Mission, Goals, Vision & Objectives Army Continuing Education System

Mission, Goals, Vision and Objectives


To improve the combat readiness of the Total Army by planning, resourcing, and implementing educational programs and services to support the professional and personal development of quality Soldiers, adult Family members, and Department of Army Civilians.

Soldiers Actively Learning


Counselor and Student working together

To provide professional, customer service oriented programs and services in state-of-the-art, multi-use facilities, supporting the individual training and education needs of the installation.


In support of its mission and that of the Total Army, ACES supports the following goals:

  • Develop confident, competent leaders.
  • Support the enlistment, retention, and transition of Soldiers.
  • Provide self-development opportunities for Soldiers and adult Family members.
  • Provide self-development opportunities for DACs.
  • Provide self-development opportunities for DAC ACES professional and support staff.
Soldier/Student studying

Objectives for Soldier Career Developement

  • Enlisted Soldiers should:
    1. Master the academic skills needed to perform the duties of their Primary Military Occupational Skill (PMOS) and to meet pre-requisites for the Noncommissioned Officer Education System (NCOES) as outlined in DA Pam 600–25.
    2. Earn a high school diploma (HSD) and begin postsecondary studies during the first five years of enlistment. (Those eligible for MGIB education benefits must complete a HSD (or equivalent) or 12 semester hour (SHs) of college prior to applying for benefits).
    3. Earn an associate degree or complete education goals between the fifth and 15th year of service.
    4. Establish a lifelong learning professional and personal plan by seventh year of service and/or complete a bachelor’s degree by twentieth year of service.
  • Warrant officers should:
    1. Complete an associate degree before eligibility for promotion to chief warrant officer three and a bachelor’s degree before eligibility for promotion to chief warrant officer four according to DA Pam 600–11. Degrees must be awarded from an accredited educational institutions.
  • Commissioned officers should:
    1. Be awarded a bachelor’s degree from an accredited educational institution before becoming eligible for promotion to the grade of captain as stated in 10 USC 12205.
    2. Pursue graduate and/or post-graduate study in an academic discipline supporting their professional and/or personal educational goals. (AR 621-5, 2-7) 6 Sep 2009