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Sustain a multi-skilled Installation Management workforce with the knowledge, capabilities, skills and opportunities to successfully and innovatively deliver our products and services to Soldiers, Families and Civilians around the world.

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  • Army Career Tracker
  • Civilian Education System (CES)
  • Civilian Mentoring Program
    • The Civilian Mentoring Program is a means of tapping into the valuable resource of high potential employees as well as instilling a culture of assisting and developing less experienced employees to succeed, thereby promoting learning, career planning, job enrichment, and career progression.
  • Individual Development Plan (IDP)
    • Quality individual development planning is vital to assuring the current and future capability of our workforce in accomplishing IMCOM's challenging mission. When supervisors do their annual counseling sessions with their employees, they must assure that each employee has an IDP in place and that the plans are in alignment with the employee's career plan.
  • Manager Exchange Sessions
    • A forum held quarterly to exchange important information that all managers should know.
  • Orientation for New Employees (ONE)
    • In support of the IMCOM ONE program, the Garrison is committed to a comprehensive new employee orientation policy. The goal of the orientation is to outline the mission and vision of the Garrison, as a whole, as well as the individual organization. In an effort to identify and establish the roles and responsibilities of the newly assigned employee; the orientation serves as a means to directly align the new employee’s position with the organization’s mission and ultimately build team cohesion.
  • Total Army Performance Evaluation System (TAPES)
    • Encourage an environment where others feel free to contribute openly and candidly in order to create a unit that is poised to recognize and adapt to change. Develop leaders who are approachable, show respect for others’ opinions, and who welcome contrary view points or unconventional ideas.
  • Training
    • All training information can be found at the sharepoint link below.

"Professional leadership of a talented and motivated Installation Management workforce is the key to successful execution of our mission today and for the future."