Risk Reduction Army Substance Abuse Program

Risk Reduction

Prevention Supervisor

Ft Carson Installation Prevention Plan (IPP)

The Risk Reduction Program (RRP) is a commander’s tool designed to identify and reduce Soldiers’ high-risk behaviors. The RRP focuses on effective use of installation resources and a coordinated effort between commanders and installation agencies to implement intervention and prevention programs. The RRP supports the Army’s well-being program initiatives by integrating prevention and intervention programs into a framework contributing to performance, readiness, and retention. The RRP also allows commanders to compare their units against others to determine if their units require command and/or other interventions

Objectives of the RRP

Increase unit readiness by providing systematic prevention, intervention methods and materials to commanders to eliminate or mitigate individual high-risk behaviors.

Risk Reduction accomplishes this through:

  • Data Collection, analyses and reporting to Commanders.
  • Conduct anonymous URI and R-URI surveys
  • URI: Commanders will administer the Unit Risk Inventory (URI) to all deploying Soldiers at least 30 days before an operational deployment. Incoming commanders should consider this a necessary action during their change of command.
  • R-URI: Commanders will administer the R-URI to redeploying Soldiers between 90 and 180 days of their return from deployment.

What it IS…

  • Tool to maximize responsiveness to leaders.
  • Tool to maximize resources available.
  • Tool to minimize tragic high-risk behaviors
  • Tool to improve outcomes: Health, Safety & Deployability.