Defense Ammunition Center at Fort Carson - HazMat Transportation
Course Information

AMMO 86 –


Availability: This course is conducted through VTT/VTC.

Quota Control: Interested persons should contact Defense Ammunition Quota Control at Commercial (918) 420-8933/8813/8398 or DSN 956-8933/8813/8398. Once registered, activities will be contacted via e-mail with the VTT/VTC dial-up information and will receive workshop materials electronically at least 10 days prior to the workshop start date. Please note that scheduled times are Central Time Zone.

The following are the dates of VTT/VTC broadcasts for this course:

14 Nov 07 (0800 CST)
20 Feb 08 (0800 CST)
16 Apr 08 (0800 CST)
20 Aug 08 (0800 CST)

*Additional workshops may be added as demand warrants.

Tuition: Fees will not be assessed to military personnel or civilian employees of DOD agencies; however, all contractors and civilian employees of non-DOD agencies requesting training are obligated to pay tuition at the rate of $200 per student. Tuition payments may be mailed to the DAC Training Directorate in the form of check or by credit card via a phone call to our Registrar. Questions regarding tuition may also be addressed to our Registrar by calling DSN 956-8967, Commercial (918) 420-8967.

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