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Retirement Checklist

  1. DD Form 214 – When you are 30 days from the start of your permissive TDY call or to schedule mandatory appointments (DD214 worksheet, DD214 final out, SBP).
  2. All officer/enlisted personnel must out-process through Finance, Building . Call Finance (719-526-4234) to schedule your final out appointment, after you have received your Final Out appointment from Retirement Services for your DD Form 214.
  3. Obtain Clearance Record, Bring orders and completed transitional leave forms (TL/PTDY) to Building , Room , In-Processing/Out-Processing.
  4. Make a copy of your health record before you depart Fort Carson (Patient Administration at Evans Army Community Hospital will make a copy if you allow them sufficient time).
  5. Attending a Retirement Ceremony is NOT mandatory but strongly encouraged. Contact Ceremonies at 524-2827 or 338-8026.
  6. Retain a copy of your retirement orders and DD Form 214 in a safe location. Retirement Services DOES NOT retain a copy of your DD Form 214 and cannot access your records upon retirement.
  7. Retired ID Cards should be obtained by you and your family members one week BEFORE your retirement date.

Retired pay mailing address and telephone number

Defense Finance and Accounting Service
U.S. Military Retired Pay
P.O. Box 7130
London, KY 40742-7130

Phone 1-800-321-1080
Fax 1-800-469-6559
Online Account Access .
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Retirement Processing Checklist

1 - 2
Day of
Final Out
Day of
Submit application for retirement X                
* Register w/ ACAP Attend briefings, prepare resume (see below)                  
Consider life Insurance (see Veteran Admin) for VGLI conversion X                
Consider TRICARE medical/dental insurance     X            
Initiate Retirement Physical   X              
Notify Housing office (if in Govt quarters) X                
Prepare award recommendation X                
Attend retirement, SBP Briefings (see schedule briefings date)     X            
Arrange for shipment of household at JPPSO X                
See VA for disability claim application   X              
Receive Retirement Orders X                
Arrange for retirement ceremony prior to PTDY transition leave     X            
Prepare OER/NCOER if required       X          
Completed OER/NCOER and retirement award           X      
Receive installation clearance papers from in/out processing!!             X    
See RSO for scheduling mandatory appointments.         X        
Receive final DD 214, retirement certificates, flags, lapel pin ******               X  
Report to the nearest Military Installation to obtain Retirement ID Card                 X
* ACAP can be started 24 months prior to retirement date
****** Will be issued on the day prior to PTDY/Transition leave start or date of final out.