millions of Americans across the country spent October 28th doing volunteer projects to improve their communities and help neighbors in need. "Make A Difference Day" is the largest community service effort in the nation, rallying corporations, government leaders, charitable organizations and everyday Americans into action on one day. This year's projects included: Iron Horse Park, Care & Share, Inc, Goodwill Industries, Greccio Housing and Garden of the Gods.

Fort Carson Annual Volunteer Award Recognition
Fort Carson recognizes the steadfast commitment of our volunteers throughout the installation. These volunteers are recognized throughout the year through various awards and events.

Annual Awards
These awards are given out at the Annual Installation Volunteer Award Ceremony and can be received every year.

  • Columbine Award
  • Exemplary Award
  • Volunteer of the Year for Adults
  • Volunteer of the Year
  • Military Outstanding Volunteer Service Award

(MOVSM)-(This is as DA Award and can be presented at the Annual Installation Volunteer Recognition Ceremony or Quarterly Award Ceremony).

Deployment Awards
These awards are given out at the end of a deployment and are given to volunteers who had a great impact on the unit during the units’ deployment. These awards can only be received once by an individual in their volunteer career.

  • Mountain Post Coin
  • Pikes Peak of Excellence Bowl
  • Soldiers Heart Pendant
  • Heart of the Mountain Pendant

Fort Carson Volunteer of the Quarter Award
This volunteer award is presented quarterly at the Community Information Exchange (CIE) Volunteer of the Quarter Nomination Form [hyperlink] Volunteer of the Month Certificate [hyperlink] You are able to nominate volunteers for a Fort Carson Volunteer Award or a Department of the Army Volunteer award (contact your AVCC - Joey Bautista at 719-526-1082)

When to recognize volunteers:

  • Completion of a special project or event
  • On their birthdays
  • During National Volunteer week (held every April)
  • Installation Volunteer of the Quarter
  • Installation Quarterly award ceremony
  • At a Unit or Directorate Event
  • At the Annual Installation Recognition Award Ceremony
  • Before a volunteer PCS', ETS' or retires

Ideas for recognizing volunteers:

  • Provide constructive feedback and explicitly say you appreciate them, and be specific about what they have done that you appreciate
  • Write thank-you notes, a personal hand-written note is highly valued
  • Email their command to let them know how much you appreciate their contribution
  • Write a letter of recommendation for them
  • Give volunteers more challenging responsibilities to show that you trust them
  • Recognize them in front of other volunteers, peers, or in a board, FRG or Steering committee meeting
  • Recognize them in the company, BN or organization newsletter
  • Have an end-of-the-year reception for all your volunteers
  • Encourage all of your volunteers to attend the Fort Carson Volunteer Holiday Social

Department of the Army Awards
Certificate of Appreciation
Civilian Award for Humanitarian Service
Certificate of Appreciation for Public Service

Commander's Award for Volunteer Service
Dr. Mary E. Walker Award

Certificate of Appreciation [hyperlink]
Volunteer Nomination Form [hyperlink]
Volunteer of the Quarter Nomination Form [hyperlink]
Statement of Nomination [hyperlink]
Sample Memorandum [[hyperlink]
Sample Citations [hyperlink]

Recognition Events And Socials

Annual Holiday Volunteer Social

Coordinated and hosted by AVCS, this post-wide event recognizes all volunteers, in all areas throughout Fort Carson. The event is a special opportunity for the Army Volunteer Corps, Army Community services and Garrison command to spotlight volunteers and celebrate the Spirit of Giving. Community and installation partners come together to pay special ‘Thanks’ to the many volunteers who give so much of themselves throughout the year.

Unit/Organization Volunteer Managers Support

Support to pursue the recruitment, training, and retention of Volunteers through the Installation Volunteer Advisory Council (IVAC) quarterly meeting

The Installation Volunteer Advisory Council (IVAC) is designed to identify volunteer issues in the community, share successful programs, address common problems, and encourage interaction and support among volunteer organizations on the Fort Carson community. The IVAC will serve as a resource and networking system for organizations to pursue the recruitment, training, and retention of volunteers.

MEMBERSHIP: Membership in the IVAC is open to:
a. Any Fort Carson and Private Organization approved by the Garrison Commander, which employs volunteers.
b. Any program recognized by the U.S. Army, which employs volunteers, IAW Title 10 U.S.C. Section 1588.

Call Army Community Service for more information:
Fort Carson: 719-526-1082
Toll Free: 866-804-8763

Mayoral Program Logo

Mayoral Program

"Neighbors Helping Neighbors"

The mission of the Mayoral Program is to enhance resident Quality of Life, and provide information and referrals to the residents of Fort Carson.

Through partnerships with the Major Subordinate Commands (MSCs), the Garrison Commander (CG), Army Community Service (ACS), the Directorate Of Public Works (DPW), Provost Marshall's Office (PMO), the Directorate of Community Activities (DCA), Army and Air Force Exchange Services (AAFES) and GMH, the Mayoral Program provides communication channels to inform, plan, coordinate, manage and direct action that will address and meet Fort Carson community needs.

There are currently seventeen (17) Fort Carson Villages. Each village has an elected/appointed Mayor and Deputy Mayor.

Apache Village Junior Enlisted Quarters
Arapahoe Village Junior Enlisted Quarters
Cherokee East Village Junior Enlisted Quarters
Cherokee West Village Junior Enlisted Quarters
Cheyenne Village Junior NCO
Choctaw Village Junior Enlisted Quarters
Comanche Village Junior Enlisted Quarters
Kiowa Village Senior Enlisted Quarters
Navajo Village Junior Officer Quarters
Pawnee Village Senior Enlisted Quarters
Shoshoni Village Senior Enlisted Quarters
Sioux Village Junior Enlisted Quarters

Mayors serve as the principal community liaison, representing the village and its residents. They identify the needs of village residents and attend meetings, conferences and forums. These positions are open to all residents (must meet the qualifications as stated below) and elections are held yearly.

Mayors and Deputy Mayors serve as the principal community liaison to develop and implement recreation/social activities, community assistance projects and activities designed to build a sense of community spirit to improve the Quality of Life for all Fort Carson residents.

Mayors prepare monthly newsletters for distribution to villages the 5th day of each month. They are the portal for community concerns, needs and recommendations from residents along with providing an open line of communication. They encourage residents to support community goals and standards that promote pride in the Fort Carson community. Issues that cannot be resolved by encouragement or via the Area Coordinator (AC) are referred to the DPW Housing Liaison for correction. Mayors are prohibited from entering into disputes between residents. They are expected to coordinate with Fort Carson staff agencies in the problem-solving process. They promote self-sufficiency for military families, showing the community "how to" rather than "to do for".

Mayoral Program Brochure

Mayor/Deputy Benefits

  • Valuable training
  • Free childcare while performing duties
  • Parking pass for PX, Commissary and other designated areas.
  • Meet new people
  • Get to know your neighbors
  • Assisted cleaning of quarters upon PCS/ETC provided by BBC Military Housing.

These positions are open to all residents and elections are held yearly. If you are community-minded and want to make a difference, contact the Mayoral Program Coordinator: Joey Bautista, Fort Carson, Army Volunteer Corps Manager, Army Community Service (ACS), 6303 Wetzel Ave., Building 1526, 719-526-1082/4590,

Mayor/Deputy Qualifications
  • Must have resided on Fort Carson for at least one year (preferably 18 months)
  • Must live in the Fort Carson village they wish to represent
  • Mayors must attend the Community Mayor's meeting as scheduled. The Deputy Mayor must attend when serving in the absence of the Mayor.

Community Forum

The Fort Carson Community Forum is held every other month and is televised on Channel 10. Representatives from various installation organizations, along with the village mayors meet to discuss issues that are affecting the Fort Carson community. Updates on various upcoming events and activities are also given. For more information on the forum, contact the Mayoral Program Coordinator at (719) 526-4590.

Installation Yard Sales

ACS, the Housing Liaison office and the Mayoral Program Coordinator organize and coordinate the yard sales. The intent of the Mayors yard sales is to promote residents from the Pikes Peak Region to buy at Fort Carson community yard sales. Yard sales are held twice a month from April to December, on the first and third Saturday of the month between 8am to 3pm; inclement weather day (make up) is the Saturday following a regularly scheduled date. Fort Carson villages may participate by setting up at their homes. Single soldiers and military families from off post, may set up in the Beacon School parking lot on Fort Carson. All residents and sellers must comply with the following:

  • Yard sales are only held on days provided in the annual schedule
  • Each resident is responsible for the conduct of their yard sale
  • Individual occupants are responsible for trash control and removal. This will be accomplished no later than 5pm on the day of sale. DPW, the Housing Division or the AC will issue citations for items left.
  • Commercial organizations/individuals will comply with all regulations related to commercial solicitation. Contact the Morale and Welfare Recreation (MWR) private organization office for specific guidance.
  • All Sellers are prohibited from offering for sale items such as, drugs, guns, food or anything that does not conform to the rules and regulations of Fort Carson, the state of Colorado or the federal government.
  • Civilian visitors will comply with all Fort Carson regulations.

For more information on installation yard sales, or for dates, contact the Mayoral Program Coordinator at (719) 526-4590.

Neighborhood Watch Program

The Neighborhood Watch Program helps in combating crime in our communities. Originally developed by the National Sheriffs’ Association, the program has know been implemented in numerous communities with an astounding success. The program works on the basis of, law enforcement officials & community residents working together as a team. The rational behind a team effort is residents within a neighborhood have a better idea of who belongs there and who does not. It allows residents to assume a greater role in policing their community, in return, increasing their sense of ownership and pride. If you are interested in participating in a Neighborhood Watch Program in your village, contact the Mayoral Program Coordinator at (719) 526-4590.

National Night Out (NNO) is also known as America's Night Out Against Crime. This year’s event will be held on DATE/TIME/LOCATION. Last year’s event included over 10,000 communities and involved over 34 million people. NNO is designed to heighten crime and drug prevention awareness and strengthen the spirit of neighborhoods and community partnerships. Fort Carson's NNO 2004 was selected as a Military Award winner for outstanding participation. For more information on NNO or if you would like to participate in this year's event, contact the Mayoral Program Coordinator at (719) 526-4590.

Helpful Links

National Night Out (NNO)
BBC - Fort Carson Family Housing
Find us on Facebook: Fort Carson Mayoral Facebook Page

ACS Volunteer Program

ACS Volunteer Program

The Fort Carson Volunteer Corp supports the Army's mission by continuously seeking innovative ideas and processes to improve
the quality of life at Fort Carson through the use of volunteer agencies.
We promote quality volunteer work experiences and environments that recognize and appreciate the valuable contributions volunteers make
to the Fort Carson community.

Assisting as a liaison and resource for government and private volunteer organizations, the Fort Carson Volunteer Program recruits, interview and refers individuals for placement in to volunteer jobs that meet the individual's needs. Volunteer job opportunities may be scheduled for community special events. Community volunteer events include Make a Difference Day, Kit Carson Celebration, Red Ribbon Week and many more that are scheduled throughout the year.

All volunteers providing service to agencies on Fort Carson must register with the Fort Carson Volunteer Program. Volunteers will receive a job description from the organization to which services are performed describing the duties and responsibilities of their volunteer job. The federal government, in the event of injury or loss while performing the volunteer position, provides registered volunteers certain rights and protections.

Volunteer work experience is an excellent way for an individual to develop job skills and accumulate work experience in the further promotion of competitive job market skills. Many of our volunteers use their experience to find paying jobs in the Fort Carson and Colorado Springs communities. Volunteering at Fort Carson is a winning experience for everyone, and every year the installation celebrates the outstanding contributions of its volunteers at the annual Volunteer Picnic & Awards Presentation.

Volunteer Today!

Every Volunteer, to include youth volunteers, on Fort Carson must be registered with in the Army Volunteer Corps office located in Army Community Service, building 1526. The printable forms available below can be filled out and return to the AVC office to begin registration

DD Form 2793 Volunteer Agreement Form
DA Form 4162 Service Record
DA Form 4713 Time Record
*only to track volunteer hours manually. All volunteers hours must be entered and tracked on VMIS to be certified.
DD Form 5671 Parent Permission
Army Onesource

The Fort Carson Army Volunteer Corps supports the Army's mission by promoting and strengthen volunteerism by uniting volunteer efforts, supporting professional management, enhancing volunteer career mobility, and establishing volunteer partnerships to support individual personal growth and life-long volunteer commitment.

The Fort Carson Army Volunteer Corps office is the center for volunteer recruitment, referral, recognition, and professional development for volunteers and volunteer leaders. Volunteers can be placed in a wide variety of positions throughout the installation and within the Colorado Springs community. Through volunteer service, volunteers can learn or improve skills and gain work experience that can increase self-confidence and improve marketability for paid positions.

Every minute, every hour that someone volunteers contributes to improving the quality of life of our community; therefore volunteers change the world. Join the movement to make our installation, our city, our nation a better place for all – Change the World, Volunteer!

Volunteer Management Information System Training

Do you want to volunteer, but you are not sure where to start? Are you already a volunteer, but you are not sure how to track your volunteer hours? The Fort Carson Army Volunteer Corps office now offers Volunteer Management Information System (VMIS) training every last Wednesday of the Month at ACS, building 1526 from 1:30pm to 2:30pm. You will learn how to track your volunteer hours, how to search for new volunteer opportunities, and how to navigate the VMIS system.

Volunteer Leaders Orientation

Do you supervise volunteers in your unit or organization? Do you need volunteers for your unit or organization? If the answer to either question is yes, then you need to know the role of a volunteer supervisor. The Fort Carson Army Volunteer Corps office now offers a Volunteer Leaders Orientation every 1st Wednesday of the month at ACS, building 1526 from 1:00 pm to 2:00pm. The Volunteer Leaders Orientation will provide you information needed in order to have a volunteer work in your unit or organization.

Ask about volunteer opportunities with:

Family Enrichment Program
Employment Readiness Program
Financial Readiness Program
Relocation Readiness Program
Soldiers and Family Readiness Program
Soldier and Family Assistance Center
Survivor Outreach Services
Warrior Family Community

Every volunteer (to include youth volunteers) on Fort Carson must be registered with the ACS Volunteer Program office located in ACS Bldg 1526. The printable forms available above can be filled out and returned to the ACS office to begin registration.

For more informaton about Army Volunteer Corps please email:

Comprehensive Soldier & Family Fitness (CSF2)

The U.S. Army’s program to provide all Army community members with the psychological resources and skills to cope with adversity and thrive in their lives.

The program is based on over 30 years of scientific evidence.

It trains specific skills in five dimensions of strength (social, emotional, family, spiritual, and physical). The result is greater resilience – The ability to grow and thrive in the face of challenges and bounce back from adversity.

Resilience Thursday

Join ACS for "Resilience Thursday". The Fort Carson ACS Master Resilience Trainers will teach long-lasting skills that can help participants succeed in all aspects of their lives. Register at the ACS Event Brite Site for the following training sessions or call (719) 524-1899 for more information.

ACS Event Brite Site

Classes are held in the ACS Building 1526 at 9:00 a.m. and then again at 6:00 p.m.. Pick a class time that works for you.

15 Jan 0900-1200
MRT Competencies
16 July 0900-1200 & 1800-2100
Problem Solving
19 Feb 0900-1200 & 1800-2100
Goal Setting
20 August 0900-1200 & 1800-2100
Put it in Perspective
19 March 0900-1200 & 1800-2100
Hunt the Good Stuff/Activating Event-Thought-Consequence (ATC)
17 Sept 0900-1200 & 1800-2100
Mental Games
16 April 0900-1200 & 1800-2100
Energy Management
22 Oct 0900-1200 & 1800-2100
Real-Time Resilience
21 May 0900-1200 & 1800-2100
Avoid Thinking Traps
19 Nov 0900-1200 & 1800-2100
Identify Character Strengths in Self and Others/Character Strengths: Challenges and Leadership
18 June 0900-1200
Detect Icebergs
17 Dec 0900-1200
Assertive communication/Effective Praise and Active Constructive Responding

CSF2 is intended to help healthy people stay healthy while facing the challenges common in Army life, is designed to produce benefits in times of conflict and in times of peace. If incorporated holistically, CSF2 can prevent self-defeating behaviors and lead to stronger, more ready Families.

Please visit and complete the VIA Survey of Character Strengths prior to this class. Please bring the results with you.

Community Information and Referral Program

ACS Information and Referral (I&R) provides Fort Carson commanders, Soldiers and Families with information regarding military and civilian community resources.

ACS I&R links Soldiers and Families with available information on an array of on-post or off-post agencies and services.

Finding the support needed when moving to a new location can be frustrating; however, our program can significantly reduce your stress. We offer a one-stop connection to the community and its resources and services. Call today, (719) 526-4590.

Our resources can help provide information on the following:

  • Child care
  • Education
  • Financial Matters
  • Counseling
  • Employment
  • Food Assistance
  • Nearest WIC Office
  • Immigration and Naturalization
  • Child Support and so much more.

We are here to get you the information and the help you need.

Please visit our Facebook page at:

You can also follow us on Twitter by texting 'Follow FortCarsonACS' to 40404.


In order to provide our customers with the most complete, up-to-date, community resource information we have partnered with Colorado 2-1-1. The 2-1-1 Colorado database holds information on more than 11,000 services across the state of Colorado. These services are supported by more than 3,900 agencies. To access simply dial 2-1-1 from your phone or visit their website at

2-1-1 Colorado provides information and assistance on:
Rental / Utility Bills Assistance
Housing / Emergency Shelter
Food / Clothing Banks
Mental Health Assistance
Dealing With and Preventing Abuse
GED / ESL Classes Suicide Intervention and Prevention
Medical Clinics
Rx Assistance
Senior Services
Youth Programs
Support Groups
Legal Assistance

Employment Readiness Logo

Employment Readiness

Mission Statement

Working for Military Families Our Key mission is to assist Soldiers and Family Members, DoD Civilians and Retirees in obtaining employment and promoting a high quality of life and well being.

Need Help Finding A Job?

The Army understands employment is one of the most significant issues for Army families. The goal of the Employment Readiness Program is to help family members address the challenges associated with the job-search process. One of the most difficult challenges family members face is the impact of the mobile military lifestyle. The Employment Readiness Program can help you obtain an edge in a competitive job market.

Who are we?

ACS Employment Readiness Program offers a variety of services in one location. These services allow patrons to have unlimited employment possibilities.

We Are Here for You

Who do we serve?

Our patrons are active duty military, retirees, family members and DA civilian personnel.

Professional Career Development Services

We Can Help With Your Job Search

Employment Readiness Program is able to provide services to family members, which will help with the job-search process.

What do we offer ?

  • Professional Career Development Services, Counseling services - we provide individual sessions to explore your career path.
  • Resume and Portfolio Development
  • Job Search Strategies

Self Development Workshops

  • Resume Writing
  • Interviewing Techniques
  • Dress for Success Workshop
  • Computers for Beginners
  • Building a Portfolio
  • Turning Volunteer Experience into a Paid Experience
Employment Information
  • Federal Employment
  • Private Sector Employment
  • DOD Military Spouse Preference
  • Volunteer Opportunities (Fort Carson & Surrounding Areas)
  • Contract Employment
  • School District Employment
  • Civilian Personnel Advisory Center (CPAC)
  • Department of Labor
  • Army & Air Force Exchange Service (AAFES)
  • Non Appropriated Funds Civilian Personnel Office (NAF CPO)
  • Employment Relocation Checklist

    Useful items to have on hand when searching for employment:

    • Updated Resume, Resumix/AAFES/ NAF Applications and/or Your Employment Portfolio
    • Social Security Card & a Form of Identification (License/Passport/ Military ID Card)
    • School transcripts (High School, College or Vocational)
    • Professional Licenses and Certifications Special Awards, Honors or Recognitions
    • Name, Job Title, Address and Telephone Numbers of at Least Three Employers along with Character References
    • Letter of Recommendation from Past and/or Present Employers
    • Volunteer Employment Portfolio

    DD Form 214 and similar documents will be required to verify prior military service, disability or other preferences claimed.

    Professional Career Development Services include:

    Employment Readiness Brochure

    • Career Coaching
    • Job-Search Assistance
    • Job Bank Book (Federal and Private)
    • Resource Library
    • Access to computer, fax and copier
    • Free classes & workshops

    New Job Opportunities For Spouses

    The Fort Carson ACS Employment Readiness Program and the Pikes Peak Work Force Center are now providing a new and innovative employment program for military spouses. This Workforce program has been designed to assist military spouses and civil service employees in securing employment due to a military transfer or reduction in forces. This initiative provides free transportation, vocational/ community and college education assistance as well as job interview attire (when needed). Interested military spouses must meet the following eligibility requirements:

    1. Must have been employed at their last assignment
    2. Resigned from last position due to a PCS
    3. Must now be unemployed due to the military member's transfer.

    Many spouses have given up educational and career opportunities to follow their husband or wife to their next assignment. Perhaps you have not settled into a particular location to pursue or establish your education and career. If you have become frustrated with starting entry-level positions over and over stop by the ACS Employment Readiness Program and ask about the Pikes Peak Workforce Partnership Program. Our Employment Program has established relationships with a multitude of job resource entities (such as; local and national companies, state jobs as well as federal jobs). Contact our Employment Readiness Program at (719) 526-4590 for further details.

    A Military Spouse Must-Read

    Priority Placement Program (PPP)

    Priority Placement Program for Spouses - Executive Order 13473

    What is PPP?

    Priority Placement Program (PPP) is to assist Military Spouses to obtain Federal Civil Service positions.

    How do you receive Military Spousal Preference (MSP)?

    Military Spouses may receive MSP hiring preferences as follows:

    1. Spouses can register in PPP if you meet eligibility.
    2. Spouses can apply for announcements open to all U.S. Citizens and claim MSP.

    Who is Eligible? Do you qualify?

    You Must:

    • A United States Citizen
    • A Spouse of an Activie Duty Military member of the U.S. Armed Forces, including the U.S. *Coast Guard and time National Guard
    • Have been married to your Sponsor prior to their report date to their new duty location and accompany him/her to the new duty location
    • Be listed on the orders as Dependent or orders must specify that dependents are authorized


    A Spouses of a 100% Disabled Veteran


    A Spouse of a Service Member killed in action

    PPP Program

    Other Resources for You

    Live Work from Home Webinar
    Military Spouse Employment Resources During Transition recorded Webinar
    SECO Fact Sheet / Spouse Education and Career Opportunities
    USAJOBS: Tips for Military Spouses
    Miliatry Spouse Employment Partnership
    Spouse Education and Career Opportunities
    Employment Opportunities with Fort Carson Recurring Contacts
    ACS and AVC Volunteer Corps - Volunteer Opportunities


    The Military Spouse Career Advancement Accounts Program (MyCAA) is a career development and employment assistance program sponsored by the Department of Defense (DoD). MyCAA helps military spouses pursue licenses, certificates, certifications, or Associate’s Degrees (excluding Associate’s Degrees in General Studies, Liberal Arts, and Interdisciplinary Studies that do not have a concentration) necessary for gainful employment in high-demand, high-growth Portable Career Fields and Occupations.

    The Military Spouse’s Career Lifecyle, MyCAA offers:

    • Training and Education Financial Assistance
    • Employment Readiness Counseling
    • Employment Assistance and Career Services

    Who is eligible for MyCAA Financial Assistance?
    Spouses of services members on active duty in pay grades E-1 to E-5, W-1 to W-2, and ), O-1 to O-2 who can start and complete their coursework while their military sponsor is on Title 10 military orders, including spouses married to members of the National Guard and Reserve Components in these same pay grades.

    MyCAA Fact Sheet

    Education and Scholarship Opportunities

    Financing Your Education

    Scholarships& Financial Aid
    Federal Aid and Military Scholarships

    Advancing Your Education

    Colorado Licenses & Certifications
    Colorado Legislation for Out of State Occupational Licenses & Certification

    eMentor Leadership Program

    Using Your Education
    Other Services Available

    English Language Institute

    Pikes Peak Community College

    Document Translation Services from Military OneSource
    Call a Military OneSource consultant at 800-342-9647. From outside the United States and Canada, call: 800-342-9647, or call collect 703-253-7599. Be sure to have the document to be translated with you when you call.

    Only certain kinks of ‘qualifying documents’ may be translated by our document translation services. Qualifying documents include legal documents such as:

    • Leases
    • Marriage Licenses
    • Adoption paperwork required by the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS)
    • Birth Certificates
    • School Transcripts

    Unemployment Benefits

    Colorado Unemployment

    How to File A Claim Initial Claims can now be performed ONLINE! Go

    To start a claim by phone, inquire about the status of a claim, or obtain general information about the Unemployment Insurance Claims process, call: 303.318.9000 Denver-Metro area or 1-800-388-5515 Toll Free

    Hearing Impaired call (TDD): 303.318.9016 Denver-Metro area or 1-800-894-7730 Outside Denver-Metro area

    Phone calls are taken between 7:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. Mountain Time (MT), Monday through Friday, except on stated observed holidays. To file for payment on an existing claim, to inquire about the status of a claim, or to obtain information about the Unemployment Insurance (UI) claims process call: 303-813-2800 Denver-Metro area or 1-888-550-2800 Toll Free Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You must file for payment by 5:00 p.m., Mountain Time (MT), for same-day processing.

    For more information about he appeals procedure, call the Unemployment Insurance Appeals Branch: 303-318-9299 or 1-800-405-2338.

    Colorado Unemployment Benefits

    Other Employment Resources

    School District Websites

    District 2 Harrison
    Distict 3 Widefield
    District 8 Fountain-Fort Carson
    District 11 Colorado Springs
    District 12 Cheyenne Mountain
    District 38 Lewis Palmer
    District 49 Falcon

    Helpful Links

    AAFES Employment
    Air Force Personnel Center
    Army Civilian Personnel Online (CPOL)
    Army Civilian Resume Builder Army Civilian Resume Builder
    Army Job Application Kit
    Army Vacancy Announcements
    Colorado Department of Labor and Employment
    Colorado Springs Help Wanted
    Colorado State Government Job Announcements
    Colorado's Job Bank
    El Paso County Human Resource Office
    LB&B Employment - Fort Carson
    Military & Veteran Careers
    Monster Board
    Pikes Peak Work Force Center
    Springs Gov - Employment
    Springs Jobs

    Exceptional Family Member Program Logo

    Exceptional Family
    Member Program(EFMP)

    Contact Information:
    Army Community Service EFMP, 6303 Wetzel Ave.
    Bldg. 1526
    Follow us on Facebook: gram/262117477197910?ref=tn_tnmn

    Hours of Operation:
    Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri: 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.;
    Wed: 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
    Closed all Federal Holidays.

    Evans Army Community Hospital EFMP

    Physical Address
    Woods Soldier Family Care Center (SFCC)
    1650 Cochrane Circle, BLDG 7503 Second Floor, Room 2124
    Fort Carson, Colorado 80913

    Business Hours
    Monday-Thursday 7:00 am-4:00 pm (closed for lunch 12:00 pm-12:30 pm)
    Friday 7:00 am -12:00 pm
    Closed: the last Thursday of every month for training, clinic closes at 12:00 pm
    Closed: All federal Holidays and selected Friday Training Holidays (Check for updates on the Evans Army Hospital Facebook page)

    Phone Numbers
    Main Office:

    Directions The EFMP office is located in the Woods Soldier Family Care Center. Patients should park in the “G” parking lot, enter the East entrance (farthest from the mountains) and take stairs or elevator to the 2nd floor. Clinic entrance is on the same side of the hallway as the Pediatric Clinic.

    Overview The Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP) is a mandatory program under Army Regulation 608-75. Information gathered as part of an EFMP summary is used to determine whether the special medical and educational needs of the Exceptional Family member(s) (EFM):

    • Can be accommodated at the next duty assignment location or
    • May qualify them for additional EFMP resources through Army Community Service.
    • All information is accorded strict confidentiality

    o Release of information regarding EFMs is in accordance with Army Regulation 340-21.
    o This information is not available to promotion boards or school selection boards.

    There are two types of EFMP enrollment: Medical and/or Educational: Medical
    Enroll any family member who requires medical care above the level of normally provided by a Primary Care Manager in an outpatient clinic setting and requires specialty care or follow-up support more than once a year. This includes:

    • Serious or chronic medical problems, physical disabilities, and mental health disorders. Examples: high-risk newborns, a diagnosis of cancer within the last 5 years, sickle cell diseases, insulin-dependent diabetes.
    • Behavioral Health Conditions (such as bi-polar, conduct, depression, anxiety, or thought/personality disorders).
    • Autism Spectrum Disorders and Significant Developmental Delays.
    • Asthma (or other respiratory-related diagnosis with chronic recurring wheezing).
    • Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.
    • Requires adaptive equipment, assistive technology devices and/or environmental/architectural considerations.

    Enroll any family member with:
    Special educational needs and eligible for Early Intervention Services (EIS) or Special Education or if they meet one of the following criteria:
    • Has or requires an Individualized Family Service Plan (IFSP) under age 3, Or
    • Has or requires a 504 Plan or an Individualized Education Program (IEP) over age 3.

    Evans Army Community Hospital EFMP
    • Processes EFMP enrollment, periodic update or termination of enrollment.
    • Verifies to Assignments manager the availability of special needs accommodation with the catchment area of the Service Member’s next CONUS or OCONUS assignment.
    • Assists HR Reassignments with Family Member Overseas Screenings prior to overseas deployment.
    • Verifies that an EFM qualifies for Priority Housing to Base Housing, who determines appropriate action to assist an EFM.

    Fort Carson Army Community Service (ACS)
    • ACS is located at 6303 Wetzel Avenue, BLDG 1526
    • ACS EFMP is open Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 8:00 am – 5:00 pm
    • ACS EFMP is open Wednesdays from 9:00 am – 5:00 pm
    • Phone number is (719) 526-4590 or toll free: 1-866-804-8763

    Your ACS EFMP Team Welcomes You to Fort Carson!

    "The Best Hometown in the Army - Home of America's Best!"

    The Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP) - What is it? The EFMP is a Department of the Army program designed to assist military personnel agencies in making assignments for the Soldier, accompanied by Family members as often as possible, based on the documented medical and special education needs of the Soldier's Exceptional Family Member (EFM). When possible, Soldiers are assigned to duty locations where the medical and special education needs of their EFM can be met. It is important to understand that this is dependent upon a valid personnel requirement for the Soldier's grade, specialty, and eligibility for the tour. All Soldiers are still eligible for worldwide and unaccompanied assignments.

    The EFMP works together with other military and civilian agencies to provide a comprehensive, coordinated, multiagency approach for community support, housing, medical, educational and personnel services to Families with special needs. Enrollment into the EFMP works to ensure that needed services are available at the gaining installation BEFORE the military personnel office (Human Resources Command - HRC) assigns the Soldier to that new duty location. Enrollment into the EFMP is mandatory, based on carefully defined rules. The EFMP operates under the provisions of AR 608-75, AR 608-75.

    Do You Have an Exceptional Family Member (EFM)?
    An EFM is a Family member, regardless of age (child or adult), with any physical, emotional, developmental, or intellectual disorder that requires special treatment, therapy, education, training or counseling. The Family member must be enrolled in the Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System (DEERS) to be enrolled in the EFMP. A Soldier who has a Family member who falls into any of these categories MUST be enrolled in the program.

    What are Some Common Diagnoses that Qualify for Enrollment into the EFMP?

    **NOT an all inclusive list**

    Anxiety Disorder
    Autism Spectrum Disorders
    Blindness/Visual Impairment
    Bipolar Disorder
    Cardiac/Heart Conditions
    Cerebral Palsy
    Cleft Palate
    Conduct Disorder
    Cystic Fibrosis
    Developmental Delays (speech, motor, cognitive)
    Down Syndrome
    Thyroid Conditions
    Fragile X Syndrome
    Head Injury
    Hearing Impairment
    Liver Conditions
    Multiple Sclerosis
    Oppositional Defiant Disorder Osteoporosis
    Premature/High Risk Infants
    Spina Bifida
    Skin Disorders
    Sickle Cell Disease
    Spinal Cord Injury
    Speech Problems/Stuttering
    ANY Educationally related service (Special Ed)
    ANY Mental Health Condition

    Are All Active Duty Soldiers Required to Enroll in the EFMP if They Have an EFM? The following Soldiers with EFMs are required to enroll in the EFMP: 1) Active Army 2) U.S. Army Reserve (USAR) Soldiers in the USAR Active Guard Reserve (AGR) Program. Mobilized and deployed Soldiers are not eligible for enrolment in the EFMP. 3) Army National Guard (ARNG) AGR personnel serving under authority of Title 10, United States Code and Title 32, United States Code. Soldiers who are members of the Army Married Couples Program will both enroll in the EFMP when they have a Family member that qualifies. This process will ensure that the assignment manager of each sponsor considers the Family's special needs.

    How Will Enrollment into the EFMP Affect My Career? Enrollment in the EFMP will not detriment advancement or career opportunities of Soldiers. The Soldier is not required to turn down an assignment if Family members cannot accompany him/her - the Soldier has the option of accepting an assignment while the Family is supported in another location. The EFMP is not utilized to limit assignments, but rather to consider the best assignment for individual circumstances. Information contained in an EFMP enrollment is confidential and protected by privacy laws (HIPAA) thus cannot be released to selection boards for promotions or schools nor can it be released to commanders or other individuals without proper consent.

    How Does a Soldier Enroll in the EFMP? To enroll for a medical condition, the individual's medical provider must complete DD Form 2792, Family Member Medical Summary. If the Soldier has a young child between the ages of birth to three years old who is receiving early intervention services as outlined on a Individualized Family Services Plan (IFSP) or a child/young adult who is receiving special education services from school as outlined on an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) or 504 plan, the early intervention service provider or school must complete DD Form 2792-1, Special Education/Early Intervention Summary, attaching a copy of the appropriate plan (i.e. IFSP, IEP or 504). Keep in mind that it is possible that an individual can have both a medical and educational enrollment, thus both documents would need to be completed.

    Once these forms are complete, they must be submitted to the EFMP office located at Evans Army Community Hospital, 1650 Cochrane Circle, Woods Soldier and Family Care Center, Room 2124 (second floor near grand stairwell). Their hours of operation are: Mon -Thurs: 7:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. (closed for lunch 12:00 - 1:00 p.m.); Fri: 7:30 a.m. - 12:00 p.m; closed all federal holidays. For more information on enrollment procedures, please call 719-526-7805.

    Once a Family member is enrolled in the EFMP, he/she remains in the program until: 1) the condition that warranted enrollment has been resolved; 2) when the Soldier leaves the Army; or 3) when the Family member is no longer enrolled in DEERS. Documentation is required to disenroll from the EFMP regardless of the circumstances and this documentation must be requested through the either the medical provider for a medical enrollment or the school/early intervention provider for an educational enrollment.

    It is the responsibility of the Soldier to ensure that enrollments are updated a minimum of every three years or as changes occur. Because a Soldier can be nominated for an assignment at any time, it is crucial to ensure that enrollment information is up to date at all times.

    How Does a Soldier Disenroll From the EFMP? The same process in place to enroll in the program is in place to disenroll from the program. If there is an existing medical enrollment, the EFM's medical provider completes the DD Form 2792, Family Member Medical Summary, indicating that the condition that warranted enrollment has been resolved (certain medical and mental health diagnoses have exceptions). If there is an existing educational enrollment, the school/early intervention provider completes the DD Form 2792-1, Special Education/Early Intervention Summary, indicating that those services are no longer required. The completed documents are submitted to the EFMP office located at Evans Army Community Hospital, 1650 Cochrane Circle, Woods Soldier and Family Care Center, Room 2124 (second floor near grand stairwell). Their hours of operation are: Mon - Thurs: 7:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. (closed for lunch 12:00 - 1:00 p.m.); Fri: 7:30 a.m. - 12:00 p.m; closed all federal holidays. For more information on disenrollment procedures, please call 719-526-7805.

    ACS EFMP Family and Community Support Services

    Identification of Exceptional Family Members: Often, Soldiers and their Family members are unsure of what conditions qualify for enrollment in the EFMP. Our team can help you determine if a specific condition qualifies for enrollment into the program, and help get you started with the enrollment process and get you connected with the enrollment office at Evans Army Community Hospital.

    Information and Referral: Have a question about how the program works? Need to know how to obtain referrals to specialty medical providers for your Family member? Ever wonder if the Americans with Disabilities Act or the Fair Housing Act applies to your situation? Want to know how to get information on the Respite Care Program? We have the answers! And if we can't immediately answer your question, we will find the answer or an appropriate point of contact for you and ensure we get the information to you in a timely manner.

    Assistance Locating Disability Specific Support Groups, Recreational Activities, and Community Support Agencies: Our team can assist you with locating and connecting with available support groups and recreational programs, both on and off the installation. We provide linkage to local resources, state and national organizations, and information regarding agencies that provide specialized services, as well as general community support information.

    Advocacy: Sometimes, navigating life with a Family member who has special health needs or concerns and/or special education needs, can be overwhelming and intimidating. An advocate is someone who can educate you about things and help you speak up about what you want and need. An advocate can also talk to other people and other organizations with you, whether it be an Army connected organization (chain of command, housing office, etc.) or an off post organization (your child's school, a support agency, etc.). Our team is ready to assist when an assessment of your needs determines that advocacy is warranted.

    Assistance with Relocation/Transition: If you are new to Fort Carson, welcome to "The Best Hometown in The Army - Home of America's Best"! As you in-processed, you might remember completing required EFMP forms. Once our office receives these forms from the in-processing office, you will receive a welcome letter from our office explaining our services and how to reach us. Please do not hesitate to contact us for any assistance you might need or stop by just to say hello! When it comes time for you to leave Fort Carson for a new duty location, your gaining installation will be notified that you are arriving so any supports you may need will be in place upon arrival. Of course, this can only be successful when you follow protocol for out-processing and complete the required EFMP documents at your levy brief or if you notify us personally of any needs you may have during the transition process. We are standing by ready to ease the stress of transition! Please ensure you check in with your gaining installation's Army Community Service (ACS) EFMP Manager for further assistance upon your arrival.

    Administrative Support/Assistance with Compassionate Reassignments, Deletion/Deferment of Assignments, and Stabilization Requests: Some circumstances relating to an Exceptional Family Member's health, safety or development may warrant a Soldier's request for a compassionate reassignment, deletion of orders, deferment of a report date, or stabilization at current duty location. Our team is skilled in understanding the qualification criteria for such requests, Department of the Army forms required for these requests, as well as the documentation required to support such requests. We are happy to provide guidance, assistance, and even provide advocacy if required if a Soldier feels his/her circumstances might qualify for one of these actions.

    Coordinate Appropriate Placement of Children with Special Needs into CYSS Programs: The Special Needs Accommodation Process (SNAP) Team is a multi-disciplinary team established to explore installation child care and youth supervision options for children and/or youth that have medical diagnoses that reflect life-threatening conditions, functional limitations, or behavioral and/or psychological conditions. The Team, of which the child/ youth's parent/guardian is a valued member, is responsible for determining placement options within Child, Youth and School Services (CYSS) programs considering the feasibility of CYSS program accommodations and availability of services to support child and/or youth needs. The Team meets on a weekly basis to recommend a placement setting that accommodates to the extent possible the child and/or youth's individual needs. This is to ensure that all children/youth are placed in a safe and appropriate environment given their individual needs. The Team cannot discuss placement options for a child/youth if the child/youth's parent/guardian is not present to participate in the meeting. The process begins with registration of the child/youth at CYSS and culminates in a SNAP meeting if deemed necessary by the Army Public Health Nurse (APHN).

    Systems Navigation: Systems Navigation is a Family and community support component of the EFMP that connects Families with special needs to the systems of care they need, both on and off the installation. The EFMP Systems Navigators are knowledgeable about the systems of care used by Families with special needs. The primary role of a Systems Navigator is to navigate Families through the available systems of care by assessing EFM/Family strengths/needs; developing a plan to reach goals; referring to appropriate agencies/organizations; and providing advocacy while teaching and strengthening self-advocacy skills. EFMP Systems Navigators reach out to Families to offer support services, particularly during transition, and work closely with our EFMP medical counterparts to accept referrals for those Families who have received new and/or complex diagnoses that require multiple support services. Referrals for Systems Navigation services are accepted from a variety of sources and Families can self-refer by contacting the EFMP office.

    Respite Care: The EFMP Respite Care Program is community support service that provides a temporary rest period for Family members responsible for regular care of persons with disabilities. Care may be provided in the EFMP respite user's home or other settings such as special needs camps and enrichment programs. It is time limited based on the EFM medical condition and availability of funding. An eligible EFM may qualify for up to 40 hours per month. Eligible Family members must be enrolled in the EFMP and may qualify for EFMP Respite Care if there is documentation of a severe chronic medical condition or significant medical needs. A severe chronic medical condition is defined as a serious medical condition that persists for greater than 6 months and requires the coordinated intervention of multiple primary and specialty care providers for evaluation, treatment and maintenance of health. Severe chronic conditions are often not curable and may carry a poor clinical prognosis. Significant medical needs are defined as one or more medical conditions that require extensive coordination of care by health care providers, ancillary services and/ or durable medical equipment in order to sustain a reasonable level of health. The EFM's medical provider must substantiate the need for EFMP Respite Care. The application process begins at the ACS EFMP office where application forms, as well as documents to be completed by the EFM's medical provider, can be obtained. Following proper completion of those forms, an assessment interview will take place with EFMP staff. The EFM's information will be presented before the EFMP Respite Care Panel, consisting of the EFMP Manager, ACS Director, Garrison Commander (or designee), Family Life Chaplain and EFMP Systems Navigator, who reviews the information provided and documented medical needs, and recommends approval or disapproval of all submissions for respite to the Garrison Commander who is the decision authority.

    Special Olympics: Special Olympics improves the lives of people with intellectual disabilities through quality sports training and competition. They provide year-round sports training and athletic competition in a variety of Olympic-type sports for children and adults with intellectual disabilities, giving them continuing opportunities to develop physical fitness, demonstrate courage, experience joy and participate in a sharing of gifts, skills and friends with their families, other Special Olympics athletes and the community. Through close collaboration with Special Olympics Southeast Colorado, Fort Carson Special Olympics athletic teams have been established. Special Olympics relies on a volunteer force to serve at all levels in the program and in many capacities including coaches, sports officials and committee members. Whether you are interested in becoming a volunteer with Special Olympics or you have an EFM interested in becoming a Special Olympics athlete, our team can get you connected!

    Educational Classes: Interested in becoming a better advocate for your child while navigating the school's special education system? Trying to figure out how to broach the subject of the "birds and bees" with your special needs child? Interested in learning about Social Security Disability Benefits or Colorado Medicaid Waiver programs? Better yet, is there a topic of interest that you'd like to see us host a class/workshop on? From time to time, we offer educational classes, often bringing in subject matter experts to discuss these topics with you and to answer any questions you have. We encourage you to check our Facebook page for upcoming classes and to contact us with any topics you"d like to have presented.

    Special Events: As often as possible, our team enjoys interacting with our EFMs and providing special events. Some of those events include our quarterly Sensory Movie Nights and our annual Trick or Treat for EFM children and Photos with Santa for our EFM children with sensory issues.

    EFMP Myths/Truths

    Myth: “Enrolling in the EFMP will have a negative impact on my career.”
    Soldiers complying with enrollment instructions have been shown to go further in their careers with the military. Because the specific information contained in an EFMP enrollment is confidential and protected by privacy laws (HIPAA), it cannot be released to any selection boards (i.e. promotions, schools, etc.) nor can it be released to commanders without proper consent. Soldiers with EFMs have attained the rank of General (4-star) and Sergeant Major of the Army.

    Myth: “The EFMP is only for the severely disabled or those with strictly medical needs.”
    Truth: The Army's definition of "special needs" is very broad. The official definition of an EFM is "a Family member, regardless of age (child or adult), with any physical, emotional, developmental, or intellectual disorder that requires special treatment, therapy, education, training or counseling." To keep it simple, in most situations any Family member who has a diagnosis or receives early intervention or special education services must be enrolled in the EFMP. Examples: Asthma; ADD/ADHD; Depression; Thyroid Conditions; Seizures; Autism Spectrum Disorders; Anxiety Disorder; Cardiac Conditions; Lupus; Arthritis; Migraines; Premature/High Risk Infants; etc.

    Myth: “A Soldier who has a Family member enrolled in the EFMP is non-deployable.”
    Truth: Enrollment in the EFMP has no impact on the deployment responsibilities of the Soldier. Overseas unaccompanied, unit deployments, and standard deployments must be carried on without interruption. A Family Care Plan is the means to provide for a Family member who requires special care or assistance when the Soldier is performing required military duties. Family Care Plans are governed by AR 600-20, paragraph 5-5.

    Myth: “A Soldier enrolled in the EFMP has top priority for on-post housing.”
    Truth: Each installation establishes their own policy regarding housing and EFMs. At Fort Carson, priority is only given to those EFMs who require structural modifications (i.e. wheelchair accessibility). Balfour Beatty Communities, Fort Carson's privatized housing contractor, does accept requests for required accommodations/modifications based on documented needs. For more information, please contact Balfour Beatty Communities at 719-579-1606 or

    Myth: “Every time a doctor/specialist/counselor is seen the enrollment is automatically updated to reflect new information.”
    Truth: The database used to store EFMP information and the database used for electronic health records by medical providers are completely separate, thus do not "talk" and do not have the capability to automatically update. It is the Soldier's responsibility to physically obtain the enrollment documents and have them updated a minimum of every 3 years or as changes occur.

    Myth: “The physician enrolls the Family member in the EFMP when he/she enters information into the computer at the medical visit.”
    Truth: The Soldier/Family member must physically obtain enrollment documents and provide them to the medical provider and/or school official/early intervention provider for completion and signature. Enrollment does not occur until completed enrollment documents are submitted to the EFMP office at the designated Medical Treatment Facility by the Soldier/Family member.

    EFMP Resources

    What is EFMP?
    DD Form 2792
    DD Form 2792-1
    School In and Out Processing Checklist
    Transitioning for the EFMP Family
    Deployment and the EFMP

    Colorado Springs District Websites:

    Academy School District 20:
    Calhan School District RJ - 1: /
    Cheyenne Mountain School District 12:
    Colorado Springs School District 11:
    Falcon School District 49:
    Fountain-Fort Carson School District 8:
    Harrison School District 2:
    Lewis-Palmer School District 38:
    Manitou Springs School District 14:
    Peyton School District 23 JT:
    Widefield School District 3:

    Pueblo (Pueblo County) School District Websites:

    Pueblo City School District 60:
    Pueblo County School District - Moving resource - where individuals with I/DD voices are heard and abilities are recognized. – Tricare Medicaid Waiver information - The Resource Exchange - Therapeutic Recreation Program – Special Olympics

    Family Enrichment Program(FEP)

    Army Family Action Plan

    What is AFAP?

    AFAP is a Total Army quality of life process that promotes positive quality of life changes by engaging Soldiers, Family members, Gold Star family members, Survivors, Retirees, and Civilians across all Army Components to identify, prioritize, and elevate quality of life issues to senior leaders for action and resolution. The AFAP process starts with identification of issues at the garrison and unit level. Fort Carson leadership recognizes the need to maintain a high level quality of life and to communicate that commitment to Fort Carson's Army Families. To that end, a three day AFAP conference is held each fall. The goal of the Fort Carson conference is to assist leaders in the positive reshaping of the Fort Carson mission. The delegates accomplish this task by identifying and evaluating issues, prioritizing issues, and recommending courses of action to resolve the issues.

    AFAP Conference Objectives:


    • Establish work groups comprised of active and reserve Soldiers, Family Members, Civilians and Retirees, to act as representatives of the Total Army Family. These groups assist the Army leadership by identifying and prioritizing Solider and Family quality of life issues. They also select, clearly define and formulate recommendations to solve the issues.
    • Present the top 3 issues of each work group at the end of the conference and disseminate results and provide feedback to the community.

    Issue Criteria:

    Contributes positively to the Army goal of readiness and retention and has a local or Army wide impact that addresses quality of life.

    Issues judged attainable after weighing fiscal and manpower requirements against current available resources.

    Fort Carson Conference:

The FY15 conference was held on 4-6 November at Fort Carson's Elkhorn Conference & Catering Center with the following results:

Conference Top Five Issues:

1.Illegal Activities at Fort Carson Bus Stop
2.TSGLI Education for All Soldiers, Family Members and Caregivers
3.Standardization of Garrison Environment Work-Rest Cycle for Soldiers
4.Military Spouse Career Advancement Accounts Program (MyCAA) Ineligigility by Rank
5.Amendment to Age Limitations for Elective Orthodontics for Military Dependents

Local Issues:

1. Illegal Activities at Fort Carson High School Bus Stops (Residents; Mayors; Neighborhood Watch)
2. Traffic Issues at Fort Carson Gate 20 (DES/DPW)
3. Fort Carson Skateboard Park (DFMWR; DPW)
4. Debit Cards at Evans Army Community Hospital DFAC (EVANS-Education)
5. Crossing at Old Hospital Road (DPW)
6. Indoor Play Area For Kids (Balfour Beatty)
7. Retirees Eating in the DFAC (Non-issue)
8. Unattended Children in the Housing Areas (Education; Policy Enforcement)
9. Public Facility Dress Code on Fort Carson/Courtesy Police (Education)
10. Hospital Book Drive (Non-issue, increased situational awareness)
11. Comcast on Post (DFMWR)
12. Eating in the Hospital Emergency Room (EVANS – policy enforcement)
13. Bus Service on Post (DFMWR; PAIO)
14. Housing Office Hours (Balfour Beatty)
15. Housing Designated Parking (Balfour Beatty; DPW)

AFAP Issue Update Book
FY15 Prioritized Issues Book
Installation Issue Booklet
Issue Submission Fillable Form
Online Issue Submission Instructions

The FY16 Conference is Scheduled for November, 3-5.
To find out more information on AFAP or if you would like to participate, call (719) 526-4590.
Like us on Facebook!
AFAP Email:

Army Family Team Building

Army Family Team Building (AFTB) is a series of training modules taught through Army Community Service. It covers topics such as Army knowledge, personal growth and leadership skills. AFTB improves personal Family preparedness and enhances overall Army readiness. It empowers members of the Army family to maximize their personal growth and professional development through specialized training, contributing to a stronger and more resilient community.

Classes are generally scheduled during the day, but may be requested at the unit level at alternate times. Classes do not have to be taken in sequence; however, each level is developed with a specific target audience in mind. Besides offering a wealth of information, AFTB also provides participants the opportunity to meet other spouses and to share experiences and valuable “lessons learned.”

The “open” classes are held at the Army Community Service Center, Bldg 1526 and are generally held on Tuesdays. Class information can be obtained at or on our website at

Click here for a printable version of July - August 2015 calendar of AFTB classes.

Limited childcare is available and must be coordinated in advance by the interested persons.

AFTB Level K - Military Knowledge (2 Day Course): Level K is crucial for those new to the Army. It introduces basic terms, acronyms and resources necessary to successfully transition from civilian life into the Army culture. This level is for Family Members and Soldiers new to the Army (less than 5 years) or those who want a refresher. Both the Soldier and the Spouse are encouraged to attend, creating a more knowledgeable family unit. Level K is conducted over two consecutive Tuesdays and includes topics a such as:

  • Military Terms, Acronyms, Customs and Courtesies
  • Chain of Command
  • Benefits, Entitlements and Compensation
  • Family and Military Expectations
  • Impact of the Mission of Family Life Resiliency
  • Military Grade and Command Structure
  • Traditions, Customs, Courtesies and Protocol

AFTB Level G - Personal Growth (2 Day Course):
Level G topics include:

  • Introduction To Effective Leadership
  • Volunteer and Marketing Management
  • Management Skills (i.e. communication, conflict resolution, group dynamics)
  • Problem Solving Techniques
  • Networking with Community Agencies
  • Building a Resource Library
  • Family Support Groups

AFTB Level L - Leadership Skills (2 Day Course):
Level L topics include:

  • Effective Communication
  • Leadership and Listening Skills
  • Coaching, Mentoring and Advising
  • Developing Great Meetings
  • Virtual Meetings
  • Building a Cohesive Team
  • Resolving Conflict

ACS Instructor Training Course (ITC):
AFTB prepares volunteer facilitators to instruct AFTB and other classes.
The class consists of:

  • Introduction to Effective Instruction
  • Platform skills
  • The Adult Learner Audience
  • Managing the Learning Environment
  • Methods of Instruction
  • The Preparation Process
  • Presentation
For more information, or to register for an upcoming class, call (719) 526-4590.

CO/1SG Spouses Course:
This course provides spouses of Company/Troop/Battery Commanders and First Sergeants with an excellent opportunity to meet with your peers, share experiences, and receive current information from professional subject matter experts on multiple areas of interest. It is a two day course highlighted by a Q&A period with a panel of experienced Commanders, 1SGs and Spouses.

Interested persons may register for All AFTB classes at

Financial Readiness Logo

Financial Readiness Program(FRP)

The Fort Carson ACS Financial Readiness Program offers a variety of services such as finance education, budget assistance, personalized budget counseling, credit counseling, debt management along with a host of many other finance support programs. To schedule an appointment, call (719)-526-4590.

This program was created to enhance and maintain mission readiness and quality of life by providing soldiers and their family members a ready-made program to help achieve personal financial readiness and deploy-ability through the use of sound money management and consumer skills.

For a list of the current Financial Readiness classes please visit the Eventbrite calendar on our main page.

Budget Counseling

Budget counseling allows a client to meet with a financial counselor and discuss the management off their personal finances. The counselor develops a financial analysis to determine the household's monthly living expenses and a budget is established, with an emphasis on managing personal finances and tracking spending habits. Budget Counseling also offers assistance in bankruptcy counseling, purchasing an automobile and repaying creditors. Stop by ACS, Bldg. 1526 or call 526-4590 and schedule an appointment with a Financial Counselor.

Credit Counseling

Credit Counseling allows a client to meet with a financial counselor and review their credit reports, dispute incorrect items and advise the client on ways to improve their credit score now and in the future. Stop by ACS, Bldg. 1526 or call 526-4590 and schedule an appointment with a Financial Counselor.

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is a 21st century agency that helps consumer finance markets work by making rules more effective, by consistently and fairly enforcing those rules, and by empowering consumers to take more control over their economic lives.

The Bureau's resources include:
Parents: xact%3AParents

Debt Management

If you find yourself in the position of considering loan consolidation, you may be headed for financial difficulty. The following are danger signs:

  • More than 20% of your take home pay is used for credit payments (excluding home mortgage).
  • You have one or more loans from a lending company(ies) at 20% or more interest.
  • You screen your phone calls because bill collectors are calling frequently.
  • You use credit cards impulsively
  • You routinely use your overdraft protection.
  • You do not pay your bills on time.
  • You pay only the minimum amount down on your charge accounts each month.

If one or more of the above describes you or your spouse, don't wait! Stop by ACS, Bldg. 1526 or call 526-4590 and schedule an appointment with a Financial Counselor.

Savings and Investments

Our professionally certified Financial Readiness Counselors can help you develop savings and investment plan. Stop by ACS, Bldg. 1526 or call 526-4590 and schedule an appointment with a Financial Counselor.

Consumer Affairs

Daily consumer awareness/ information sessions are conducted at 4th Replacement for new arrivals (E1-E6). Assistance with consumer complaints and resolution of issues concerning local businesses is another service offered by the Consumer Affairs Program. For more information on these classes, call (719) 526-4590.

Financial Literacy Program

The Financial Literacy Program (FLP) is an integral part of mission readiness and quality of life. The goal of this campaign is to maintain a comprehensive and state-of-the-art education & training program throughout the services. Designed by DOD, the purpose of the FLP is to increase personal readiness by reducing the stressors related to financial well being. This program will assist soldiers and family members in awareness, savings & debt reduction and protection against predatory practices. A wide variety of personal finance and consumer education classes are available for presentation to unit and Family Readiness Groups. Classes include: Money Trouble Solutions Workshops, Car Buying Seminars, Checkbook Management, Investing 101, Couples and Money and much more. For more information or to schedule a class for your unit please visit your Army Community Service Financial Readiness Program.

Command Financial NCO

This program was created to enhance and maintain mission readiness and quality of life by providing Soldiers and their Family Members a ready-made program to help achieve personal financial readiness and deployability through the use of sound money management and consumer skills. Each Battalion size element has a CFNCO who trains, organizes, and implements the CFNCO program. They serve as the unit / battalion commander's principal advisor on policies and matters related to personal financial readiness and local consumer affairs.

CSM Brief for CFNCO Program
FC REG 210-10

Services each CFNCO provides include:

  • Conducts financial evaluations
  • Provides budget counseling and advise to soldiers and family members
  • Screen and counsel all AER referrals
  • Refer soldiers/family members to appropriate resources or agencies
  • Present financial readiness and consumer training as part of the command program
  • Disseminate financial and consumer information within the command
  • Schedule unit financial management training with Financial Readiness Program
  • Provide emergency food locker referrals to soldiers and family members
  • Attend battalion pre-deployment briefing to describe available resources of family members
  • Attend Army Family Team Building (AFTB) sessions as an available resource
  • Provide desk-side briefing to new unit leaders to explain the program
  • Provide financial and consumer benefits to all newly assigned personnel
  • Assist unit commanders in emphasizing consumer prevention/education rather than crisis management

Assistance Programs

Soldiers are often reluctant to ask for assistance, and yet there are state and county programs in place to assist Soldiers and Family members. By using these programs families can save a few hard earned dollars for use in other areas of household management. Financial Readiness provides information, eligibility guidelines, referrals and or registration for the following assistance programs:

CHRISTMAS UNLIMITED: A local non-profit organization that provides new and refurbished toys for Christmas to children in El Paso and Teller counties. Toys are available for children from birth up to the age of twelve. Parents of qualifying children will be provided with a "shopping certificate" to be used at the Christmas Unlimited distribution site. Interested applicants must schedule an appointment with an ACS Financial Counselor, call (719) 526-4590. Applicants must bring identification card (ID), social security card and a recent end of the month leave earning statement (LES).

FAMILY SUPPLEMENTAL SUBSISTENCE ALLOWANCE (FSSA): This program assists with supplementing income to assist with purchasing food. Contact your Command Financial NCO or ACS financial advisor for details.

HOLIDAY FOOD VOUCHER PROGRAM: Holiday food assistance provided throughout the Thanksgiving and Christmas season (November/December). Contact your Command Financial NCO or ACS financial advisor for details.

LOW INCOME ENERGY ASSISTANCE PROGRAM (LEAP): Provides assistance by paying a portion of your monthly heating (utilities, gas or water) bill only during the months of November-April. Applications are currently being accepted. Call (719) 526-4590 to schedule your appointment.

WOMEN, INFANTS & CHILDREN (WIC):Provides nutrition education and special foods such as iron fortified infant formula, milk, cheese, eggs and other nutritious foods to pregnant and breast-feeding women, infants and children up to age five.

EMERGENCY FOOD VOUCHER: Food assistance available to active duty soldiers and their family members . These vouchers, upon applicant approval, are for use only at the Fort Carson Commissary.

OPERATION BACK TO SCHOOL: Provides school supplies for school age children in eligible families.

Helpful Links

American Red Cross
Annual Credit Report
Army Emergency Relief
Bank Rate
Better Business Bureau
Defense Finance and Accounting Service - DFAS MYPAY
Family Subsistence Supplemental Allowance
Federal My Money Site
Federal Site for Consumers
Federal Trade Commission
Insurance Information for the Military
Military One Source FAQ on Financial Counseling
Military Saves Program
Military Save and Invest
My Military & Money – Free app and tools for financial planning purposes
Thrift Savings Plan

Army Emergency Relief (AER)

What Is Army Emergency Relief?

Army Emergency Relief (AER) was incorporated as a private nonprofit organization on 5 February 1942 under the laws of the District of Columbia for the purpose of collecting and holding funds to relieve distress of members of the Army and their dependents. Upon merger of Army Relief Society (ARS) with AER on 2 July 1976, AER assumed the ARS mission of providing financial assistance to Widows and Orphans of deceased Regular Army Soldiers. AER is dedicated to "Helping the Army Take Care of its Own." It provides commanders a valuable resource in accomplishing their moral obligation and basic command responsibility for the morale and welfare of Soldiers and their Families.

Services & Assistance

Army Emergency Relief offers vast range of assistance to provide emergency relief in times of financial distress. A major goal of Army Emergency Relief is to not only provide the financial assistance needed in time of need but the financial education to assist Soldiers and Family members in establishing financial security.

Receiving Assistance

In order to receive assistance it is recommended active duty Soldiers see their Command Finance Non-Commissioned Officer as this will expedite the application process. AER forms 700 along with completed budget worksheet, LES and required supporting documentation must be included in application. For further information please feel free to speak with an Army Emergency Relief officer at (719) 526-4590 or by downloading the free Army Emergency Relief App for your smart phone in your app store or scanning the QR code.

AER Android QR code

AER IPhone QR code

Education Programs

AER’s Education Program is a secondary mission to help Army Families with the costs of education. The three separate scholarship programs are:

Stateside Spouse Education Assistance Program

• Applicant must be the Spouse or widow(er) of an active duty or retired Soldier and reside in the United States.
• Stateside applicants must be full time students.
• First undergraduate degrees only.
• Active duty military personnel are not eligible.

Overseas Spouse Education Assistance Program Major General James Ursano Scholarship Fund for Dependent Children.

• Applicants must be a Spouse of an active duty Soldier assigned in Europe, Korea, Japan, or Okinawa.
• Applicants must physically reside with the Soldier at the assigned location.
• First undergraduate degrees only.
• Off post students are not eligible.
• Spouses may be part time or full time students.

Major General James Ursano Scholarship Fund for Dependent Children

• Dependent children, stepchildren, or legally adopted children of Army Soldiers on active duty, retired or deceased while in active duty or retired status.

The children of Grey Area Reservists/National Guard are eligible as well.

Scholarship awards will be awarded up to half the cost of tuition. Scholarship awards are based on financial need, as evidenced by income, assets, Family size, and special circumstances.

Applications and instructions are available for all the scholarships on the AER website at
AER HQ Scholarship page

Resources & Forms

AER Budget Sheet
AER Form 600 Commanders Referral
AER Form 700 Application
AER HQ and further information

Mobilization and Deployment Readiness Logo

Mobilization, Deployment and SSO Program

The Mobilization, Deployment & Support Stability Operations (SSO) Program provides Active Duty, Reserve, and National Guard units with pre and post deployment/mobilization briefings, Family Readiness Group assistance, information and referral services, resource materials, and Operation R.E.A.D.Y. (Resources for Education About Deployment and You) training. The information and material is designed to support unit commanders in preparing service members, civilian employees, and their families for military operations. Call (719)526-0465 for more information.


This is a stressful time for you and your family. Having a loved one mobilize or deploy, means shifting roles and changing responsibilities while trying to maintain a stable family life. Mobilization & Deployment Readiness Program will assist units and their Families in preparing for deployment.

Mobilization, Deployment & SSO will assist Unit Leadership with identifying unit specific concerns and challenges that may be faced throughout the ARFORGEN Cycle, and prepare a unit specific plan of action using the available resources to overcome those challenges and concern successfully.

We also understand how deployments effect the children of military families. ACS has licensed clinical professionals that can help children recognize and express their feeling of deployment and change, and provides them with coping techniques, and positive emotional outlet ideas.

Mobilization, Deployment & SSO offers training for spouses of Soldiers and their Soldier who are facing deployment. It is designed to inform Family members & Soldiers of some of the changes and challenges that may come with the deployment transition. This training also provides the basic tools needed to grow, thrive and bounce back from the challenges of adversity. Rear Detachment training is specifically designed to assist Rear Detachment command teams on how to handle challenges that may arise during deployments. Training focuses on the Family Readiness Group, problem solving, and community resources.

All training is requested and scheduled by the deploying unit. Fort Carson’s Mobilization, Deployment & SSO program utilizes the Operation READY (Resources for Educating about Deployment & You) materials in accordance with the US Army's Deputy Chief of Staff's guidelines.


Separation is never easy and unfortunately as we all know, Army life means separation. Although you may not be together, there are many things that you can do to strengthen your relationship. Whether this is your first or one of many separations, remember, ACS is here to assist you. We understand that the stresses that you as a parent, child, or loved one can go through. We also understand the having some sort of support system is essential, whether it's a family readiness group, a church group or a friend. Talking to someone and staying busy can make the time easier.

Trauma briefs or "incident briefings" (Provided by Army Community Service Family Advocacy Program) assist Family members of deployed Soldiers in receiving and processing information and feelings when a unit has experienced a casualty or serious incident. Briefs are held at the request of a unit, with a unit Chaplain and Military & Family Life Consultant in attendance.

All training is requested and scheduled by the deployed unit. Fort Carson’s Mobilization, Deployment & SSO program utilizes the Operation READY (Resources for Educating about Deployment & You) materials in accordance with the US Army's Deputy Chief of Staff's guidelines.

Reunion & Reintegration

With the anticipation of the end being near, this is a joyous time for you, you’re Soldier and you’re Family. Soldiers are ready to return and happy to be home, yet may feel guilty about the things they have missed. Patience and communication will help ease the transition. If there were unresolved marital or Family problems before the deployment, they may not have gotten better during the deployment. Realize it will take time and effort to resolve such problems. Be patient and keep expectations reasonable. Take advantage of all available resources that Army Community Service has to offer.

Reintegration training is available for all redeploying units and Family members are encouraged to attend. This training is designed to inform Soldiers and Family members of some of the changes and challenges that may come with the transition back home. Some of the topics discussed are The Transition Home, TRICARE, Drug and Alcohol Awareness, Traumatic Brain Injury, Money Matters, Domestic Violence, and Communication with Children. These briefing are given by subject matters experts (SMEs) and provide tools and techniques necessary to make the transition back home more enjoyable for the whole Family.

All training is schedule by units returning from deployment. The training is designed to help units, families, and Soldiers with the transitioning process, and challenges that may arise. Fort Carson’s Mobilization, Deployment & SSO program utilizes the Operation READY (Resources for Educating about Deployment & You) materials in accordance with the US Army's Deputy Chief of Staff's guidelines. *Reintegration Training University is also available on-line for individual re-deployers.

Children and Deployments

Children, just like adults, deal with feelings of deployments. Children's actions can give you many signs about how they may be coping with a parent deployed, and they may react differently than what the parents expected or hoped for. Children can also pick up on your feelings and emotions regarding deployment. Communicate with children, so they know what to expect. For more information on helping children cope with deployment contact (719) 651-7459 or 524-1991 to speak to a Military Family Life Counselor (MFLC).

Army Reservists & National Guard

While on active duty the Mobilization & Deployment & SSO program offers assistance, resources, training, and support to Army Reserve and National Guard units, their Soldiers and Families during times of activation, mobilization, deployment, and demobilization.

Military & Family Life Counselor Program

Military & Family Life Counselors are Masters or Ph. D. level Licensed Clinical Counselors, who work with families, individuals, couples, and children to provide non-medical problem identification, counseling services, and psycho-education regarding the stressors of military life. Services are offered on or off military installations, are confidential and private, excluding reports of child abuse, domestic violence, and duty to warn situations, and are FREE. Counselors are available on a walk in basis at ACS, by appointment in the units and also can be found in the on-post schools.

U.S. Army Operation R.E.A.D.Y. (Resources for Education about Deployment and You)

Operation R.E.A.D.Y. serves as a valuable tool that provides Soldiers and Families with standardized training modules, videos and resource books designed to help them cope with the personal, family and financial issues that are faced during times of deployment. Operation R.E.A.D.Y. resources are available for download at Army One Source web-site, under Family Programs, Mobilization & Deployment, Operation READY.

Family Readiness Group

The Family Readiness Group (FRG) is an officially command-sponsored organization of family members, volunteers, and Soldiers belonging to a unit, that together provide an avenue of mutual support and assistance, and a network of communications among the family members, the chain of command, and community resources. FRG's help create a climate of mutual support within the unit and community. The basic FRG goal is to supporting the military mission through provision of support, outreach, and information to family members. FRG's are an integral part in Soldier and Family readiness process.

FRG leader Training is conducted on a regularly scheduled basis, and ensures that the FRG leadership is prepared for the challenges that may arise due to mobilization and deployments. It teaches FRG Leaders how to set up, maintain, and various leadership roles of an FRG according to AR 608-1. Copies of DA Operation READY materials are provided. For more information on upcoming classes please go to:

FRG Key Caller Training is designed to assist key callers in the unit's FRG with the basics they need to perform the duties associated with the FRG POC role. Topics include how to handle a crisis phone call, when to turn the call over to the FRG Leader or Rear Detachment, Commander, and who and when to notify in emergency crisis situations. The training also teaches POCs how to manage and track their call rosters. For more information on upcoming classes please go to:

FRG Treasurer Training focuses on how to manage and set up an FRG account, how to do an audit, fundraising and solicitation regulations, and an overview of DA 608-47. For more information on upcoming classes please go to:

Care Team Training prepares volunteer FRG members to assist a Family during a time of tragedy or loss. Topics include casualty notification, grief responses, roles, expectations and self-care. Open Classes are offered monthly following a rotating schedule (morning, evening, Saturday morning). For more information on upcoming classes please go to:

Family Member Resources & Helpful Links

Military One Source
Army One Source
Army Reserve Family Programs
Military Child Education Coalition
National Association of Child Care Resource & Referral Agencies
National Military Family Association
Operation Military Kids
Virtual Army FRG Website

Ready Army

Ready Army is the Army’s proactive campaign to increase the resilience of the Army community and enhance the readiness of the force by informing Soldiers, their Families, Army Civilians and contractors of relevant hazards and encouraging them to Be Informed, Make A Plan, Build a Kit and Get Involved. Through outreach and education, Ready Army calls our Army community to action and aims to create a culture of preparedness that will save lives and strengthen the nation.

Ready Army website:

About Ready Army:

Are you and your Family ready for an emergency?

Emergencies affect hundreds of people every year. One may hit your installation and community and affect you and your Family. When emergencies occur, military and civilian organizations respond, but it takes time to mobilize, and they focus on the most critical needs first.

Failure to prepare can put yourself, your Family and your property in jeopardy! It’s up to you. Prepare strong.

Ready Army seeks to inform the Army community of all hazards and to provide targeted preparedness information to Soldiers, their Families, Civilians and contractors worldwide.

Check out the Ready Army video at:

Emergency Family Assistance Center (EFAC)/Community Information Center (CIC)

Welcome to the Fort Carson Army Community Service EFAC/CIC webpage.

In the event of extended deployment/mobilization of units from this installation or mass casualty evacuation or natural disaster operations please refer to the Fort Carson Army Community Service FaceBook Page for up to date information and instructions. The link to the ACS Facebook page is as follows:!/pages/Fort-Carson-Army-Community-Service/286726775837

You may also come to our facility to receive assistance and information. Directions to our main building on Ft. Carson are as follows:

  1. Take the ramp toward Ft Carson Gate 2.
  2. Turn slight right onto Oconnell Blvd (Gate access required).
  3. Turn slight right onto Chiles Ave.
  4. Turn left onto Prussman Blvd.
  5. Take the 1st right onto Wetzel Ave.
  6. 6303 WETZEL AVE, building 1526 is on the left.

Also to get to our website you can either go to web address:

or if you are trying to access the website via mobile device you can scan this QR Code with your mobile device and it will take you to the ACS website:

In the event of an Emergency or Natural Disaster and you cannot contact us you can call Army OneSource at 877-811-ARMY or go to

Disaster Assistance Information Organizations & Resources

Army Disaster Personnel Accountability and Assessment System (ADPAAS)

After an emergency, all Army-affiliated personnel (Soldiers, Family members and Civilian employees) are to report their status to their command at the first available opportunity.

In some cases, the Secretary of Defense will direct all DOD-affiliated personnel in the affected area to report their accountability status as soon as possible. When this happens, if you have access to the Internet you are to report your status online through the Army Disaster Personnel Accountability and Assessment System (ADPAAS). ADPAAS provides a way for Army personnel and their Families in the disaster-affected area to report their status and how they were affected by the event. It also provides commanders a means to assess the impact of the disaster on Soldiers and their Families to provide assistance where needed. You may also report your situation through your chain of command or by using one of the established call centers or hotlines listed below.

Web address:

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Who developed the Army Disaster Personnel Accountability and Assessment System?
A: ADPAAS is a program developed by G-1 of the Headquarters Department of the Army.

Q: What are the URLs for ADPAAS for Family Members and Support Personnel?

Q: Do you have to install software to use ADPAAS?
A:No. ADPAAS is a web-based system and does not require any software installation. Family members, Soldiers and DoD civilians can use the secure website to update and view personal records. It can be accessed from work or home from any internet browser without a CAC-reader. You can also gain access through our ADPAAS mobile site by using your smart phone by simply going to Admin POC/ CORs can access from home as long as they have a CAC-reader.

Q: Can anyone access ADPAAS?
A:Soldiers, Family Members, DoD civilians, and contractors can access ADPAAS to view their information or self-account. COR (Command Representatives) can access ADPAAS as an administrator, to update, manage and view personnel records. COR access is granted only by the ADPAAS Team or by a Primary COR representative for your organization.

Q: How do I get a username and password for ADPAAS?
A: Login in on the Army Family Member site with your (Sponsor's) SSN and DOB. If you are already established as an ADPAAS COR, access is granted to the COR site using your CAC-card.

Q: What level of security clearance will individuals be required to have in order to access the ADPAAS Support server?
A: This is an unclassified application, but you have to be entered on ADPAAS as a COR and have CAC-reader on your computer.

Q: If communications or power are down, how do I use ADPAAS?
A: At the earliest available opportunity, call your unit or organization to account for yourself and your family. You may also call the Army Info Line or use ADPAAS once internet access becomes available.

Q: What is an Army FAMILY MEMBER?
A: "Army Family Member" includes Active Duty, all Reservists, National Guard, DoD Civilian Employees and their dependents. Some Contractors (e.g., OCONUS) are also considered part of the Army Family. All Army sponsors and Family members should be listed in DEERS.

Q: What does GAOC stand for?

A: Geographical Area of Coverage. This is the affected area designated by Department of Defense (DoD).

Q: What type and when is training available for Army Disaster Personnel Accountability and Assessment System (ADPAAS)?
A:Training can be coordinated with the Army Family Member's unit. The ADPAAS website has many resources available on the Help page that can be both useful and educational, (i.e., videos, users manuals and power point presentations). There is also an Army and Family Member Computer Based Training available on the ADPAAS website for all DA employees and Families to use.

Q: Who funds training? Should there be a concern regarding funding ADPAAS activities?
A: ADPAAS is a free secured web-based system, available for the Army Family. ADPAAS is an HQDA funded tool that requires no funding by Army Commands. Training is the responsibility of all Army units, commands, and organizations by appointed CORs using a train-the-trainer concept.

Q: What are the key steps in successfully implementing ADPAAS?

  1. Develop/Update a reporting hierarchy by UIC.
  2. Assign CORs access to each subordinate UIC.
  3. Validate your UIC hierarchy and personnel information.
  4. Train personnel to use ADPAAS.
  5. Account for affected and monitor daily.

Additional call centers and hotlines:
Army Info Hotline: 1-800-833-6622

For further information on ADPAAS, you may email questions to


Ready Army:

  • Has preparedness tips and resources for "PEOPLE WITH SPECIAL NEEDS."

National Organization on Disability:

  • Has hazard specific fact sheets
  • Has for recovery resources
  • Has the Ready Army website features the Kid's Campaign
  • Has information on planning your evacuation
  • Has information on Family plans & emergency kits

Army Emergency Relief: (1866-878-6378)

Army Emergency Relief: Army Community Service (ACS) Fort Carson, CO AER/ACS Tel# 719-331-5278

US Army Combat Readiness/Safety Center(Emergency Planning & Response)

FEMA: http://www.fema/gov/plan/prepare/supplykit.shtm
FEMA: http://www.fema/gov/plan/animals.shtm

Pet Hotels:

Army Disaster Accountability and Assessment System (ADPAAS): (1-800-833-6622)
1). Hearing-impaired callers & TTY/TTD: 1-800-364-9188
2). Spanish-speaking callers: 1-888-732-9020 / 1-877-888-0727 / 1-877-225-7524.

National Weather Service: Watches & Warnings:

U.S. Department of State Emergency information for American aboard:

U.S/ Department of Health and Human Services:

Center for Disease Control (CDC) and Prevention:

World Health Organization:

Relocation Readiness Program

Building 1526
Telephone for Inbound: (719) 526-0457 or 526-1070
Telephone for Outbound: (719) 526-1053 or 526-4590
Toll Free: 1-866-804-8763

First and foremost, if you are coming to Fort Carson, "Welcome to the Mountain Post" and if you are leaving, "It was a pleasure assisting you while you and your family were stationed here". Our Relocation Readiness Program is here to assist you in relieving the stressors which are associated with moving. Our team understands the ups and downs of relocating and is ready to assist you and your family in making a smooth transition.


  • Destination Overseas: These classes will give participants an idea of what to expect when they PCS to an overseas location. Classes cover Alaska, Germany, Hawaii, Italy, Japan, and Korea. To register for a class, call (719)526-8747 or to register online, click on the Eventbrite icon on our main page
  • English as a Second Language (ESL): To provide the best English instruction, our ESL courses are self-paced (The Rosetta Stone ESL Computer Based Program) with the assistance of a highly qualified teacher. Registration is open to all DoD ID card holders. Spouses of Active Duty service members have priority. Placement testing is required prior to attendance. Free childcare is available. For more information, call (719) 536-9348.
  • Alternate Language Program: If you are interested in learning a second language, this is the program for. Originally established to assist Soldiers and Families going to overseas locations, participants are able to learn German, Korean, Spanish, Italian and Japanese. Software is Rosetta Stone based with an instructor to assist. For more information, call (719) 526-9348.
  • Relocation Counseling & Planning: Do you have questions? Not sure where to start? Schedule your Relocation Counseling appointment by calling (719) 526-1053. Our staff will help you in making a smooth move.
  • Relocating with Children: Whether it's their first move or one of many, we can help you. Not to mention, we have various traveling items for kids (i.e. atlas's, travel games, coloring books).
  • Sites Packets: Looking for more information on your next duty station? If so, we can assist. Stop by the ACS Center or call (719) 526-1053 to order your packet. Packets vary depending on information (i.e. stateside, overseas, kids, pets).
  • Sponsorship Training: ACS provides training to all Sponsors, in accordance with AR 600-8-8, as they are required to complete the Installation’s Sponsorship Training program prior to assignment of a Soldier or Civilian Employee. Training is provided twice a month at the Community Connection's and is also scheduled through the Sponsorship Coordinator at ACS on a by request basis by contacting ACS for training. For more information, call (719) 526-0457.
  • Traveling with Pets: Stateside or overseas, we’ll assist you with ins and outs of traveling with pets.
  • Waiting Families "Hearts Apart": This program was established to supports families that are not able to PCS with their Soldier, due to an unaccompanied tour or a long-term deployment. Family members are provided with local information and services specific to their needs. Services include, but are not limited to, monthly meetings, quarterly newsletters, follow-up phone calls and complimentary gifts. For more information, call (719) 526-1053 or click here.
  • Relocation Handbook: The primary purpose of this handbook is to assist Fort Carson Soldiers and Families in the relocation process. As part of Relocation Readiness Program services, this Installation Relocation Assistance Plan (IRAP) has been developed by your Relocation Assistance Coordinating Committee (RACC). Primary functions of the RACC include ensuring the relocation process is as smooth as possible; ensuring every agency, organization, and unit are able to make proper referrals to other relocation service providers; and ensuring quality customer service is provided. The RACC is chair by the Army Community Service (ACS) Relocation Readiness Program and includes representation from the Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP), Housing, Child, Youth and School Services (CYSS), Transportation, Finance, the Military Personnel Division (MPD), the Civilian Personnel Advisory Center (CPAC) and the Medical Treatment Facility. Members meet on a monthly basis to train and educate one and other on any new information and or changes to current information which affect the relocation process, as well as update materials. To download the handbook, click here.

The Community Connection's
"A Welcome Center For Families"

Building 1524, Wetzel Avenue
Tel: (719) 526-0457 or 526-1070
Toll Free: 1-866-804-8763

A part of the Relocation Readiness Program, the Community Connection's should be one of the first locations where arriving Soldiers and Family Members should stop. This family friendly facility offers a wide array of services, to include:

  • Computer Lab: Check your email or check your Facebook. We have computers, printers and a fax machine available for use. Computers are CAC accessible as well.
  • Homebuyer's Workshop: Offers perspective homebuyers the knowledge of the home buying process. Topics include: preparing for home ownership, choosing a realtor, selecting the right house, obtaining the right mortgage and understanding the closing process. Reserve your spot, call now, (719) 526-0457, or register online , click on the Eventbrite icon on our main page.
  • Immigration & Naturalization Assistance: Provided FREE to DoD ID card holders. This service offers information on Immigration and Naturalization policies, procedures and forms. Our representatives work hand in hand with the Denver U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) office to assist clients in effectively resolving issues and concerns. Active Duty Soldiers are required to go through their S-1 before ACS can assist with naturalization. Due to the high demand of this service, appointments are preferred. For more information, call (719) 526-9348 or 526-0457.
  • Loan Closet: Items are available for temporary use while your household goods are in shipment. Items include: hospitality kits (pots, pans, dishes, silverware and glasses), cots, folding tables/chairs, car seats, high chairs, electric skillets, vacuums and much more.
  • Multicultural Support Groups: We currently have established support groups for German, Spanish and a Multi-curtural group. If you are interested in starting a group that has not been established, contact us to see how we can assist you.
  • Newcomer Orientation: This is your opportunity to learn about the programs and services available here at Fort Carson. This two day orientation is offered every other month and includes lunch, a van tour of the Mountain Post and the local community, free childcare, and a chance to meet other newcomers to the area. Speakers vary from hospital services to DFMWR activities to household goods tovolunteering to finding employment. Advance registration is required and limited childcare is available.To register call, (719) 526-1070 or to register online, click on the Eventbrite icon on our main page.
  • Play Area: Bring the kids in with you and let them burn off some energy in our toy area while you access our complimentary internet service…or take a break in the family room and watch some television.
  • Relocation Counseling & Newcomer Assistance: Our staff is well trained and ready to assist you with information that will ease your transition and lessen your stress. Each new spouse who visits our facility will receive a “Welcome to Fort Carson” gift.
  • Welcome Packets: Stop by and pick up a Fort Carson Welcome Packet. To request a packet, call (719)526-0457 or click here.

Coming To Fort Carson…Things To Know:

  • Assistance with 1st month's rent and deposit: Army Emergency Relief (AER) will assist you with this request as well as other emergencies. All requests are reviewed on a case by case basis. For more information or assistance, call (719) 526-4590.
  • BOSS (Better Opportunities for Single Soldiers)
  • Child, Youth & School Services (CYSS)
  • Children and Moving: Click here and get more information on Military Youth on the Move.
  • Colorado Department of Education
  • Colorado Springs Chamber of Commerce
  • DFMWR (Directorate of Family and Morale, Welfare and Recreation): Current information on DFMWR programs and events.
  • Directions to Fort Carson: Installation has numerous gates. All personnel reporting to Fort Carson with firearms must enter through the main gate, Gate 1, off of Highway 115.
  • Emergency Assistance: If you need emergency assistance while in route or when you arrive to Fort Carson, you have numerous options available to assist you.
    • American Red Cross: Call (877) 272-7337
    • Army Emergency Relief (Regular Hours): Call (719) 526-4590
    • Army Emergency Relief (After Hours): Call (719) 331-5278
    • Contact the nearest military installation. All installations (any branch) will be able to assist you if an emergency arises.
  • Employment Assistance
  • Exceptional Family Member services: Call (719) 526-4590 for the Fort Carson ACS Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP) or call 526-7805 for EFMP at Evans Army Community Hospital.
  • Fort Carson: Official website.
  • Fort Carson: Military INSTALLATIONS offers up-to-date information on military installations.
  • Housing (Off Base): Visit the, this website was created by the Department of Defense to allow Military Members, Property Managers and Military Housing Offices to list available housing.
  • Housing (On Base): Welcome to the Balfour Beatty Communities residential community at Fort Carson in Colorado Springs, Colorado where you will find over 3,060 attractive homes in eighteen friendly neighborhoods.
  • Leave Extension: If an emergency occurs which prevents you from reporting by your report date, call 1-800-582-5552 or contact the Replacement Detachment Center.
  • Local Military Installations:
  • Medical Services: Evans Army Community Hospital.
  • Per Diem Rates: Click here to visit the Defense Travel Management Office.
  • Pet Kennels
  • PLAN MY MOVE: Provides you with access to information about your entitlements and benefits, to points of contact, checklists, planning tools, and information on education and employment. This website will put you and your family in charge of a smooth relocation to your new duty assignment.
  • Post Guide
  • Road Conditions: Depending on when you are traveling, the road conditions in Colorado could vary drastically. Remember to check the weather as well as the road conditions.
  • Relocation Services: Contact the Fort Carson Community Connection's, call (719) 526-0457 or 526-1070.
  • School Liaison Services: To contact the Fort Carson School Liaison, call (719) 526-1101.
  • Sponsor (Soldier): If you would like to request a sponsor, call (719) 526-0457 or click here.
  • Sponsor (Youth): Parents can request sponsors for their children by calling (719) 524-0194.
  • Temporary Lodging: To reserve a room, call (719) 526-4832 or visit the IHG Army Hotels website.
  • Transportation (Military or Self): In an effort to make moving a little bit easier for you, the US Department of Defense (DoD) United States Transportation Command (USTRANSCOM) and the Military Surface Deployment and Distribution Command (SDDC) developed the Defense Personal Property Program, or DP3.
  • Upcoming Fort Carson events: Community events calendar.
  • Welcome Packets: To request a packet, call (719) 526-0457 or 526-1070 or click here (include your contact information and any specific information that you are looking for).

Leaving Fort Carson…Things To Know:

  • Army Lodging at IHG Army Hotels
  • Assistance with 1st month's rent and deposit: Army Emergency Relief (AER) will assist you with this request as well as other emergencies. All requests are reviewed on a case by case basis. For more information or assistance, call (719) 526-4590.
  • BOSS (Better Opportunities for Single Soldiers)
  • Child, Youth & School Services (CYSS)
  • Children and Moving: Click here and get more information on Military Youth on the Move.
  • U.S. Department of Education
  • U.S. Army MWR
  • Emergency Assistance: If you need emergency assistance while in route or when you arrive to your next installation or location, you have numerous options available to assist you.
    • American Red Cross: Call (877) 272-7337
    • Army Emergency Relief (Regular Hours): Call (719) 526-4590
    • Army Emergency Relief (After Hours): Call (719) 331-5278
    • Contact the nearest military installation. All installations (any branch) will be able to assist you if an emergency arises.
  • Employment Opportunities
  • Exceptional Family Member services: Call (719) 526-4590 for the Fort Carson ACS Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP) or call 526-7805 for EFMP at Evans Army Community Hospital.
  • Military INSTALLATIONS: This website offers up-to-date information on military installations.
  • Housing (Off Base): Visit the, this website was created by the Department of Defense to allow Military Members, Property Managers and Military Housing Offices to list available housing.
  • Housing (On Base): Welcome to the Army Housing Online website.
  • Medical Services: Contact TRICARE to find out information on the next installations hospital. Evans Army Community Hospital. Patients should also request that records are forwarded.
  • Per Diem Rates: Click here to visit the Defense Travel Management Office.
  • PLAN MY MOVE: Provides you with access to information about your entitlements and benefits, to points of contact, checklists, planning tools, and information on education and employment. This website will put you and your family in charge of a smooth relocation to your new duty assignment.
  • Road Conditions: Depending on when you are traveling, the road conditions in a state could vary drastically. Remember to check the weather as well as the road conditions.
  • Relocation Services: Contact the Fort Carson Relocation Program, call (719) 526-1053 or 526-0466.
  • School Liaison Services: To find out more information on your next installations School Liaison office call (719) 526-1101.
  • Sponsor (Soldier): If you would like to request a sponsor, call (719) 526-1053 and they will assist you with getting a sponsor at you next installation.
  • Sponsor (Youth): Parents can request sponsors for their children by calling (719) 524-0194.
  • Sites Packet: To request a FREE sites packet for your next installation, call (719) 526-1053.
  • Temporary Lodging: Need to reserve lodging at your next installation and not sure how to contact them, call (719) 526-1053 for assistance.
  • Transportation (Military or Self): In an effort to make moving a little bit easier for you, the US Department of Defense (DoD) United States Transportation Command (USTRANSCOM) and the Military Surface Deployment and Distribution Command (SDDC) developed the Defense Personal Property Program, or DP3.

Soldier and Family Assistance Center(SFAC)

Serving Warriors in Transition, Soldiers in the Integrated Disability System, and Purple Heart Recipients.

Mission Statement

Within a relaxed environment, our dedicated staff will provide individualized, integrated support services to wounded, ill, or injured warriors and their Families.

Monday & Thursday 0800-1630
Tuesday & Wednesday 0900-1630
Friday 0800-1630

Human Resources:

  • Transition Management
  • Retirement Services
  • In/Out Processing 1300-1400 on Tuesday and Thursday
  • Benefits Briefing
  • Active Duty ID Cards

Social Services/Family Assistance:

  • Crisis Intervention/Problem Solving
  • Referral to Army Substance Abuse Program (ASAP) and Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
  • Child care Assistance
  • Warrior Support Group for Spouses

Benefits Counseling:

  • Army Wounded Warrior Program AW2
  • Chaplain spiritual counseling
  • Social Security Administration SSA

Education & Employment:

  • Operation War Fighter
  • Education to Employment E2I
  • Soldier for Life - Transition Assistance Program (SFL-TAP)
  • Referral to Vocational Rehabilitation
  • Go Army Ed/Tuition Assistance
  • Education Entitlements
  • GI Bill

Financial Counseling:

  • Budget/Debt Management
  • Credit Repair
  • Consumer Advocacy and Education

Information & Referral:

  • Intake and Assessment
  • Resource Referral
  • Computer Lab

Outreach Activities:

  • Donations Management
  • Events coordination
  • Emergency Assistance

Special Services:

  • Relaxation Room
  • Special Holiday Celebrations
  • Wednesday Lunches
  • Quarterly Family Socials

Twitter follow us at @MtnpostSFAC:

Soldier and Family Readiness Program(SFRP)

Couples Enrichment Programs

The Five Love Languages

The “Five Love Languages” has helped countless couples identify practical and powerful ways to express love, simply by using the appropriate love language. Many husbands and wives who had spent years struggling through marriages they thought were loveless discovered one or both spouses had long been showing love through messages that weren't getting through. By recognizing their different love languages, they witnessed the rebirth of the love they thought had been gone for good.

During this workshop each participant will:

  • Discover their unique love languages
  • Discover their partners special love languages
  • Partners will learn how to love each other deeply based upon their love languages

Intimate Allies
Are you interested and having a marriage that goes the distance? Are you interested in learning about a model for marriage in which couples develop greater levels of love, connection, and commitment? Then this workshop is for you.

During this relaxed and practical seminar you will:

  • Gain an understanding how attachment theory informs successful relationships
  • Discover you and your partner’s unique attachment style
  • Learn how to better understand each other and how to love each other more deeply
  • Understand how to move from conflict to intimacy

ScreamFree Marriage
ScreamFree Marriage is not about “fighting fair” or “meeting one another’s needs” or “becoming more compatible.” None of these can truly grow you as a person or improve your marriage. A ScreamFree Marriage begins with calming your own anxiety and focusing on individual self-respect, championing your own personal growth as the key to intimacy. ScreamFree Marriage actually celebrates the differences between you and your spouse as the foundation for a great marriage, a message that really hits home with many military families.

Saving Your Marriage Before It Starts: Seven Questions to Ask Before and After You Marry
Start today building a marriage that lasts a lifetime. This workshop focuses on help dating, engaged and young married couples explore seven crucial questions related to marital success. The workshop includes education on:

  • Marital Myths
  • Models for Love
  • Stages of Love
  • Making Love Last a Lifetime
  • Communication
  • Gender Differences
  • Personal Needs/Four Rules

Customized Classes: The following classes are available upon request: Relationships 101

Parenting Programs

New Parent Support Program Brochure

Boot Camp for New Dads: This three session program offers tips to fathers on subjects such as; becoming a dad, caring for baby and caring for mom.

Infant Massage: Pregnant moms and parents with babies up to 12 months are encouraged to experience the power of infant massage. Systematic strokes alleviate colic, create strong bonds, increase mom's and dad's communication with baby, and provide a foundation of unconditional love.

Baby Nurturing: Newborn to 18 months. Age appropriate topics each week. Gross motor enhancement through songs and dance. Sensory enrichment through arts and crafts. Nurturing the child as well as the parent. Creating community for families.

Toddler Time: Age appropriate topics each week. Gross motor enhancement through songs and dance. Sensory enrichment through arts and crafts. Nurturing the child as well as the parent. Creating community for families.

“Walkie Talkies”: Walking program for families....all ages. Nurturing mind and bodies through outdoor adventures. Experiencing the beautiful trails of Colorado Springs.

Nurturing Programs: The 0-5 and 5-12 programs teach parents to be nurturing to their children as well as themselves. Topics include: communication with your child, how to build your child’s self-esteem, behavioral management techniques and much more.

Playgroup: All ages playtime incorporated with arts, crafts, songs and dance. Nurturing the families through play and companionship.

Cooperative Parenting & Divorce: Create a positive parenting partnership on behalf of your child (or children), negotiate child-friendly agreements, remain child focused and much more. This program may meet or exceed the requirements of most divorce court mandated education.

Single Parent Support Group: The Single Parent Support Group offers an opportunity to come together and provide single parents with a much needed break. Educational topics discussed during meetings include: supporting your children and yourself, and resources available which can empower you to be a great parent. Spouses of deployed soldiers are welcome to attend.

Unit Education & Training

Family Violence Awareness
A 1 to 2 hour educational program on the dynamics and cycle of family violence. This unit training is required annually. Family Violence Awareness presentations can also be scheduled for Family Support Groups, Officer/Enlisted Groups and other interested organizations.

Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP)
This is a Department of the Army mandated enrollment program that works with other military and civilian agencies to provide comprehensive and coordinated medical, educational, housing, community support and personnel services to families with special needs. An exceptional family member is a family member, regardless of age, with any physical, emotional, developmental or intellectual disorder that requires special treatment, therapy, education, training or counseling. EFMP families must in- and outprocess through the ACS Family Center.

Victim Advocacy Program (VAP)
Victim Advocates help empower victims to make decisions that will aid in improving their quality of life. They provide victims with information on their rights, help locate shelters, establish safety plans, accompany victims to court proceedings and/or meetings with lawyers, police and command. They also make referrals to local resources.

Survivor Outreach Services(SOS)

Fort Carson recognizes that coping with the loss of a loved one proves to be an extremely difficult life experience, and when it is connected with the loss of a Soldier the experience of that loss is magnified. Survivor Outreach Services (SOS) assists in connecting you with the people who can help you minimize your stress.

Many times after you have lost a loved one, there are unresolved issues or question's that may surface months or even years after the loss. The Army is dedicated to fulfilling the Army Family Covenant by providing support to Surviving Families for as long as they desire.

SOS demonstrates the Army's, as well as, Fort Carson's commitment to our Families of the Fallen. SOS is an enhanced, holistic and multi-agency approach to delivering services to Survivors in the state of Colorado, Utah, North and South Dakota and Wyoming.

Come check out Ft. Carson SOS on facebook:!/pages/Fort-Carson-ACS-SOS/111215612247644

Who we serve:

Active Duty Military

SOS Objectives

  • Preserve your connection to the Army Family
  • Provide a caring, committed and compassionate Survivor oriented team who is dedicated to providing synchronized support services
  • Supply timely and useful information to assist in reducing stress
  • Provide consistent and valuable services
  • Strive to be sensitive and discerning to the unique and individual needs of Survivors
  • Ensure that Survivors are well informed of their entitlements
  • Link you to long term services, according to your desires

Benefits Update

Fry Scholarship Expansion Information

Information About Gold Star Pin PSA

Services Points of Contact

  • Benefits Coordinator : 719-526-8339
  • SOS Coordinator : 719-526-0905
  • Financial Counselor : 719-526-4173
  • SOS Trainer : 719-526-5614
  • SOS Program Manager : 719-526-0442

SOS Benefits Coordinator, and SOS Trainer are located at the CAC office:
Fort Carson Casualty Assistance Office
1625 Ellis Street, Bldg. 1218,
Rm 168
Fort Carson, CO 80913-7102