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Non-Divisional Personnel Files Section

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Services provided by this office

Military Personnel Files Section provides customer services to Officers & Enlisted Soldiers for non-divisonal units at Fort Carson.

Customer Service includes in-processing officers and enlisted for non-divisional units & maintenance of the Officer and Enlisted OMPF (Official Military Personnel File).

Maintenance of the MPF includes updates to DD93 and SGLVs, requests for spousal insurance, updates to regular & promotion board ORBs (Officer Records Briefs) & ERBs (Enlisted Records Briefs), forwarding of documents to iPERMS for posting in the Soldier's OMPF (Official Military Personnel File), legal name changes, enrollment in the Army Married Couples Program, forwarding of DA 4187s for requests for Regimental Affiliation, completion of Statements of Service for VA Loans and DA Form 1506s (Statements of Service – For Computation of Length of Service for Pay Purposes).