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Expiration Term of Service (ETS) Orders Publication


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Services Provided

  • ETS orders Publication 60 days prior to ETS date
  • Amend orders for correction
  • Revocation of ETS order

ETS Information

Orders will be distributed through the Brigade S-1. Please make sure that the Soldiers pick up their orders from their S-1. Once soldiers receive their orders they should report to the transition center 30 days prior to leave start date or ETS date which ever is earlier to schedule final out appointment. If the soldier reenlists or extends they are to report to the transitions center for an amendment to their orders.

Online Briefing

We are now offering you an opportunity to have your ETS briefing online. Please insure you read through this information carefully, because missing something important can be the difference in a smooth successful ETS versus an ETS that is less than optimal. We, the Transitions Personnel, want to make your ETS experience to be a successful stress free experience.