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Welcome to the Fort Carson Education Center

The Fort Carson Education Center is more than a brick and mortar building. Located at Building 1117, our official address is 1675 Long Street, Fort Carson, Colorado 80913. (We are on the corner of Specker Avenue and Ellis Street, across from the USO, next door to the Garrison Headquarters. Our parking lot and front doors face Ellis Street.)

The Fort Carson Education Center is responsible for serving Soldiers who are Active Duty, Active Reserve and Active National Guard (on Title 10 or Title 32 orders) located in Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming and Utah. While we are happy to assist where we can, Reserve and National Guard members not on Title 10 or Title 32 will be referred to their Service Components accordingly.

Above all, the Education Center is a place where Soldiers, Family Members, Veterans and fellow civilians can go to receive up-to-date answers to questions about higher education and educational benefits, take official military tests, increase reading, word knowledge, and math skills, study for military and college courses, and talk directly with college representatives.

The Staff is well trained and is genuinely interested in assisting those who serve our nation. Have a question? Please feel free to let us know!

Prefer email? Please email your questions to:

Looking for more information? Please feel free to give us a call:

Quick Phone Reference
Education Center Administration & Information Desk Main: 719-526-2124

DSN: 691-2124

Fax: 719-526-8071
Front Desk:
Monday - Friday: 0730 - 1630

Monday - Thursday: 0730 - 1630
Friday: 1100 - 1630
Rm 150
Basic Skills Education Program
(BSEP / GT Prep)
BSEP: 719-526-8039
GT Prep: 719-526-3971
Monday - Thursday: 0830 - 1130
Monday - Thursday: 1230 - 1530
Rm 160A
Rm 160B
Army Learning Center & MOS Library 719-526-8077
Monday - Friday: 0800 - 2100 Rm 216
Army Personnel Testing Center 719-526-8072 Monday - Friday: 0730 - 1130
Monday - Friday: 1215 - 1615
Rm 217

Education is for a life-time; it is one thing that can never be taken away. Now is the time to turn dreams into reality; make the impossible, possible; and prepare for the future. Even if it is just to say "hello," we would be honored to greet, meet, and assist you.


The Staff of the Fort Carson Education Center

Want to let us know how we are doing? We would love to have your feedback! Feel free to fill out an ICE evaluation card online. Be sure to include your POC so that we can reach out to you. Thank you!

Page last revised: March 2015