Logistics Readiness Center

Army Oil Analysis Program (AOAP)

The Fort Carson Army Oil Analysis Program (AOAP) Regional Laboratory is located in building. 8000 (North side of bldg.), door 44. Our phone number is 526-4991. Our e-mail address is carsonaoap@conus.army.mil.

The Fort Carson AOAP lab was established in 1978, and is operated under the government-owned, contractor-operated (GOCO) concept. The current contractor is VT Aepco. The AOAP is a DOD-wide effort to detect impending equipment component failures, improve operational readiness, promote safety & conserve lubricating oils. All Army avaition equipment & combat vehicles are currently enrolled in the program, as well as various support equipment. The Fort Carson lab supports an 11-state area of Active Duty, National Guard & Reserve components from Army, Air Force & Marine Corps activities. The analysis process currently includes: determination of viscosity, acid number/base number, wearmetal content by optical spectroscopy, flash point analysis, particle count, ferrography, infrared analysis by FTIR, determination of water content, and various other tests.

For more information on AOAP, log on to the Logistic Information Warehouse (LIW) website and click on the AOAP tab.