Logistics Readiness Center

Plans and Operations Division (POD)

The Plans and Operations Division (POD) is located in building 8000 room 262, phone 526-3352.

POD provides coordination between Army Field Support Battalion (AFSBn) and LRC staff calls and ARFORGEN cycle workload as installation logistics enablers to Division, Garrison, and Brigade. Customers requesting support from LRC engage the POD with their Customer Requirements Request Forms (CRRF). The POD performs the mission analyses to insure that all areas have been addressed.

Branches of the Logistics Management Office are:

Office Automation

The Automation Support Office is located in Building 8000, Room 214. Our Phone Number is 719-526-6443. Our hours of operation are Monday-Friday 7am-noon & 12:30pm - 4pm. Before 7am & after 4pm, request for service by appointment only.

The Office Automation mission is to provide a single-entry point for all logistical automation support to all LRC Divisions, Branches, Activities, and multiple LRC contractors using Automated Data Processing Equipment (ADPE), and Knowledge Management programs and tools including , SharePoint, Website, Defense Connect Online (DC O), Virtual Teleconference (VTC), Staff Action Tasker Automation tool (SATAT), workforce Information such as Reading Lists, KM Connections, and Social Media, Training, Self Help resources, and the full Microsoft Office suite applications.

Support Plans & Operations (SPO)

SPO is in building 8000, room 262, phone 526-3352.

SPO operations include logistical guidance in mobilization and demobilization transportation, supply and maintenance support, logistical planning for all Fort Carson tenant AC Units during deployment and re-deployment, updating and or modifying related plans and policies, and supplying active members to the Incident Command Team serving Fort Carson. SPO tracks, controls, and coordinates contracts workload as installation logistics enablers, through the LRC using Source Requirements Documentation (SRD) process.

Facility Management

Facility Management is in building 8000, room 256, phone 526-2571.

Facility Management operations include repair, replacement and improvement of all LRC infrastructures. Industrial Engineers lead the effort for economic life management of LRC equipment and assets as well as implement and oversee process changes that contribute positive sustainability, value engineering and optimal efficiency within LRC.

Safety Operations

Safety Operations is in building 8000, room 256, phone 524-1795.

Safety Operations encompasses enforcement of building and custodial policies, multiple Safety plans and programs, and management of the Directorate Safety Program with emphasis on accident prevention, personnel training, and regulatory compliance.

Operational Security (OPSEC)

OPSEC is in building 8000 room 262, phone 526-3373.

OPSEC Officers coordinate OPSEC matters with the installation and with the Fort Carson DPTM. They respond to tasking from Garrison Operations for personnel to assist in OPSEC activities. They are responsible for all OPSEC related matters within LRC and ensure that all staff efforts integrate OPSEC in all planning and support functions to provide maximum protection for all operations and activities.

The Business Office

The Business Office is located in Building 8000, Room 213. Our Phone Number is 526-4568.

Human Resources

HR serves as the principle office for all matters concerning human resources and training within the Directorate. HR maintains a personnel information database, provides administrative support to civilian personnel and monitors evaluation/performance. HR also coordinates the Directorate Awards Program, processes requests for Personnel Actions (RPAs) for Directorate Personnel, updates/maintains the Directorate Table of Allowances (TDA), and coordinates civilian training for the Directorate.

Resource Management

Resource Management provides analysis and implementation for the Directorate in support of Installation programs. RPM develops budgets and monitors execution of funded programs within the Directorate, identifies funding sources for operations and special projects, coordinates Inter-Service Support Agreements and oversees the Management Control Program for the Directorate.