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Retiree Application


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The ideal time to start with the application process is 12 month prior to your requested retirement date to allow a smooth transition.

During this time you may want to research the history and all the facts about the Survivor Benefit Plan (SBP).

Application Requirements

Listed below is information you will need to apply for retirement. Since procedures vary between Officers and Noncommissioned Officers, we have separated the information for easy access.

To assist you even further, please read the additional Retirement Processing Information section.

Officer Retirement

Submit the following documents to your S1.

  1. Officer Retirement Memo
  2. Chain of Command Endorsement Memo
  3. DD 214 or Documentation of Prior Service
  4. Updated ORB

Please call at with any questions or concerns.

Enlisted Retirement:

  • Soldiers must submit 4187 (Continuation signature sheet), through your Chain of Command up to their first 05 and above for signatures. S-1 should submit DA Form 4187 with current ERB and Soldiers prior service documents, if applicable, to Transitions/Retirement Office. Items may be scanned or emailed.
  • Your request will be entered in to the ISM database and a DA Form 2339 (Retirement Application) will be processed. Once processed, you will be contacted via phone, email or through your S-1 to make arrangements for signing blocks 19 and 30 of your application. Please ensure that we have a good contact number. Upon signing of the application, a memorandum requesting approval will be submitted to HRC.
  • It normally takes a minimum of 45 days to get a response from HRC due to the high volume of separations, however, upon your approval Retirement Services Office will then process and distribute orders, contact the soldiers or S-1 to pick orders, and inform soldier of the next scheduled retirement briefing.