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The Process

Soldier For Life - Transition Assistance Program

US Army Soldier For Life - Transition Assistance Program

Considering Leaving the Army? Ready to Retire? Planning to ETS? Chapter status?

  • is a congressionally mandated program through Chapter 58, United States Code, Sections 1142, 1143, 1143a, and 1144.
  • Retiring Soldiers can initiate the process two years from their proposed retirement date.
  • Soldiers ETSing can initiate the process one year from their separation date.
  • Soldiers who are being chaptered or medically boarded from the service must call the Center as soon as possible.
  • Annex I, FCCO Transition Concept, 11-0920, requires Soldiers separating for any reason to complete Preseparation Counseling 12 months before separation; an individual transition plan 10 months before separation; the Department of Labor Employment Workshop 9 months before separation; the VA Benefits Briefing 6 months before separation; and resumes of choice 5 months before separation.

Want to contact ?

  • Our SFL TAP location is Bldg , () Rm or call or .
  • Our SFL TAP computer and clearing location is Bldg , (), Room or call .
  • For Service Members who are in the WTB process, we have a SFL TAP location at the SFAC located at Bldg or call or .

Upon the initial contact, we will obtain information that allows us to enroll you in the SFL TAP system. This procedure allows you to schedule appointments, attend workshops, utilize the computer, and receive one-on-one sessions with your assigned counselor.

Want to clear SFL TAP?

  • We do not make appointments to clear. We have specific clearing times only. SFL TAP Center Bldg , Rm .