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Web Services offers web development, interactive content development, learning management sytem development, application development, portal development, and other multi-media development to authorized organizations and personnel.

Web site process

As required by AR 360-1, the Public Affairs Office is the reviewing office for all postings on the Fort Carson web site.

Organizations requiring a new web site, additions, or changes to existing web sites must submit a Remedy Ticket through their IMO in order to have the web site reviewed. Once a Remedy Ticket has been submitted, The Network Enterprise Center Web Services Team will assist you in the creation of web pages for organizations.

Here is the order you must follow:

  1. Contact the Public Affairs Office (PAO) and request information about hosting a website on the Fort Carson domain.
  2. Submit a remedy ticket by calling the AESD at 1-866-335-2769 (ARMY).
  3. The Remedy Ticket will be assigned to the appropriate Carson Web Master for development and posting.
  4. Organizations are required to designate a Web Master to manage their web site & an OPSEC Officer to maintain an appropriate operations security review of the web site content. Those designees are required to take the Web Content & OPSEC Introduction Module at https://iatraining.us.army.mil.
  5. Posting is accomplished by The Network Enterprise Center (NEC) Web Services section & not the PAO. The NEC Web Services section also maintains the Fort Carson web site & the related hardware.

If you have additional questions, please e-mail the Carson Web Master


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