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PAIO contact numbers
Section Program / Personnel Contact number
PAIO Management Analysis Branch F.C. Vision 2015, ASIP, SOCEOWG 719-526-3271
CIE, ICE 719-526-5638
ISR 719-526-3271
F.C. Town Hall 719-526-5838
Sustainable Fort CarsonSustainability Office 719-526-9777
Sustainability Officer 719-526-4648
Plans and Integration Office FCCP, IMCP, Resource Guide, Strategic Planning 719-526-2294
ACOE, OSA 719-526-1706
ASIP, ASP, WFTH 719-526-8532
LEAN SIX SIGMA 719-526-4218

If you are having trouble calling any of the above numbers, then the point of contact can be reached at 719-526-8532.

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