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Fort Carson shuttle service

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The Shuttle Service is free to Military, Department of Defense personnel, and dependents. It operates 7 days a week. The shuttle has three (Green, Blue and Red) designated routes that circulate Fort Carson. The goal for the Shuttle Service to provide service to all stops within 15 minutes; this is subject to change due to personnel, equipment and/or mission requirements.

The Blue Route provides service to the following:      Provider Chapel; Family Nurturing Center; Iron Fighter Barracks; Garcia Gym /Iron Horse Park; Barkeley Barracks; 3 ABCT HQ; Raider DFAC; Barkeley Barracks South; Child Youth Services; Waller Gym / Motorpool; Magrath Motor Pool; Garcia Gym / Smith Dental; WCAP; Meb Counsel / McKibben Gym

The Green Route provides service to the following:      Wetzel Barracks / Garrison HQ; Mini Mall; Soldiers Memorial Chapel; Main PX; Commissary; Special Events Center; In-Processing / USAG; Wolf DFAC; Education Center; 4th Sustainment BDE

The Red Route provides service to the following:      Main PX; Legal; Colorado Inn; Evans Hospital Main; Evans Hospital East; WTB; 10th SFG; 4th CAB Air Field; Warfighter Rd. Barracks; Warfighter DFAC; 3ABCT; Raider DFAC / Barracks; Utah Beach Barracks; Iron Horse Gym; Mountain Post Soldier Center

Shuttle Hours of Operation: 0800-1930 (Mon-Fri) 0800-1530 (weekends)

Shuttle Dispatch Phone Hours: 0800-1530 (Mon-Fri)

*Shuttle will not operate when road conditions are red*

On weekdays, passengers must call (719) 526-1651 to be picked up at RED ROUTE stops 7, 8, 9, and 10. These stops will be visited on a roaming basis on weekends.

All riders are encouraged to give feedback about any aspect of the shuttle system or operations.

For questions or concerns, call (719) Dispatch 526-1651 / TMP Supervisor (719) 526-8093 or Transportation Manager (719) 526-8722.