Enterprise Systems Division

The Enterprise Systems Division (ESD) performs a vital role in the Fort Carson Regional Network Enterprise Center (RNEC). This Division consists of three functional Branches that are responsible for all IT Server, Systems, Desktop workstations and Customer Management service delivery on Fort Carson and to several of our new Local Network Enterprise Center (LNEC) partners within the Western Region. The Division provides advanced user services such as server and system administrator support, desktop, hardware, software, data back-up/restore and management, 24 x 7 Executive VIP support, secure and non-secure network access, data base management, account management, web management and a secure data center that also provides Enterprise Hosting. Dependable network systems and computer support with enhanced security layers is provided to assist with both the physical and virtual hardware/software maintenance to the end users. The Enterprise Systems Division is an experienced Team of seasoned IT professionals prepared to support a Region of Western Installations, when given the most demanding IT requirements.


Systems Management Branch (SMB)

SMB supports over 10,000 user accounts and approximately 110 servers for Fort Carson, Pueblo Chemical Depot, and Rocky Mountain Arsenal. In addition, SMB assists and supports four Local Network Enterprise Centers (LNEC): Dugway Proving Ground, Presidio of Monterey, Fort Hunter Liggett/Camp Parks, and Fort Irwin. SMB offers limited support to: Tooele Army Depot, Sierra Army Depot, Hawthorne Army Depot and Military Ocean Terminal Concord (MOTCO).

The Branch is responsible for all non-tactical systems and applications system located within the RNEC’s bordering responsibility and manages all Tier I, II, and II server maintenance, configurations, and performance. SMB is also responsible for updating, modifying and maintaining the Fort Carson external internet presence (www.carson.army.mil). Systems exist to ensure that all computer users at Fort Carson, LNECs and Enterprise Hosted entities have functional and accessible automated systems in accordance with AR 25-1, DA Pamphlet 25-1-1.

Desktop Services Branch (DSB)

DSB provides Information Technology (IT) Tier III support at the enterprise level within the Western Region. IT services delivery cover both NIPRNET and SIPRNET. Presently, Regionalization initiatives are in-progress as we partner with, and onboard, LNECs in the Western Region covering the Fort Carson Mountain Post, Pinon Canyon Maneuver Site, and ten LNECs across Colorado, Utah and California.

These are our Core services that we provide to workstations:

  • Computer imaging creation based off ARMY Gold Master (AGM) baseline image. Computer image deployment with Windows Deployments Service (WDS) and Operating System Deployment (OSD) Technologies. Workstation patching and updating administration, management and deployment for Information Assurance Vulnerability Assessment (IAVA) Compliance.
  • Network-attached printers, Multi-Function Devices/Printers (MFD’s/MFP’s), Digital Sender, and Plotters Administration and Management. New MFD/MFP Evaluation for DISA Security Technical Implementation Guide (STIG) Compliance.
  • Tier III Level customer level support request resolution through the Army Enterprise Service Desk (AESD) and BMC Remedy action request system.
  • Change and Release Management for Quality Service Delivery.
  • IT Mission-unique needs supporting Warfighter deployments/redeployments.
  • Hardware repair for computers, print devices, and associated IT peripherals interfacing directly with vendors for warranty and cost effective repairs.
  • Technical support, guidance, administration, and management of Microsoft Systems Center Configuration Manager (SCCM), Microsoft BitLocker Administration and Monitoring (MBAM), Network Access Controls, Domain Group Policy Object (GPO) Controls, and Microsoft AppLocker.

Customer Management Branch (CMB)

CMB Provides Information Technology Tier II support to all Ft. Carson users and is expanding the customer service model throughout the Western Region. Our mission is to continually develop our service to meet and exceed customer expectations and contribute to the success of the Enterprise through providing timely, consistently high quality and professional IT support with every customer contact, supporting the Enterprise strategic plan.

The primary means to obtain IT services throughout the Army is now through the Army Enterprise Service Desk. We maintain and continue to grow our partnership with the AESD, who is responsible for providing all Tier I service to our customers. Through these partnerships we are able to increase the level of service the AESD provides and increase their capability to resolve services requests effectively and efficiently at their level. In addition our Executive Support Team (EST/VIP) provides direct support to all O-6 and above officers, their Sergeants Major and GS-15’s (or equivalent) at the Directorate level.

We encourage the utilization of ICE to submit comments regarding our customer service and service delivery. Through this feedback we are able to identify available opportunities to increase our level of service and take positive action to maintain a high level of customer satisfaction.


Customer Service:

Carson Directory: 719-526-5811


Network Enterprise Center
6151 Specker Avenue
Fort Carson, CO 80913