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HAZMAT Familiarization and Safety in Transportation

This course is designed to meet the needs of personnel dealing with hazardous material, and who only require the familiarization and safety training described in 49 Code of Federal Regulations (CFR), Section 172.704. NOTE: This course ONLY meets the requirements of familiarization and safety training for a hazmat employee. (Certifying officials still require one of the Department of Defense (DoD) courses described in DoD 4500.9-R, Chapter 204, D.1.b).

Course Topics:

  1. HAZMAT Transportation References.
    • Identify the proper publications for the specific mode of transportation and the training requirements for employees.
  2. Transportation Terms and Definitions
    • Define the specific information concernig HAZMAT and identify the unique markings required for specified hazardous materials.
  3. Classes of HAZMAT
    • Identify unique markings required for specified hazardous materials.
    • Cite the number of hazard classes.
    • Determine the division of a hazard class.
  4. Identifying HAZMAT
    • Identify HAZMAT classes/divisions and their visual representations.
  5. Material Safety Data Sheets
    • Extract specific details relation to the material described in an MSDS.
  6. Emergency Response Guide
    • Define the purpose, significance, and uses of the section of the Emergency Response Guide (ERG) and extract the proper information for any given Identification Number.

Availability: WBT (Web-Based Training) online. Visit the following site to learn more about registering for this course:

College Credit: Students who complete this course may be able to receive college-level credit as recommended by ACE. ACEs recommendations for college credit for this course include: 1 semester hour in Hazardous Materials Transportation (5/07).

ACE Course Number: USAM-0020

For more information on ACE and applying for college-level credit for this course, visit our College Credit page.

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