Lines of Effort


All personnel ready to execute critical individual, collective, and leadership tasks using world-class facilities, services, and support provided to fully prepare units and Soldiers for combat operations. Units and Soldiers are prepared for present and future missions in accordance with the Army's ARFORGEN cycle.


A total force (Soldiers, Leaders, and Civilians) who live the Army Values and maintain the Warrior Ethos. Leadership that is actively engaged in developing Soldiers and Civilians continuously leveraging risk mitigation against mission accomplishment. An experienced Civilian workforce as a combat enabler supporting all operational and training missions both at home and abroad.


A "Mountain Post" Team of Soldiers, Families, Civilians, and retirees who are "America's Best". An engaged, close knit Family that shares a common bond and takes care of one another through all phases of ARFORGEN that fully supports the Army Family Covenant. A support system and Family readiness that enhances all aspects of the military's capability, knowledge, experience, and opportunities to succeed in the operational environment.


A team of teams: Soldiers, Families, Civilians, retirees, and private and public sector communities with a common goal to forge partnerships to sustain "America's Best", a team that uses the Community Covenant as the foundation for solid relationships. A partnership with open communications to understand one another's needs and requirements, aggressively filling the gaps to provide the best quality products and services to our Soldiers and Families.

Protect the Force

Preserve and protect the force by enforcing standards and inculcating risk mitigation in all we do. Safeguard our Soldiers, Families, Civilians, and infrastructure through proactive and disciplined force protection measures, risk management, and rigorous security programs.

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