Welcome letter

Dear Future Army Field Support Battalion Member,

On behalf of the Command Team of the Army Field Support Battalion – Fort Carson (AFSBn-Carson), I want to welcome you to the Army Sustainment Command team on Fort Carson. AFSBn-Carson has a distinguished record earned in support of the warfighters of the 4th Infantry Division and separate units on Fort Carson, Colorado and the Fires Brigades. Our Soldiers, Civilians and Contractors carry on a proud tradition of distinguishing themselves here and in current theater of operations. We look forward to having you and your family as part of our team as we continue to support the finest Army and Soldiers on the planet.

Upon arrival to Fort Carson, you will in-process through the Welcome Center (Building 1218), located on the corner of Ellis Street and Wetzel Avenue. It is important to complete all required in-processing, including Soldier’s Readiness Processing (SRP) and Central Issue Facilities (CIF) equipment draw before reporting to the Battalion. It is a requirement that you arrive in good physical condition and meet the Army’s height and weight standards in accordance of AR 600-9. Physical training during your first couple of weeks at Fort Carson will be challenging due to the elevation and weather at different times of the year. It will take approximately 30-60 days for you to acclimate to the elevation and weather patterns. Physical training is done daily from 0630-0800 hours.

You can access the Fort Carson website at The website provides links to newcomer information. Warrior Family Community Partnership (WFCP) is also available to assist you and your Family during your transition, and can be contacted at (719) 526-8747. Fort Carson is a wonderful place to live, work, and it offers countless opportunities to have fun, build meaningful relationships, and serve your nation with distinction. Remember your assignment is what you make of it – so we challenge you to strive to make it the best experience possible.

We are dedicated to making your time with the Workhorse Battalion an extremely positive and rewarding experience. We will create the conditions that you and your Family need to be highly successful. The only limits to your own success are you and your dedication to the team. We have opportunities for every Soldier, Civilian, Contractor and family member to become a great part of this team, so we encourage you to strive for and achieve your own personal and professional goals. The morale and discipline we provide will enable you to be confident, physically fit, mentally tough, and morally straight in all you do. In this environment success for all is a priority.

If you would like additional information or have any questions please contact the AFSBn-Carson S1 at 719-526-3862. Again, welcome to AFSBn-Carson and Fort Carson, “The Best Hometown in the Army”.

Always First - Support the Line!