Army Suggestion Program

How it works...

This is a system for capturing and implementing good ideas from our Soldiers and civilians; it allows employees to document ideas and provides a method of recognizing those ideas which make a difference; and challenges soldiers and civilians to submit ideas that increase the efficiency and productivity of the Army. Implemented ideas can result in dollar savings, streamlined processes, higher quality products, faster cycle times or process improvements that save organizations time and/or money.

Awards are based on the tangible and intangible first-year savings or benefits documented by the evaluator. ASP proposals enable commanders and staffs to find new ways to operate. All members of the Army community, and others concerned with the welfare of both the Army and the Nation, are eligible to submit ideas.

To be accepted, an idea must: Be submitted to (preferred method), or with DA Form 1045 (if only option available); Benefit the Army or other U.S. Government activity; Present a problem or situation and propose a valid solution with sufficient rationale to support the requested new procedure.

Your idea is eligible if it: Accomplishes a job better, faster, or cheaper; Improves or simplifies a procedure, operation, method, layout or organization; Increases productivity; Conserves material or property; Improves safety or working conditions; or Improves morale in our work place. An idea is ineligible if you: Present a problem with no solution; Is vague or incomplete; Indicates potential tangible savings but doesn't provide rationale or calculations on which to base the estimate; Is put into effect over 90 days prior to submission. Suggestions will be evaluated by Subject Matter Experts in the area in which your suggestion/s fall. A Suggestion Coordinator from Fort Carson will be in touch with you along the way via e-mail or phone.

Think creatively. Do you see operations that can be streamlined? Are jobs done unnecessarily? Is there a procedure you must follow that doesn't make sense or is outdated? Are records or actions duplicated in two or more offices? Just because a problem seems obvious doesn't mean someone has submitted a suggestion about it. Try to think of two ways to improve the process or solve the problem, then submit the better idea.

Clearly state the current practice, method, procedure, task, directive, or policy affected and how the present practice is deficient.

Explain your idea with enough details and facts to fully explain the problem and your proposed solution. Be thorough and provide statistics or documentation. "Sell" your idea!

Include a statement of known or estimated benefits, such as dollars or time saved. The more you explain how your idea benefits the Army, the better chance your idea has of being adopted.

Attach samples, drawings, or other documents that will help explain the problem and your solution. This helps the evaluator to better understand your suggestion and to make his/her job easier. Attachments can make the difference between an adopted and non-adopted suggestion.

Assigning an evaluator

Once your suggestion has been received an Evaluator will be chosen by the installation suggestion coordinator to thoroughly look into your suggestion. Our job is to be your advocate and see how your suggestion can be implemented. We are not here to dismiss or find ways why your suggestion can't work. I'll be sure to choose a subject matter expert in the field of the suggestion who truly knows the ins and outs of your area of concern. I can reassign an Evaluator as many times as needed until your suggestion is the hands of the right evaluator. Once the Evaluator has completed the evaluation and submitted the suggestion to the coordinator or manager of his/her findings the Evaluator's responsibilities to the suggestion is completed, until they are tasked again.

The Installation Coordinator will be able to view the completed evaluation and assign an action. This step only confirms that the evaluation is complete, incomplete or needs internal review, the Installation Coordinator will be taken to another screen to assign a completed status that will be sent to the Submitter.

Listed within the evaluation program the Installation Coordinator will find 8 buttons to select from to assign a status to the submitter:

  1. Approve for total adoption at the local level.
  2. Approve for partial adoption at the local level.
  3. Approve for total adoption and send up to next level
  4. Approve for partial adoption and send up to next level
  5. Disapprove – Already in use
  6. Disapprove
  7. Recommend adoption at higher level — jurisdiction out of level submitted
  8. Send up for further review

All disapproved suggestion must have a Supervisors (sup of the evaluator) approval to disapprove prior to disapproving a suggestion. When the Installation Coordinator selects disapproved on the evaluation form they will be taken to a notify Supervisor screen that will produce a computer generated email to the supervisor. Within the email there will be a link for the supervisor to select to access the evaluation to base their decision on. The supervisor will be able to view both the suggestion and the evaluation in order to make their decision regarding the disapproved suggestion.

Once the Installation Coordinator receives an email containing the supervisors decision they can access the pending suggestion screens to close out the suggestion or send it back to the evaluator for further review. A finalization screen will be accessed from selecting the hotlink on the pending suggestions screen where the Installation Coordinator will enter the supervisor decision into the system. After the finalization screen is completed and disapproval has been entered as authorized the Installation Coordinator will receive an email with a link to the web page where a status will be assigned which will generate an email to the submitter of the disapproval.

If the Supervising authority disapproves the disapproval of a suggestion the Installation Coordinator will need to access the pending suggestion screen and find the evaluation "Incomplete". The evaluator will then be notified by computer generated email of the decision and he/she will need to rework the evaluation. This process will continue until all parties agree with the decision.

Reconsideration Requests

Suggesters may request reconsideration of an evaluation or any other aspect of the idea's disposition. This must be submitted by the suggester in writing within 60 days of the notification of final disposition.

To support the request for reconsideration, the suggester must do one of the following: Provide evidence that the evaluator made a material error of fact of logic that had an effect on the idea evaluation; Provide new material, information, or rationale; or Clarify significant issues or questions.

Suggestion Evaluation help

Please refer to these documents for information pertaining to the evaluation of the Army Suggestion Program:

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