Training Division

What we do...

Training functions provide management and Soldier training support for all units and National Guard and Reserve units training at Fort Carson.

Range Control Branch

  • Range Inspector Supervisor: 719-526-9717
  • Deputy Range Officer: 719-526-9716
  • RETS Officer: 719-524-3544
  • RETS Assistant: 719-526-5386
  • Maintenance: 719-526-4107
  • CACTF: 719-524-0120
  • Office Automation: 719-526-5597
  • Range Planner: 719-526-9714
  • Scheduling: 719-526-9713
  • Hunting: 719-526-5469
  • Safety Officer: 719-526-6330
  • Pinon Canyon: 719-524-0115
  • ITAM Coordinator: 719-526-6374

Sustainable Range program:

The Sustainable Range Program (SRP) is the Army's overall approach for improving the way in which it designs, manages, and uses its ranges to ensure long-term sustainability. SRP is defined by its two core programs, the Range and Training Land Program (RTLP) and the Integrated Training Area Management (ITAM) Program, which focus on the doctrinal capability of the Army's ranges and training land.

Integrated Training Area Management program:

The Integrated Training Area Management (ITAM) program is a core program of the Sustainable Range Program and is responsible for maintaining the land to help the Army to meet its training requirements. This requires understanding and balancing Army Training requirements and land management practices.

The ITAM Program relies on its four components and an integrated management from HQDA, ACOM/ASCC/DRU, and installations to accomplish its mission. The four components are Training Requirements Integration (TRI); Range and Training Land Assessment (RTLA); Land Rehabilitation and Maintenance (LRAM); and Sustainable Range Awareness (SRA). These components combine to provide the means to understand how the Army's training requirements impact land management practices, what the impact of training is on the land, how to mitigate and repair the impact, and communicate the ITAM message to soldiers and the public. Geographic Information Systems (GIS) is a foundational support element that provides location information that assists land managers in making their decisions.

Pinyon Canyon site:

Fort Carson's PCMS is located just 150 miles southeast of Fort Carson. The maneuver site's 235,000 acres offers 6 small arms ranges (up to .50 caliber). Contact Fort Carson's Range Control scheduling office for availability of training land and ranges.

Visit the Pinyon Canyon Maneuver Site for more information.

Training Support Center -


  • Admin Desk: 719-526-5770
  • TSO: 719-526-0799
  • TADSS Branch Chief: 719-526-2950
  • Issue Warehouse: 719-526-2308
  • MILES: 719-526-0820
  • Supply Section: 719-526-6914
  • Property Book: 719-526-2135
  • Training Simulations: 719-526-9423
  • Flight Simulators: 719-526-0143

Individual Military Training branch


The Individual Training Branch provides Soldier's Professional Military Education, Off Post Schools, and Sustainment Training services for all Fort Carson Soldiers, National Guard, and Army Reserve. Individual Military Training Branch (IMTB) provides world class installation and brigade level support for training of Military Occupational Skills, Soldier and Civilian Professional Development, and Mission critical functional skills. IMTB plans, coordinates, schedules, and oversees Installation and Service Schools programs and the Distributed Learning Systems. We are listed in ATRRS as School Code 414. Our vision is to provide the best administration of training services, and classroom resources for all Soldiers' individual training to be conducted at a single location.


  • Chief, IMT: 719-526-3821
  • PME: 719-526-5558
  • Formal Schools: 719-526-1292
  • Troop Schools: 719-526-5436
  • DSL Site Manager: 719-542-2161

Battle Command Training Branch -


Serve as the Garrison Commander's subject matter expert in all issues relating to the integration of Live, Virtual, Constructive, and Gaming simulations training to enhance individual Soldier –Unit collective Warfightingreadiness of the 4thInfantry Division; 7 MSU's; their subordinate units located on Fort Carson; and Reserve Component units in New Mexico, Wyoming, Colorado, Utah, Kansas, Nebraska and Montana.

Environments: Plans, coordinates, and integrates constructive simulations training ISO PLT-Div level C4I rehearsals-battlestaffand tactical/command readiness.

Bottom Line—Simulations training is a viable enhancer to unit warfightingreadiness; unit CDRs routinely incorporate the use of simulations into their training plans.

BCTB Capabilities

The Fort Carson BCTB is the central point for digital, simulations and gaming training of soldiers, staff, and leaders. Home of the following Training Enablers:

  • Digital Training Campus (DTC)
    • Digital Operator Sustainment
    • Staff Digital TOC Operations
    • Intel Training (DCSG-A, TIGR/CIDNE, BATS, OSRVT, HIIDE)
  • VBS2 Convoy Skills Trainer (WST)
    • Virtual Convoy Operations
  • Battle Simulations Center (BSC)
    • Constructive Simulations (JDLM, JCATS, AFATDS, AMDWS)
    • UAV
  • Army Battle Command Systems (ABCS) Training
    • Virtual Battle Space 2 (VBS2)
    • BiLAT Negotiations Trainer
    • Language and Culture Trainer (TILT)
  • Fixed Tactical Internet (FTI)
    • Fort Carson & PinonCanyon Maneuver Area Coverage
  • Virtual Route Clearance Trainer (VRCT)
    • Huskeys, Buffalo, RG-31 (with AAR/IOS)
  • Reconfigurable Vehicle System (RVS)
    • HMMWV Variants
  • MRAP Driver Trainer (MDT)
    • RG-31, MATV, CAIMEN, MAXPRO, and RG-33L
  • Precision Gunnery Trainer (PGT)
    • Mounted Combat Ops –Virtual Gunnery Skills
  • Close Combat Tactical Trainer (CCTT)
    • M1A2 SEP (FBCB2), M2A3, BFIST Configurations
    • RVS Modules: HMMWV, HEMMTs and FMTVs


  • Exercise Coordinator: 719-526-5412
  • DTC & BSC: 719-526-9898
  • CCTT & RVS: 719-524-3568
  • FTI: 719-526-2930
  • VRCT: 719-526-1950

Training Division

1626 Ellis Street
Bldg. 1118, Room 314
Fort Carson, CO 80913

IMT Branch

1626 Ellis Street
Blgd. 1117, Room 100
Fort Carson, CO 80913

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